Helichrysum essential oil improves liver health and cell health

helichrysum essential oil health benefits

The health benefits of helichrysum essential oil can be attributed to its properties as expectorant, cicatrisant, antitussive, anti – inflammatory, nervine, antiphlogistic, anti – heamatoma, anti – microbial, antiallergenic, anticoagulant and antispasmodic substance. Also it acts as cytophylactic, splenic, diuretic, hepatic, fungicidal, mucolytic, emollient, cholagogue, antiseptic and febrifuge substance. Helichrysum, the flower that contributes to “Immortal” and “Everlasting” Essential oil, and known by the names Helichrysum Italicum and Helichrysm Agustifolium. This is a European herb which is native to Italy, France and a few neighboring countries. This essential oil is very costly oil and scarcely available but this essential oil does not have a short shelf life like other oils, helichrysum essential oil can be stored for a very long time. No irritating or toxic effects have been reported or observed from the use of helichrysum essential oil but it is anticoagulant which means that people who have chances of internal hemorrhaging or have undergone surgery should avoid using it.

Health benefits of helichrysum essential oil

Prevents fungal infections: It is known fact that fungal infections are some of the most dangerous types of infections. This essential oil prohibits and inhibits fungal infections in very effective way.

Improves liver health: Helichrysum essential oil is a hepatic, which means that it soothes the liver, protects it from infections, regulates its discharge, relieves it of inflammation and it keeps it strong, active and healthy.

Maintains cell health: This essential oil promotes cell health, stimulates the production of new cells and encourages the recycling of dead cells. It can help in the overall growth and repair of the body. This property of the helichrysum essential oil can be very beneficial for growing or children who have obstructed growth.

helichrysum essential oil health benefits

Helichrysum essential oil health benefits

Treats anemia: This property of the helichrysum essential oil is very beneficial for people who suffer from anemia. The spleen is involved in the recycling and production of the red blood cells and when we have healthy spleen, then this means that you will never run short of blood. The helichrysum essential oil can keep your spleen healthy and free from infections.

Stimulates urination: This essential oil has diuretic properties, such as facilitating and promoting urination, both in quantity and frequency, thereby removing the toxic substances from your blood through urine. Urination can improve digestion, losing weight by eliminating fat and lowering blood pressure.

Prevents dehydration: This property of the helichrysum essential oil can make your skin soft, smooth and it will help to retain moisture. It can prevent cracking and dehydration of the skin.

Heals wounds: This essential oil will not allow your wounds to become septic. It can be safely applied on pricks, cuts, wounds and any other open sores which can attract infection.

Inhibits microbial growth: This essential oil can inhibit microbial growth and protects the body against a long list of microbial infections.

Promotes digestion: This essential oil cholagogic property, which means that it can promote the discharge of bile into the stomach and help to neutralize acids, thereby reducing symptoms of acidosis, curing acidity and promoting digestion.

Acts as expectorant: It has expectorant properties. It can provide warmth to the respiratory system, which is loosening deposition of phlegm there and it will not allow new phlegm to be deposited. It can give a relief from the continuous congestion and cough which shows a sign of illness or infection.

Heals scars: This essential oil can make your cuts and wounds heal quickly and scar makes disappear fast. Also it is very effective in clearing up spots that are left on your skin by boils, pox and other skin irregularities.

Fights infections: Fever is not a disease in itself, this is just a symptom which the immune system of our body is fighting against unwanted substances or infections. This is a reason why you will rarely see fever as a solitary symptom. It always accompanies arthritis, allergic reactions, boils, pox, liver malfunctions, bacterial infections or infections from wounds, viral infections and colds.


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