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Virgin coconut oil can help to lessen bad cholesterol level

The extra virgin coconut oil is very effective for the hair, skin, and heart. Coconut oil has been the case for studies for many years because it has a paradoxical biochemical structure. It is made up of saturated fats and was naturally presumed unhealthy for nearly 40 years until scientists said it is a wonderful natural cure.

The virgin coconut oil greases up the body systems with bad cholesterol causing insalubrious results and has been recently discovered to be beneficial beyond limits. The coconut undergoes extraction of its oil through a process of wetting or drying.

It will retain the oil’s freshness, smell, taste, and flavor, giving it an inevitable virgin quality. If you have never used this oil, talk with your doctor before adding it to your diet, so they will tell you if it will have side effects on your health.

11 Virgin coconut oil health benefits

Helps your digestive system

Taking virgin coconut oil in proper dosages can help eliminate irritable bowel syndrome. Also, it can help you to improve your digestion.

Dry skin

Using virgin coconut oil with other creams or lotions to massage your skin can help control dry skin rashes or problems. Also, you can use virgin coconut oil to treat psoriasis, eczema, and other skin problems.

Wound healer

There are many studies in which it is said that virgin coconut oil can help heal wounds. People from Panama apply virgin olive oil to their infected areas or even drink a pint of this oil to relieve the infection and induce fast recovery. You should apply virgin coconut oil to the affected area of the skin. Also, minor wounds and cuts can be treated with this oil.

Remove dead skin cells.

Virgin coconut oil can remove dead skin cells and strengthen the tissues underneath the skin.

Cleansing and moisturizing

Virgin coconut oil has been used in Asian centuries for centuries because it possesses moisturizing and cleansing properties. This natural moisturizer can give moisture to your skin.

Health benefits of virgin coconut oil

Helps get rid of stretch marks

We know that stretch marks, in most cases, are caused by pregnancy, but also there are cases when they are caused by excess weight loss or weight gain. Regularly masking the virgin coconut oil on the affected area can help you eliminate stretch marks. In most Asian countries, virgin coconut oil is used as a natural remedy for stretch marks.

Helps with dermatitis and infections

Applying coconut oil to your injuries can help prevent the spread of staph infection and help in the natural treatment of skin disorders.

Helps weight loss

Virgin coconut oil has medium-chain fatty acids used by our bodies to produce energy. Only a little bit of it is stored in our bodies as fat. This is why it can help you lose weight while on a diet by giving you energy.

Helps in hypothyroidism

There are some studies in which are shown that the consumption of virgin coconut oil can help to control and reduce hypothyroidism.

Helps your heart

One study done in Sri Lanka said the rates of heart attacks had increased since they reduced the consumption of coconut oil. But this oil has high amounts of saturated fatty acids, which are not bad for our bodies.

This is why a lot more studies should be done in the future to tell the truth about this doubt. Virgin coconut oil can help to lessen the bad cholesterol level, save you from heart disease, and lessen your risk of heart attacks.

Builds your immunity system

Some studies say that virgin coconut oil can help to improve the immune system. Also, this oil possesses anti–inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, which can help you achieve it.

Atchuthen Ponnumuthu
Atchuthen Ponnumuthu
A septuagenarian, who has a wide knowledge on various health aspects of common ailments and their home remedies, loves to share his knowledge to the younger generation especially on the foods and their health benefits. You can contact him through [email protected]


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