Health benefits of croton oil

croton oil

The croton oil is extracted from the Croton tiglium seeds that belong to the family Euphorbiaceae and order Euphorbiales. This plant is native to Malay Archipelago and India. The croton is used by ancient Chinese as a home remedy for skin problems. Also, croton is known as rushfoil. The croton oil is derived with the use of solvent extraction method. This is pale yellow to brown in color and it has disagreeable odor and acrid persistent taste. The croton oil blends well with the essential oils of lavender and rosemary.

The croton oil possesses an exfoliating effect which can help to regenerate skin. Also, it can help to treat intestinal parasites. It can be used to cure constipation. It is highly purgative in nature which could result in skin lesions and diarrhea. You should use this in small doses.

The external use of croton oil can cause irritation and swelling. This oil can cause chemical burns on the skin. Also, it can cause damage to tissues and permanent scarring. it should be avoided by toddlers, kids and women. This oil can cause skin lesions, itching and blistering.

croton oil

Here are some health benefits of croton oil:

Anti – cancer properties:

There are many studies in which croton species are being studied for their cytocidal effect on cancerous cells. When this property of the croton oil will be verified, then it can be used in the conventional cancer treatments. This oil can help you to deal with eczema and skin eruption. Also, it can be used in liniments to treat urticaria.

Intestinal parasites:

You can use the croton oil to rid off the intestinal parasites, like in Schistosomiasis. This is a parasitic infection which is caused by Schistosoma.

Severe constipation:

The croton oil was used as a home remedy for severe constipation in the ancient Chinese medicine. Nowadays, this is still used for the same purposes. You should not use this natural cure without the supervision of a trained traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.


If you want to get a relief from the diabetic complications in a natural manner, then you can add this while you are cooking your meals. You should remember that if the croton oil is consumed in high amounts, then it can lead to toxicity. This is a reason why you should always talk with your doctor before you add it in your diet.

Counter irritant:

This oil leads to irritation on the skin when it is applied which makes the use of it as a counter irritant. The low concentration of this oil, is used to diver the mind to some other place on the skin and leave aside some other place which is suffering from severe inflammation or irritation. Generally, this is only carried out with the benefits weigh over the side effects and troubles that the patient has to endure because of the croton oil.

Nervous relaxation:

The regular massage of diluted croton oil all over your body can help to keep your nerves relaxed for a smoother and steady blood flow. You can make this natural cure by diluting it with carrier oil in ratio 1:20. This means twenty drops of carrier oil for a drop of croton oil.

Deep skin exfoliation:

The most popular use of the croton oil is in the manufacture of chemical peels for the skin exfoliation. When this oil is applied to the skin, then it swamp off thin layer off epidermis that leads to deep pain and burning sensation on the skin. Through this leads to sharp pain, burning and redness so the chemical peels based on the croton oil have the strongest risk as well as side effects.

Heart health:

You can dilute a drop of croton oil with twenty drops of base oil and you should gently apply this blend over your heart chakra. It can help to treat the high blood pressure, the hypercholesteromia and other heart – related problems.

Skin rejuvenation:

You can mix two drops of croton oil in base oil by your choice. You should take a cotton ball and soak it in this blend and then gently wipe skin for sloughing dead skin and regeneration of healthier skin.


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