Cannellini beans reduces heart attack and coronary heart disease

Health benefits of cannellini beans

Many people cannot imagine their life without beans. They enjoy in this healthy meal. Cannellini beans are also known as white kidney beans because they have large kidney shape with squared edges. These creamy – white beans are derived from a common bean ancestor that was originated in Peru. In the modern era, the cannellini beans are canned which retain their nutritional value. These beans are known in many countries all around the world. You can find the white kidney beans throughout the year. They are not expensive but they are healthy and tasty meal. The cannellini beans are good for simmering dishes because they have ability to absorb other seasoning flavors very well.

Cannellini beans health benefits

Nutrient potpourri: The white kidney beans are rich in many nutrients such as potassium, manganese, copper, calcium, phosphorus, molybdenum and Vitamin K. All of the mentioned nutrients are having many health benefits. Also these beans are having low amounts of calories.

Assists cognitive ability: These beans are rich in thiamine (Vitamin B1) which can make you sharp. The Vitamin B1 assists the brain cell functioning along with cognition. Also it is playing an important role in the production of acetylcholine. This is neurotransmitter which is required for the memory and if you have deficiency of it, then it can lead to cognitive decline.

More iron: When you are consuming white kidney beans, then it will help you to replenish the iron reserves. When you have more hemoglobin in your blood, then more oxygen is transported to the body. Also the iron is part of several cell functions and enzymes. Cannellini beans are rich in iron and this is a reason why growing children need to consume them.

Aids blood flow: The cannellini beans aid in the proper blood flow. This is happening due to the significant supply of magnesium which has many important functions in our bodies. Some of these functions are regulation of nerve impulsive conduction, muscle contraction and heart rhythm. The magnesium in this food is one of the natural ways which will keep your arteries healthy.

Reduces cancer risk: These beans have better cancer fighting abilities compared to other beans because they have healthy fibre. Cannellini beans can help to eliminate toxins and also can reduce the risk of several cancers. Also they have flavonoids and phytochemicals which can diminish the growth of cancer cells. It is known that the fiber works well to prevent the colorectal cancer which is making it a potent tool that can help to reduce all bower cancers. You should increase your intake of cannellini beans to 2 – 3 per week because it can help you to fight against the cancer.

Health benefits of cannellini beans

Cannellini beans nutritional value

Healthy heart: These beans can help your heart to live longer because they are protecting against the onset of many diseases. Cannellini beans can reduce the cholesterol levels which mean that they can reduce the risk of heart attack. Also they are decreasing the risk of coronary heart disease by acting against adverse components absorbed through other unhealthy foods. Cannellini beans have folate which can bring down the homocysteine levels.

Provides stable energy: If you expect to have a long day ahead, then you should take cannellini beans because they will provide you stable energy throughout the day because it has soluble fiber content. Your energy will be burnt slowly which means that it can lead to balanced blood sugar. There are some studies in which are found that diabetics who are consuming more fibre were able to control their cholesterol levels. Also it was said that the increasing in the fibre content had more beneficial effects that reducing sugars in the patient’s diet.

Excellent protein source: The cannellini beans are rich in protein. In a half cup there are eight grams of protein. When you combine cannellini beans with other vegetables, then it is a storehouse of nutrients. Cannellini beans take a long time to cook so it does not matter if they are fresh or you have previously taken them and you have stored in your refrigerator.


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