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Beeswax: Best 7 Impressive Benefits

Honeybees are very important to nature, as well as to the economy. Honeybees are known for producing raw honey, which is a thick and sweet liquid that is used in a variety of foods. Honeybees must consume 6 – 10 pounds of honey to produce a pound of beeswax. The honeycomb is melted after removing the honey to extract the actual wax. You can use beeswax as an ingredient for making your own soaps.

Health Benefits Of Beeswax

Also, you can make your own scented candles with a combination of beeswax and other natural ingredients. The beeswax can be used to create a diverse range of topical products that are great for promoting skin health. Some examples include hand lotion, lip gloss, lip balm, and body butter. You can make lanterns from beeswax and use them for home decors. Here are some health benefits of beeswax:

Helping treat skin disease

 One study was shown that the combination of olive oil, beeswax, and honey can help in the fight against common skin diseases, such as ringworm. This mixture can help to inhibit the growth of fungi.

Lowering cholesterol levels

One study was found that the long-chain fatty acids in the beeswax can help to lower the plasma cholesterol levels in people. In this study was noticed that 5 – 20 mg of beeswax can help to lower the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol by 21 – 29%, while at the same time, it will promote the high–density lipoprotein cholesterol by 8 – 15%.

Relieving pain

Beeswax alcohol is discovered to have anti-inflammatory properties which can benefit people, especially people who suffer from osteoarthritis. In one study was noticed that 54.9% of people have noticed a reduction in pain, along with a 76.8% reduction in joint stiffness during the first week of the trial alone.

Promoting liver health

In some studies are found that alcohol contained within beeswax can help to promote liver health. In one study, people who were suffering from NAFLD (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease) were given a 100 mg daily dose for 24 weeks. At the end of this study was noticed better insulin resistance and other improved factors.

Moisturizes skin

Beeswax has the ability to moisturize the skin and it is commonly found in skin care products and cosmetics. Also, it can help the skin to stay protected and repair quickly the dry, rough, or chapped skin due to its ability to lock in moisture. The beeswax is rich in Vitamin A content and emollient properties and it can soften and rehydrate the skin as well as aiding in the healthy development of cellular reconstruction.

Also, the beeswax will not clog pores. You can use beeswax on daily basis to prevent dry skin in the first place. You should combine beeswax with jojoba oil or almond oil, a few drops of Vitamin E oil, and Aloe to prepare a homemade remedy for dry skin.

Clears acne

If you suffer from acne, then you can use beeswax as your home remedy. It has strong anti-inflammatory, healing, and antiseptic properties and it makes it an effective treatment of acne, in particular, due to its Vitamin A content. Also, it can help to soften your skin and it has emollient properties, which can help to maintain a smooth skin texture after acne elimination.

Relieves stress and promotes relaxation

Many people think of beeswax candles when we mention beeswax. This is a good thing because candles made from paraffin can endanger your health and the health of your family because the soot from paraffin wax can be inhaled. Also, this can cause significant damage to the inside of your houses, such as the ductwork, electrical appliances, and computers.

This is a reason why you should opt for beeswax candles because they work as stress relievers. If you are making your own candles, then you should be sure to get organic beeswax because it is free of toxins. If you are buying already–made beeswax candles, then choose 100% beeswax candles with cotton wicks. In this way, you will feel less stressed and you will have a relaxing day, so go and buy them. This is definitely your best choice.

Elene Jordanova
Elene Jordanova
Elena Jordanova is a medical researcher from Macedonia with specialization in Internal Medicine


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