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Arachnoid Cyst: Home Remedies

The arachnoid cyst is most likely to happen in the head but also, it can develop around the spinal cord. It is called arachnoid cyst because it is happening in the space between the brain or the spinal column and the arachnoid membrane. This is one of the three membrane layers which surround the brain and spine.

It happens in the head, then it will grow between the brain and skull or in the pockets in the brain called ventricles. Usually, this is filled with cerebrospinal fluid. Usually, the symptoms of this are asymptomatic which means that they do not produce symptoms. This is a reason why many people do not know they have it until they made an exam for head injuries.

When the arachnoid cyst is located in the brain, then it can produce one or more of the next symptoms: dementia; headache; developmental delay; dizziness; balance issues; nausea; balance issues; vomiting; problems hearing, seeing or walking; lethargy. If the arachnoid cyst is located in the spinal column, then it can cause symptoms like scoliosis; problems controlling your bladder or bowels; back pain; muscle weakness or spasms; you can have a lack of feeling or tingling in your arms or legs. [1]

arachnoid cyst

The primary arachnoid cyst is usually caused by an abnormal growth of the brain and spinal column while you were developing in the utero. The exact cause for this growth is not known and it is thought that it may be genetic. The secondary arachnoid cyst can be caused by tumors; injury to your head or spinal cord; meningitis; complications from the brain or spinal surgery. [1]

It is known that the untreated arachnoid cyst can cause permanent and severe neurological damage when the progressive expansion of the cyst or bleeding into the cyst injuries in the brain or spinal cord. Usually, the symptoms of arachnoid cyst resolve or improve with the treatment. You need to talk with your doctor if you suffer from arachnoid cyst before you start using some of the below-mentioned home remedies so in this way you will avoid side effects.

Here are some home remedies for arachnoid cyst:

Get a lot of rest:

It is very important to get a lot of rest because this can help you in the natural treatment of the arachnoid cyst. It is the best therapy that can help you to get out of your worries and stress. You should give yourself a proper rest because it can help you to get out of the negative thoughts which are in your mind. When you are resting, this can make you feel better and it will give you extra-strength to let you enjoy your life normally.

Also, short sleep can boost you with massive energy. You should never avoid taking rest as much as possible. You need to keep your mind relaxed and while you are resting you will get the much-needed relief from stress.

Keep things simple:

You should always keep your things simple and normal to decently cope with the arachnoid cyst. It can be hard for you to handle that you have an arachnoid cyst. You are aware that you will be going on regular doctor’s check-ups and you will follow a specific routine which is making you have worrying thoughts. You should fall prey to this situation and you should adopt an unfamiliar routine easily.

In this way, your body starts to react and it takes you further down both mentally and physically. It can be hard for you to rid of this situation but you should never give up unless you have tried it. You should be sure that the new routine will not change you as a person and you should keep doing things normally.

This can help your body to respond positively and it can help you to recover from the situation of an arachnoid cyst. When you will start doing this type of exercise for your mind, you will notice improvements in your condition. You will not feel stressed all the time and you will remember that not every situation is in your power. [2]


It is very important to exercise on a regular basis because it can help you to perfectly cope with the arachnoid cyst. You should exercise on a daily basis, at least once every day even if you do not like exercising. When someone mentions exercises, then it does not necessarily mean that you need to go to the gym.

You can make simple light exercises or you can go on a regular walk because these exercises can also help you. When you are making regular exercise, then they will ensure your good physical health and positive mental state which is necessary to keep you healthy and to cope with the arachnoid cyst. Also, the exercise will stimulate the release of endorphins in your brain which is known as “feel good” hormone and it can make you feel good.

The formation of the arachnoid cyst can make you down. This is a reason why you should keep yourself boosted with regular exercise and a positive mindset. You should never skip your exercise routine. You will feel better in every way. Your mind and body will be thankful to you. [3]

Get counseling:

It is very important to get counseling from experts and professionals because they can help you to cope with the arachnoid cyst. Many people have hard times when they discover that they have arachnoid cyst so this is a reason why they need to get counseling from experts or professionals. When you are talking about your struggle and share your problems with experts, then you will get great help from them.

Counselors understand your situation and they can guide you out of the trouble. When you are talking about your struggle and sharing your problems with experts certainly helps. The lack of counseling can lead you to depression which puts your brain under more stress and it makes the arachnoid cyst to get worse. Also, counseling will give you the extra bit of support and it can help you to do things that will get you out of depression.

It is very important not to be ashamed to ask for help. If you cannot go to a counselor alone, then you can ask for help from your family and friends. It is very important to have support from your family and friends because this will help you to know that you are not alone. They can help you to get out of the depression. They will help you to understand that you will be better and not to stay in the situation which makes you down.

Ensure proper diet:

It is very important to ensure proper diet because this can help you to cope with the arachnoid cyst. It is a known fact that the formation of the arachnoid cyst can cause serious damage to the nervous system. This is a reason why it is important to include foods that can help to minimize the damage and keep the body healthy.

Also, it is known that some food products can make the situation to get worse so this is a reason why these foods should be reduced or completely avoided. Some foods which you should avoid include spicy foods; excessive fat or salt; foods which have Aspartame as their component; caffeine; too much sugar; excessive red meat.

If you have noticed that some food is making you feel worse, then this is an indication which means that it needs to be avoided in order to correctly cope with the arachnoid cyst. You should talk with a doctor about the best foods to consume and which foods you must avoid so in this way your body can help you to cope better with your situation. If you have decided to add new foods in your diet, then ask your doctor if they are beneficial for your situation without causing you side effects. [4]


It is very important to give yourself a lot of rest because in this way you can properly cope with the arachnoid cyst. In some cases, people who have arachnoid cyst have a hard time to have a sound sleep. The main thing which you should try is to get some sleep at night and let your body rest. The best way in which you can ensure yourself to have a good sleep is to identify some symptoms which are affecting your sleep and to try to sort them out by being creative and proactive.

Also, you can take a short sleep during the day because this can compensate for the lack of sleep which you have at night to some extent. Also, the proper rest can help the person to rid of the physical symptoms of the arachnoid cyst which can help you to stay intact and to fight against the situation.

It is recommended to avoid sleep aids because they can induce ingredients that can affect your neurological system. It is better to rely on natural ways to enhance your sleep, like a warm bath or a nice shower before sleeping; warm milk or a decaffeinated tea such as chamomile. [5,6]


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Neem Mayur
Neem Mayur
Mayur Neem, a certified dietician having more than 5 years of experience in the field of diet practice. He is working as a diet expert and offering services to body builders, sports persons, celebrities, etc. He is lover of natural remedies and loves to spend most of his free time in his organic farm and offers expert advice on organic farming to local farmers. He is available through [email protected]


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