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Jaundice is a kind of symptom that can develop as a result of different diseases. Jaundice treatment depends upon the condition of your body. The other medical term for Jaundice is icterus. It is important to know that this is not a disease but it is a sign that you have some underlying disease. This means that you will have yellowish discoloration of your skin and the whites of your eyes. When the levels of bilirubin which is chemical are increased in your bloodstream, then it is happening jaundice. Your skin becomes yellow when you have a mild elevation in bilirubin levels but your skin gets yellow or brown hue, then this means that your bilirubin levels are too high.[1]

The most common symptoms of jaundice are itching, tiredness, fever, nausea, pale-colored stools, dark yellow urine, lethargy, bitter taste in the mouth, abdominal discomfort in case there is obstruction of the bile duct, appetite loss, etc.[2] When your doctor has diagnosed the underlying condition for jaundice, then he or she can give you the right treatment for it.  The most common disease which is resulting in jaundice is viral hepatitis and alcoholic liver disorder. Also, hepatitis A, cirrhosis, malaria and thalassemia can lead to jaundice.[3] You need to talk with your doctor about the right natural cure for your disease. There are many jaundice home remedies about this condition and in this article, we have mentioned some of them.

Jaundice Treatment – How to treat naturally?

Bitter Luffa for Jaundice

The juice of bitter luffa is regarded as an effective jaundice home remedy. The juice can be obtained by pounding in a mortar using a pestle then squeezing through the cloth. The juice obtained should then be placed on the palm of the hand and drawn through the nostrils. [4]

Radish leaves

The green leaves of radish are another jaundice home remedy. The leaves should be pounded and the juice extracted through a piece of cloth. One pound of this juice daily taken through the nostrils is recommended for quick recovery and treatment of jaundice. [5]


Lime plays a significant role in the treatment of jaundice. A high intake of lime juice daily is recommended. The juice is squeezed into a cup using a lemon squeezer and the juice is taken like normal juice, this works effectively in treating jaundice. [6]


Mash one ripe banana with one tablespoon of honey to form a paste. This should be taken twice a day daily for quick recovery from jaundice. [6]

Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice comes in handy in the treatment of jaundice. One glass of sugarcane juice should be taken twice a day daily with half a lemon. This is a very good and effective jaundice home remedy.


Squeeze the beetroot juice into a cup and add lemon juice to make it up to half a cup. This has been found to cure jaundice within a very short period.

Black pepper

Black pepper is very significant in the treatment of jaundice. Take one pinch of black pepper mixed in buttermilk for at least seven days for the enhanced cure of jaundice.


Prune is one of the fruits that has been found to be most favorable for patients suffering from jaundice.


Ginger is a natural herb that is used as a spice and can also be taken raw as a jaundice home remedy. Half a teaspoon of ginger juice with one teaspoon of fresh lime and mint took daily cures jaundice within a short period of time.


Tomatoes are widely used in the home as a vegetable in cooking and also as a fruit. Drinking tomato juice with a pinch of salt early in the morning every day is a good jaundice home remedy. [7]

Health benefits of lemon, jaundice, jaundice home remedyLemon

These are more often used as fruits but can also work as herbs in the cure of jaundice. Boil one cup of water and add eight to ten lemon leaves. Cover and leave for five to six minutes to allow the nutrients in the leaves to diffuse into the water. Drink the solution for a period of one week to facilitate the treatment of jaundice. This has been found to be a useful jaundice home remedy in the treatment of icterus[6]


Minerals are very important nutrients in the body required for proper growth and maintenance of cellular functions. Minerals like calcium and iron should be included in the diet in good amounts for the efficient jaundice treatment.


Oregano has also been found to function effectively in the cure of jaundice. In one cup of boiling water add two teaspoons of oregano and leave for ten minutes. Filter and drink this solution. This is a very effective jaundice treatment.


Daily intake of roasted alum with buttermilk, twice or thrice a day comes in handy in the treatment of this disease.

Snake Gourd juice

One glass of gourd juice also called karela should be taken every morning for a short cure of jaundice. In the absence of a juice maker, karela should be boiled till it is no longer bitter and has the boiled juice left behind which should be very bitter. Snake gourd leaves can also be used in the cure of icterus. Add some dry snake gourd leaves to boiling water. Then boil coriander leaves in water until it reduces to one-third of the initial amount. Combine both decoctions and drink thrice every day. This works very significantly in curing the disease.


Soak seven to eight almond kernels in water and keep overnight. Peel the almonds, grind into a paste and consume. Almonds can also be consumed along with dried dates and cardamoms. The dates and cardamoms should also be soaked in water overnight for the efficient working of the mixture.

Pigeon Pea Leaves

Pigeon pea leaves are significantly used in the treatment of asthma. The juice obtained from pigeon pea leaves is also used in the jaundice treatment. The juice is extracted and taken daily in small doses.

Barley Water

Barley water is popular and globally known for its significance in the natural cure of jaundice. Add a cup of barley to about three liters of water and leave to simmer for a couple of hours. This should then be drunk frequently throughout the day for relief from icterus.

Berberis Vultaris

Berberis vultaris is a natural herb that is known for its use in the treatment of icterus. It is widely known as jaundice berry. The juice or extract of this jaundice treatment should be taken daily for a significant cure of the disease.


Turmeric is commonly used as a spice in cookery but has been found to work significantly in the cure of jaundice. Add a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder to warm water and drink twice daily. This works so efficiently in the cure of the disease.

Papaya Leaves

Grind some tender papaya leaves into a paste and combine the paste with half a teaspoon of honey. Consume this paste daily for the efficient jaundice treatment. [6]


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