Health benefits of langsat fruit

Health benefits of langsat fruit

It is small, translucent and orb – shaped fruit. This fruit has many health benefits. It is a variant of the species Lansium domesticum. This specie is native to Southeast Asia. This specie can be planted on the height of 600 m above the sea level until 1500 m above sea level. Also, it grows well at the rainfall condition of 1500 mm until 2500 mm per year.

It grows well in alluvial, yellow posolik and latosol. When langast fruit is in unripe shape, then it can be sour but when it is ripe, then it is perfectly sweet and it has a similar taste to a bittersweet grapefruit. Usually, this fruit is most commonly bought in its season, but people in India cultivate it. Nowadays, it is most commonly cultivated through Southern and Eastern India.

Health benefits of langsat fruit

Health benefits of langsat fruit

Helps the digestive system: This fruit has fiber which can help our digestive system to digest proteins and fat from our food. Also, fiber can help in the formation of the waste and preventing the unpleasant stomachache.

Helpful for diabetes: This fruit has thiamine which can help our body to decrease the levels of blood glucose. When the levels of glucose in our blood are decreased, then it can help to prevent the diabetes mellitus.

Used as eye drop: You can use the langsat fruit extract as eye drop if you have something that irritates your eye but you do not have eye drops at moment. This fruit can replace the need for an eye drop. You can mix langsat fruit leaves with langsat’s tree bark and then brew them. When the liquid is obtained, then you can use it as an eye drop for the inflammatory agent in your eye.

Source of carbohydrate: This fruit has a lot of carbohydrates which are good for our health when they are consumed. In every 100 grams of langsat fruit, there are around 10 grams of carbohydrates. This fruit can help our metabolism to extract the energy out more efficiently. This fruit can help you to replace the unhealthy snacks so you can keep your health in a good shape.

Strengthen teeth and bones: This fruit has Vitamin A and phosphorus. Vitamin A is vitamin soluble in fats and it plays an important role in maintaining teeth and skeletal bones. Phosphorus is useful as an agent for bone and teeth formation. You should eat langsat fruit because it can give you more of these vitamins that are needed for healthy teeth and bones.

Counter effects of free radicals: We know that free radicals can cause damages in our cells. Langsat fruit has the ability to prevent cancer, especially the colon cancer because the langsat fruit has the ability to fight against free radicals in the body. Free radicals can lead to destruction in the DNA cells and this can lead to failure of cell reproduction which could lead to many different chronic diseases. When you are eating langsat fruit, then you can stay away from many different diseases which are caused by free radicals so you should add this fruit in your diet.

Useful for beauty: It is known that the langsat fruit has the ability to lighten our skin. It can make our skin to look better. It has Vitamin A which plays a role in this health benefit. This vitamin can help the skin to maintain its healthy and soft tissues and the consumption of longsat fruit can help to improve the quality of our skin.

Treats dysentery: There are some studies in which are said that the langsat tree bark extract can be used as a home remedy for dysentery so if you have this problem, then use it langsat fruit for your treatment.

Prevents malaria: There are some studies in which are said that the extract of langsat fruit can interrupt the life cycle of Plasmodium falciparum and also, this extract is active against the chloroquine – resistant strain of the parasite.

Treats insect and scorpion bites: You can use the langsat tree, especially the bark of it, as a home remedy for insect or scorpion bite. You should use the bark of this fruit. You should start by taking the starch stored in the tree bark. Then, you should apply the starch to the affected area and let it dry. You should do this natural treatment several times until the bite is completely cured.


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