Lumpy breasts – symptom, causes and other risk factors


Lumpy breasts is bump, bulge, protuberance or swelling in the breasts which is giving you a different feeling from the breast tissue which is around the breast or it is in the same area with your breast. In the most cases breast lumps are not cancerous. They can have many causes such as fibrocystic condition of the breast, trauma, infection, cyst or fibroadenoma. When some woman has felt lumpy breasts, then she should visit her doctor. This disease can affect the breast of the both man and woman but it is more commonly in woman. In some cases the skin around the lump can be dimple, distended or red. Also there are many signs and symptoms of this disease which can vary in many cases.

Signs and symptoms of lumpy breasts

The signs and symptoms of this disease can vary and in most cases they depend from their cause. Patients are feeling the symptoms of the lumpy breasts while nurses or doctors see the sign of the lumpy breasts. When patients are feeling pain in their breasts, then this is a symptom. When doctors or nurses are seeing dilated pupils, then they are seeing signs of lumpy breasts. Here are the symptoms of this disease:

  • Fibroadenosis: This is not cancerous disease which is also known as mammary dysplasia, benign breast disease and fibrocystic breast changes. [1] This benign breast disease is resulting from
  1. Itching
  2. General tenderness or breast discomfort
  3. Swellings, irregular lumps or cysts
  4. Sensitive nipples

These symptoms, women are feeling when they are in their menstrual cycle. In their menopause they are not feeling symptoms any more.

  • Fibroadenoma: These are not cancerous lumps which can be solid, small and benign lumps. There are some cases when you see these lumps in the outside of the milk duct. When you have this condition, then your doctor will tell you to go on biopsy because she or he wants to be sure if you have a cancer or not. [2,3] Signs and symptoms of lumpy breasts:
  1. They are painless
  2. A solid, well – rounded and smooth lump
  3. Occur in woman of childbearing years
  4. They have a rubber – like texture
  5. When touched they move easily
  6. May get larger during a pregnancy
  7. They may disappear on their own, but often persist and slowly grow
  • Breast cyst: This is a cyst which is having gaseous, semi – solid or liquid substances. This cyst is located on the tissue and they can happen in every part of our bodies. In some cases they are so small; they cannot be seen with eyes. Also there are some cases when this cyst is having abnormal growth which means they can have a size of the normal organ. When women are having breast cyst, then they are feeling it like rubber and smooth under their skin. In some cases they can be painless but in other cases they are feeling lot of pain. These cyst can have typical form or symptom such as
  1. With distinct edges
  2. Round
  3. The cyst may feel firm
  4. With a soft grape like or water – filled balloon texture
  5. They may be tiny or several centimeters in diameter
  6. More common in woman in their 30s and 40s
  7. Pain is unusual, unless the cyst is a large one and grows during the menstrual cycle
  8. They normally go away after women are in their menopause period, unless they are taking hormone replacement therapy

Lumpy breastsCauses of lumpy breasts

  • Breast cancer: When people are suffering from breast cancer and they are in the early stage of this disease, then they cannot see some symptom. But when the tumor starts to grow, then changes in the breasts are apparent. [4,5] These changes can happen when you have breast cancer:
  1. The size and shape of breast may change
  2. A thickening in the breast or near it
  3. There may be dimpling or puckering in the skin of the affected breast
  4. The skin on the breast and nipple may be swollen, red or scaly
  5. A lump in the breast or near it
  6. The nipple of the affected breast may turn inward

Causes of the breast lump: When women are having hormonal change in their bodies (when they have non – cancerous breast lumps), then their changes can occur when they are in

  • The Pregnancy
  • The menstrual cycle
  • The menopause
  • Adolescence

Also the non – cancerous breast lumps can be caused by

  • Dilated milk ducts
  • Mastitis
  • Post – operative scarring of breast tissue
  • Nipple discharge
  • Breast injury


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