Thunder god vine health benefits

Health benefits of thunder god vine

Thunder god vine has many health benefits such as prevent certain colorectal diseases, manage hormonal irregularities, inhibit the spread of cancer, protect the skin, help lose weight, acts as contraceptive, reduce inflammation and it can regulate the immune system. This is ancient type of vine. It’s names is associated with strength and power but many people in the west or in other parts of the world have never heard about this vine. This vine is native Korea, Japan and China. It has many health benefits which can help you a lot to improve your condition. But also there are some cases when this vine can cause you side effects which mean that you should not use it without talking with your doctor or herbalist. In many cases this vine is interacting with other medications which can lead to intense side effects. Some parts of this plant are extremely toxic which means that you should take the extracts from people who are working with natural remedies. If you have noticed side effects from this vine, then you should not consume it any more.

Health benefits of thunder god vine

Weight loss: People who have problems with their weight should use thunder god vine as their natural remedy. There are many laboratory studies in which is shown that this herb has an active component which is known as celastrol that has anti – obesity effects. This is a very positive fact for all people who have excess fat in their bodies because they can have increased oxidative stress which leads to have increased chances of getting diabetes, higher rates of cancer and heart health complications.

Contraceptive: When we are talking about contraceptives, then most people think about how women should stay protected. But there are many cases in which is shown that there is a direct connection between the male infertility and the thunder god vine (at least this is a temporary problem). This herb should be studied a lot in the future because they are trying to develop the oral contraceptive.

Crohn’s disease: When we suffer from Crohn’s disease, then we have an inflammation of the stomach lining which can decrease our oral health and also it can worsen our life. This is one of the best home remedies which can soothe your stomach. It can minimize the effect of this chronic disease and also it can help you to heal the lining of stomach.

Health benefits of thunder god vineThunder god vine health benefits

Anti – inflammatory activity: There are many forms of the inflammation and all of them can have serious effects in the body. If you suffer from gastrointestinal inflammation, respiratory conditions, gout or arthritis, then you should use thunder god vine as your natural remedy. One of the biggest causes for oxidative stress throughout our body is the inflammation. This means that you have increased chances of getting chronic disease which comes from the buildup of the free radicals.

Immune health: This kind of vine will help you to have good immune system health. It is not boosting your immune system. This vine is regulating the immune system which is very important fact for all people who suffer from autoimmune disease. If you suffer from multiple sclerosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, then you should use extract from thunder god vine.

Anti – cancer activity: This kind of vine have positive effects on many types of cancers. Celastrol and triptolide are active compounds which are found in this kind of vine. There are studies in which is shown that these components have anti – tumor effects in the body. But most of these cases were tested in laboratories and not in the human cases which mean that there should be done lot more studies about this topic. There should be done more studies about how this plant can eliminate some types of cancers such as colorectal, pancreatic and ovarian type of cancers.

Hormonal regulation: In many cases the hormonal imbalances are coming from the quality of life and it is different from person to person. If you suffer from diagnosed hormonal imbalance, then you should add thunder god vine in your diet because it can help your body to function normally and also it can diminish the intensity of the menstruation.


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