Top 8 health benefits of Butter Tea

Health benefits of butter tea

Butter tea has many health benefits, such as prevents dehydration; suppresses appetite; improves cognitive function; boosts heart health; aids digestion; warms the body; moisturizes the skin and increases energy levels. Also, there can be some side effects from the consumption of butter tea that are caused by butter, salt and caffeine found in this tea, such as insomnia; irritability; anxiety; headaches; cardiovascular risks and high blood pressure. When this tea is consumed in moderate amounts, then it has a lot of health benefits to offer to your body.

The common name of butter is Po cha. It is a traditional Tibetan tea which is made by churking yak butter, brick tea and salt into a thick and warming and nutrient – dense beverage.

The butter tea has been popular beverage in this country for more than 1500 years. Many Tibetans drink this tea all day on daily basis. Many people do not live in harsh conditions like people in Tibet but the health benefits of this tea are the same no matter where you live. Most benefits of the this tea are derived from the antioxidants and caffeine which are found in this tea, as well as the rich supply of linoleic acid fats found in the butter.

Health benefits of butter tea

Health benefits of butter tea

Controls diabetes: It is known that the butter tea has anti – diabetic properties which are linked to linoleic acid found in it. It can help to mitigate the fluctuations of diabetic patients and to lower the risk for people who are having a chance to get it.

Boosts immunity: Butter tea has catechins and other antioxidants which can help to improve the strength of your immune system’s response to free radicals which can cause cellular mutation, chronic disease, oxidative stress and tissue inflammation.

Brain enhancer: The butter tea is known for its anti – oxidant properties which means that it can fight against the free radicals in the body. It can help your brain to have better concentration, focus and memory. As we are getting, we have increased chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease and dementia so butter tea can help to prevent them. Drink this tea and your brain will work efficiently.

Improves heart health: When you drink too much of the butter tea, it can cause high cholesterol levels. But when you drink this tea in moderate amount, then it can help to lower the bad cholesterol due to linoleic acid found in it and also it is good for the heart health. You may think that drinking this tea is not good for your health but it will give your body the much needed heart health boost.

Altitude sickness: It is known that the altitude sickness can affect many people but the anecdotal evidences suggest that the butter tea can counter the effects of nausea, lightheadedness and dizziness which often accompany life in the clouds.

Moisturizing qualities: In Tibet, the butter tea is widely praised for its ability to keep the lips from getting chapped in the harsh winds of the mountains regions. For other people, the moisturizing effects of the butter tea can help to keep the skin and lips feeling fresh and smooth. The high salt content found in the butter tea can help your body to retain water. If you are feeling dehydrated or if you are in an environment in which staying hydrated is difficult, then the butter tea should be your first choice.

Aids in digestion: The butter tea has the ability to reduce the acid levels in the stomach which can result in acid reflux and other unpleasant conditions while the stimulating effects of butter tea can help your metabolism to digest food more rapidly and with more efficiency. This means that you will get more nutrients of every your meal.

Appetite suppressant: Butter tea is known as appetite suppressant. The butter is a good choice for people who want to lose weight. This tea has caffeine which works to stimulate the metabolism without suppressing hunger. The rich supply of fats can make your body to feel full which will help you to avoid snacks between your meals.


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