Soursop fruit health benefits – prevents cancer and boosts immune system

Health benefits of soursop

Soursop has many health benefits such as relieve pain, soothe the stomach, boost the immune system, treat certain kinds of cancers, heal the skin, sedate the body and mind, improve respiratory conditions, reduce inflammation and it can kill off the parasites. Soursop tree can be found in parts of South America and it is excessively grown in the Caribbean and Mexico. In the taste it has combination of pineapple and strawberry. Also this fruit is cultivated in Africa and in some cases it can be found in Southeast Asia and in Florida. This fruit is cultivated as garden fruit which means that it is used for individual consumption. This is a powerful fruit which has many health benefits but you must talk with the doctor before you start using the soursop as part of your diet. It is a good idea to talk with different doctors and to get different opinions about this fruit and your consummation.

Health benefits of soursop

Analgesic properties: This fruit has been applied as topical remedy on the injuries and wounds many years ago. Also it can help you to speed the healing and to relieve the pain. It has anti – inflammatory and sedative properties which are making it one of the best natural remedies for pain relief. You can get a relief from inside or outside pain.

Gastrointestinal health: It has high amounts of Vitamin C. For this reason the soursop has been used as natural remedy for dysentery and scurvy. Also the juice from this fruit can remove extra salt and toxins from your body and can clean your gastrointestinal tract because soursop has diuretic properties. The quinolones and alkaloids are anti – inflammatory components which are found in the soursop. They can reduce the parasites in our gut and also they can help you to get a relief from the irritation and pain in the colon and stomach.

Health benefits of soursopsoursop health benefits

Immune system booster: You should have a strong immune system because every fitness exercise or healthy diet needs it. You should add soursop in your diet because it can improve your immune system and also it can help you to stay protected from different kinds of diseases. Also this vitamin will stimulate the production of the white blood cells. It has also antioxidant effects which mean that it will eliminate the free radicals from your body and it can prevent your body from getting any kinds of disease that can result in chronic disease.

Cancer prevention: It has alkaloids, quinolones and acetogenins which can reduce the size of tumors and also they can prevent cancer. This kind of fruit is used as alternative remedy for cancer. It has been used as natural remedy for a lung, prostate, breast and pancreatic cancer.

Skin health: You should pulverize the seeds of this fruit in a powder and then you should apply on your skin because it can improve the blemishes and age spots and reduce wrinkles and illness. You should apply this remedy on topical way because it can protect you from microbial and bacterial infections and you will have healthier skin.

Sedation and stress: The soursop can help you to get a relief from the stress. It has soothing and anti – inflammatory properties which can make you to get a relief from anxiety and stress. When you are in a stressful situation, then this can make problems in your sleeping. If you suffer from restless sleep or insomnia, then you can use soursop as your natural remedy.

Respiratory distress: If you suffer from cold, cough or other kinds of respiratory diseases, then you should use this fruit as your natural remedy. It has anti – inflammatory properties that can soothe irritation, relieve congestion and clear out your airways. It can eliminate the mucus and phlegm because this fruit expectorant. It can speed the healing process because it can reduce the inflammation of the respiratory tracts and the nasal cavities.

Parasite control: This is a very popular natural remedy for parasites in South America and Latin America because it has anti – parasitic nature. You should brew the leaves of soursop because it can help your gastrointestinal system to run smoothly and also it will cleanse your gut.


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