Health benefits of Pigeon peas

Pigeon peas

Pigeon peas have many health benefits such as eliminate inflammation, increase energy, strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, lose weight, boost heart health, prevent anemia, manage blood pressure and stimulates the growth. You may think that pigeon peas have funny name, but they are rich with nutrients. In the Indian subcontinent they have been cultivated for more than three thousand years. But also it is cultivated in the subtropical and tropical regions all around the world. In the Southeast Asia they are cultivated in high amounts because they are rich with proteins. It can be found in ripe and unripe states. Many people do not know about this powerful food. Pigeon peas are often added in other foods. They are rich with dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, antioxidant components, organic compounds and other components which are making them one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Health benefits of pigeon peas

Blood pressure: Pigeon peas have potassium. This element has many roles in our bodies. Also this element is known as vasodilator which can lower the blood pressure and also it can reduce the constipation of blood vessels. People who have high risk of getting cardiovascular disease or who suffer from hypertension should add pigeon peas in their every day diet or in their weekly diet.

Growth and development: As we have mentioned previously pigeon peas are rich with protein which is a reason why they are very popular all around the world. In one cup of cooked pigeon peas there are eleven grams of protein. This element is important for the normal growth and development. Also this element builds everything in our bodies such as bones, muscles and tissues. Also this element can help you to heal in normal way and the regeneration process of our cells throughout our bodies can be normal.

Digestive issues: It has high amounts of dietary fiber which can help us to improve the digestion. This element can help to promote more regular bowel movements and it can bulk up the stool. Also it can reduce the inflammation and strain. This means that it can help you to prevent the diarrhea, cramping, bloating and constipation. Also this element will help you to improve the gut which absorbs nutrients. This means that you should add this powerful food in your diet.

Anemia prevention: In the pigeon peas there are high levels of folate. When we do not have enough amounts of folate in our bodies, then we can increase the risk of getting anemia. Also the folate deficiency can lead neural tube defects in the unborn child. People who live in the developing or the tropical countries have increased risk of getting anemia. This is a reason why they should add pigeon peas in their diet. You should take one cup of pigeon peas and you will enter more than 110% of the daily recommended intake amount of folate.

Anti – inflammatory activity: The leaves, seeds and peas themselves have been used as natural remedy for inflammatory problems. They have organic components which can reduce the inflammation and swelling throughout our bodies. Piles or hemorrhoids can be treated with mashed pigeon peas.

Pigeon peasPigeon peas benefits and uses

Weight loss efforts: Pigeon peas are very low in cholesterol and saturated fats, moderate amounts of calories and high amounts of nutrients. People who use some kinds of diets often feel hunger between their small meals. Pigeon peas have rich amounts of nutrients and dietary fiber which can help you to feel full. This means that your metabolism will run faster and also you will not gain weight. The most nutrients of pigeon peas are converted in energy and not in storable fat.

Energy boost: It has Vitamin B which gives us the energy we need to do the everyday activities. Also they have riboflavin and niacin which are promoting the metabolism of carbohydrates by our bodies. Also these elements can prevent the storage of fat which means that they will boost the energy levels in our bodies without gaining weight. People who deal with unusual climates that deplete energy quickly, people who work physically demanding jobs or people who live in arid climates should add pigeon peas in their diet.


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