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Gastric Ulcer: 10 Amazing Natural Treatments

The gastric ulcers are open sores within the lining of the stomach. The infection caused by Helicobacter pylori bacteria is the most common cause of gastric ulcers. Also, there can be other causes for gastric ulcers, such as excess alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, and the overuse of anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Many conventional anti-ulcer treatments can cause negative sides, such as diarrhea and headaches. This is a reason why the interest in alternative remedies has steadily risen and it has been fueled by both medical professionals and individuals with ulcers alike.

Gastric Ulcer

Also, it is noticed that women have more chances of having gastric ulcers compared to men if they are over the age of 70 and they take medications or over–the–counter drugs regularly. People, who have a family history of gastric ulcers, are having 2 – 3 times more chances of getting gastric ulcers by themselves. People, who are between 55 and 65 years old, have increased chances of getting gastric ulcers. You need to talk with your doctor if you suffer from gastric ulcers, so he or she can tell you which the best home remedy for you is, without causing any side effects. Here are some home remedies for gastric ulcers:

Cabbage Juice

Cabbage is one of the most popular home remedies for ulcers, as well as for gastric ulcers. Doctors have been using cabbage juice as a home remedy for gastric ulcers decades before antibiotics were available to heal stomach ulcers. This home remedy is rich in Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that can help to prevent and treat H. pylori infection. In the early studies was shown that the daily consumption of fresh cabbage juice can help to heal gastric ulcers more effectively than the conventional treatment used at the time.

Colorful fruits

There are many different fruits that have a component called flavonoids. Flavonoids are the reason for the rich colors of some fruits. In studies is said that flavonoids, also known as bioflavonoids, can be an effective additional treatment for gastric ulcers. Also, these components can help a range of other digestive issues, such as diarrhea and spasms.

Flavonoids are known as gastroprotective and this means that they can defend the lining of the stomach and they can allow ulcers to heal. They are doing this by increasing the stomach mucus, which inhibits the growth of H. pylori. Also, flavonoids have antioxidant properties. You can add fruits rich in flavonoids in your diet, such as lemons, oranges, nuts, cherry, blueberry, and apples.

Plantain Bananas

Plantains are types of bananas, which can help in the natural treatment of gastric ulcers. In some studies is said that the unripe plantain bananas can have a positive effect on gastric ulcers. The unripe plantain bananas have a component called leucocyanidin. This component can increase the amount of mucus in the stomach. Also, this fruit can help to reduce acidity and it can help to prevent and relieve the symptoms of gastric ulcers.


This is a sweet but healthy home remedy. It has antioxidant properties which are linked to a range of health benefits. They can help to prevent the formation and promote the healing of many wounds, such as gastric ulcers. Also, honey has powerful antibacterial properties which can help in the fight against H. pylori growth.


It is known that probiotics are living microorganisms that can offer an array of health effects. They have many health benefits, such as improving the health of your mind, improving the health of your stomach, and the ability to prevent and fight against gastric ulcers. There are some studies in which are shown that probiotics can help to wipe out H. pylori and increase the recovery rate for people who have gastric ulcers when probiotics are added to the traditional regimen of antibiotics.

There are many different foods that have probiotics as their component, such as fermented foods. Some of the best foods rich in probiotics include kefir, kimchi, miso, buttermilk, yogurt, and so on. Also, you can take probiotics in supplement form, but talk with your doctor about the recommended dosage.


You can use onions as your home remedy for gastric ulcers. They may cause you gas, but they can prevent the growth of ulcer-causing bacteria, which can increase your risk of gastritis and over time, lead to stomach cancer. You can add sliced onions to salads and sandwiches or toss them into stir-fries, fajitas, and pasta. You should avoid frying the onion because this can upset your stomach.

Avoid Coffee

Coffee can increase your risk of getting gastric ulcers and it can delay its healing, so you need to avoid it.

Castor Oil Compress

You can calm the gastric ulcer with a castor oil pack applied to your abdomen. This home remedy can reduce inflammation, relieve the pain and it can heal tissues beneath the skin. The compress is an easy and inexpensive home remedy that you can make. You should place a towel in castor oil until it is completely saturated. You need to squeeze to remove any extra liquid and avoid dripping. Then, cover the painful area on your abdomen. Then, top with a dry towel and a hot–water bottle for added pressure. You should leave the pack on for up to one hour.

Avoid Spicy Foods

These foods can worsen the symptoms of gastric ulcers, so you need to avoid them completely from your diet.


It is a known fact that coffee can irritate gastric ulcers, but this is not the case with tea. Some of the best teas which can soothe the pain of gastric ulcer and encourage healing include peppermint and chamomile teas. You should brew your tea and allow it to cool until it is just warm, but not hot because this can irritate your gastric ulcer. You should stir in some raw honey for its antibacterial properties, as well as for its sweet flavor. If you have GERD, then you should avoid peppermint, because this can trigger or worsen indigestion and heartburn.

Vitamin E

Some doctors are recommended to take 300 mg of Vitamin E on daily basis as a home remedy for gastric ulcers, so talk with your doctor before you start taking this vitamin as your natural treatment for gastric ulcers.


In some studies is said that licorice can be used as a home remedy for gastric ulcers, but you need to talk with your doctor before you start using it, so you will avoid possible side effects.

Avoid Coffee

Coffee can worsen the symptoms of gastric ulcers, so you need to avoid coffee from your diet.


This natural cure can protect your stomach from ulcerations caused by alcohol and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


This natural cure is very effective against many different diseases and it can help to prevent and heal gastric ulcers. If you are used to eating garlic, then you can eat two cloves of raw garlic on daily basis, so this can help to control the levels of H. pylori bacteria in your gut. Also, you can chop up fresh garlic and you can add two tablespoons of raw and unprocessed honey. Honey will improve the taste of this natural cure, but also, it has antibacterial properties which can help to get rid of bacteria that are cause gastric ulcers.

Aloe Vera Juice

You know that the Aloe Vera gel can be used for sunburns and other skin problems, but the juice of this plant can help to soothe your inflamed stomach lining. Aloe Vera juice can be used as a home remedy for gastric ulcers. You can buy Aloe Vera juice from your health – food store or drugstore and you can drink a few sips before each meal at night. This natural cure can give you relief from ulcer pain and it can promote healing.


Nowadays, every single person wants to eat yogurt, so people who suffer from gastric ulcers can do it too. Most yogurts have active cultures, like bifidobacterium and lactobacillus, which can help digestion by balancing out bad bacteria with good bacteria. If you are on antibiotics, then yogurts can help you a lot. They can help you in your fight against gastric ulcers. They can replenish the good bacteria which your meds have eliminated from your body and it can help to prevent diarrhea.

Avoid Alcohol

It is a known fact that alcohol can increase your chances of getting gastric ulcers and it can worsen your symptoms. This is a reason why you should avoid drinking alcohol as much as you can.


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Elene Jordanova
Elene Jordanova
Elena Jordanova is a medical researcher from Macedonia with specialization in Internal Medicine


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