Mandarin essential oil helps maintaining acid and base balance in stomach

mandarin essential oils

Mandarin essential oil has many health benefits which can be attributed to its properties as tonic, stomachic, sedative, nervous relaxant, hepatic, digestive, depurative, cytophylactic, circulatory, antispasmodic and antiseptic substance. Mandarins are citrus fruits. They are also known as Tangerines or Mandarin oranges. But there is a slight difference. Tangerines are more orange in color and come without pips while mandarins are more yellow in color and they come with pips. The mandarin essential oil is also called tangerine essential oil. Both plants have the same botanical name – Citrus Reticulata. Mandarin plants are native to China. From China, this pant went to Europe. Nowadays Italy is one of the biggest producers of mandarin essential oil. It is extracted by cold compression of the fresh peels of these fruits. Main components of mandarin essential oil are terpineol, alpha thujone, sabinene, alpha pinene, nerol, beta pinene, myrcene, camphene, methyl methylanthranilate, citral, linalool, citronellal, limonene, gamma terpinolene, geraniol and geraial. There are some cases in which was shown that this essential oil can cause photo – toxicity and it can produce irritation in some skin types.

Health benefits of mandarin essential oil

Cures stomach disorder: This essential oil is a very helpful natural treatment for maintaining acid and base balance in the stomach and it can protect it from ulcers and other disorders. Also it can help to fight any infections in the stomach.

Sedative effect: Mandarin essential oil is known as a sedative for the inflammation and nervous disturbances.

Acts as tonic: This essential oil can tone up overall health and it can boost the function of immune system. It is tonic which can help in the growth and proper functioning of the body by toning up all the organic systems which are functioning in it, including the endocrine, nervous, neurotic, circulatory, excretory, cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems. Also it can boost the overall immune system of the body.

 Health benefits of mandarin essential oil

Health benefits of mandarin essential oil

Promotes cell growth: Mandarin essential oil can promote the growth of new cells and tissues and this can help to speed the healing times of wounds and other signs of wear and tear. This can help for the proper growth of the body.

Nervous relaxant: Mandarin essential oil is common sedative. It has sedating property which is more prominent in calming and relaxing nervous afflictions and disturbances. It can calm attacks of convulsions, hysteria and epilepsy. Also it can remove anxiety and stress.

Hepatic: Mandarin essential oil is good for the liver and it can help to maintain the proper discharge of bile from it and it can protect from infections. It can strengthen the liver and it will optimize its functions.

Improves digestion: A few drops of mandarin essential oil after lunch or dinner facilitate the digestion by stimulating the discharge of digestive juices and bile into the stomach. Also this will increase the appetite.

Removes toxins: This type of essential oil will purify your blood by helping remove toxic and unwanted substances from the body by means of excretion, including sweat, fecal matter and urine. This can prevent diseases that result from deposition of toxins such as arthritis, gout, acne, boils and abscesses.

Improves blood circulation: There are some studies in which is shown that the mandarin essential oil can improve the circulation of lymph and blood, particularly below your skin, which can keep your skin rejuvenated and looking vibrant and young. The improved circulation will create warmth and it will give a relief from arthritis and rheumatism. It can aid in growth and boost immunity.

Relieves spasms: If you have spasm in your respiratory system, then it can make you suffer from breathing troubles, congestion and exhausting coughs while the muscular spasm gives you muscle pulls and cramps which are very painful. Spasms in the digestive system, intestines, can cause pulling aches and vomiting in the stomach and intestines while a spasm in the nervous system can result in nervous afflictions and convulsions. There are many possible treatments but you can use mandarin essential oil too. With just a few drops you will notice that the spasm will be cured.


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