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Vinegar can help to reduce hypertension and rennin activity

Vinegar has many health benefits such as it is first aid for jellyfish stings, blood pressure control and diabetes control. Also this products helps in improving the body’s acid – alkaline balance, protects against oral bacteria, possibly controls cancer and it has antimicrobial properties. This is a weak acid that is mainly composed of acetic acid and water. The smell of vinegar is pungent and the taste is sour. Nowadays it is used a lot in the cooking but in the history it was used as a medicine. Vinegar comes from two French words – “vin” and “aigre” which means sour wine. Vinegar was produced by apples and this is from where the name “apple cider vinegar” comes from. Nowadays there are many types of vinegar and it can be produced by kiwi, honey, raisin, dates, palm, coconut, malt, rice, sugarcane and beer. As a condiment and flavoring agent, it can be used in sauces, marinades, vinaigrettes, pickles and many others.

Health benefits of vinegar

Skin care: It is recommended to apply vinegar on your skin because it can make it healthy and glowing. You should take a cup of apple cider vinegar and mix it well at least one liter of warm water. Now, you should apply this home remedy gently on your skin. Your skin will be soft because the pH will begin to rebalance. Also it can clear away dead skin cells and harmful toxins which have been deposited on your skin. Also this is a very effective home remedy for sunburn.

Hair care: Vinegar can help you to keep your skin healthy. When you are applying a teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar on your scalp, then it can remove the dandruff, hair loss, itching scalp and in some cases the baldness.

Manage granular myringitis: There are some studies in which is shown that the usage of dilute vinegar solution is very effective treatment in managing granular myringitis.

Controls oral bacteria: Vinegar has antimicrobial properties which are very helpful in controlling oral bacteria which is often found in dentures and in various gum and oral diseases.

Fights cancer: There was one study in which was said that the vinegar from unpolished rice, when was administered to many human cancer cells, ranging from the prostate, bladder, breast, lung and colon controlled the growth of the cancer cells. The inhibition depends on the doses for each type of cancers.

Controls hypertension: Vinegar can help to reduce hypertension and rennin activity. There were some studies in which was studied the effect of vinegar on blood pressure and it was shown that when it is used for long durations, then it can help to control the hypertension because it has acetic acid in it.

vinegar health benefits

benefits of using vinegar

Treats jellyfish stings: One of the most venomous creatures on the planet is box jellyfish. The tentacles of box jellyfish have venomous glands, which are triggered by the slightest touch and inject one of the worst venoms in this world that has ever synthesized. The vinegar is one of the first methods of treating this venom. It can help to break down the venom into harmless proteins. Vinegar aids as first aid but it is important to get medical attention.

Antimicrobial properties: This product has antimicrobial properties. There were some studies on wood vinegar in which was shown that it is very effective in controlling the growth of microbial cultures.

Improves acid – alkali balance: You should take 2 tablespoons of vinegar every day because this can help to reduce alkalinity in the blood. The regular metabolism can increase the alkalinity which has to be balanced by an acid. The vinegar can be a great choice for this property.

Decreases food allergies: This product can be used as an additive in some foods that some people are allergic to. Tests on foods such as lentils, chicken and eggs mixed with small quantities of vinegar were conducted. Food extracts with vinegar were also tested on people who suffer from anaphylactic food allergies. There were sample tests on the skin showed decreased signs of allergic reactions compared to food extracts without vinegar. But doctors are saying that if food allergies are not treated in time, then they can be fatal.

Pardhan Singh
Pardhan Singh
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