Health Benefits Of Boric Acid

boric acid

Boric acid can help to treat yeast infections; acts as a good antiseptic; acts as ear drop; helps you to rid of roaches; acts as eyewash and eliminate bugs. Also, it can help to detoxify the body; prevent cancer; cure toe fungus and other fungal infections and kill fleas. This one of the best home remedies and cures. Wilhelm Homberg is the scientist who firstly discovered the boric acid.

The crystals of this resemble to table salt closely but they are odorless, white and they do not have any taste whatsoever. It is known that minerals that boric acid is derived from are commonly found in the dried salt lake beds or drylands. Also, in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies this widely used. The boric acid is naturally occurring compound in several foods.

There are many benefits of boric acid that are good for the human health. Some foods have boric acid as their component, such as instant white rice; enriched white bread; wine; beer; peanuts; almonds; bananas raw; apples (with peel and raw).

boric acid

Here are some health benefits of boric acid:

Anti – cancer properties:

There was one study done in 2009 in which were studied the effects of this on melanoma which is a type of skin cancer. In this study was noticed that the cancerous cells have reduced in number when the dose of boric acid was increased [1]. There should be done a lot more studies in the future which can show that it can be a potential cure for the cancer.


There are some studies in which are shown that the boric acid is having antiseptic and antifungal properties. The boric acid is very effective in curing toe fungus and other fungal infections in the body. [2]

Antioxidant properties:

There was one study done by an experimental and toxicology journal in 2010 in which was studied the potential of boric acid as an antioxidant. It has strong detoxifying properties which can clean the body from the inside and remove the heavy metals from the bloodstream. This study was concluded promising results. [3]

Yeast infections:

It has been shown that the yeast infections can be treated with the boric acid. You can place capsules filled with boric acid in the areas which are infected to treat this problem.

Eliminate bugs:

Bugs are very annoying but they can be potentially dangerous, especially for babies. You can combine boric acid with sugar in a 1:1 ratio and you can turn into tiny balls for tackling bugs. When you have made these balls, then you should scatter in the places that are likely to foster bugs in your house. You should continue doing this so you will rid of this problem.

Acts as antiseptic:

When we have wounds, then we should be conscious about our chances of getting bacteria. Even a small wound should be disinfected to prevent any further damage. You can mix boric acid with distilled water and apply it using cotton ball to the wound to clean it off. This can help you to rid of any potential infections which can be around the wound. [4]

Ear drops:

It is known that the boric acid has antiseptic properties. We know that ears are susceptible to infections as the eyes. This acid can give you an immediate relief in the form of drops. There are many cases when this is used as a component in the prescribed eye drops. You can use this, distilled water and vinegar in very tiny quantities so in this way you will make your ear drops. This can give you an immediate relief of any infection – causing bacteria and it can give you a relief from the symptoms of it. [5]

Used as an eyewash:

This natural cure has been used as an eyewash for ages. It was a very popular home remedy among the Romans and Greeks. We know that itchy and dry eyes can be very uncomfortable condition for anyone and the bacteria which are causes for these conditions can lead to further irritations and problems. You can make a mixture of warm water, Epsom salt and boric acid so you can treat your problem. It can help to cure eye infections and also, it is recommended as a home remedy for styles eyes.


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