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Top 9 health benefits of red banana

We all eat yellow banana but many of us never heard about red banana before. The red banana has a sweeter taste than the yellow banana.

The red banana is also known as Dacca banana. This is a less popular type of banana. Some people are saying that it tastes like a combination of the regular banana and the sweetness of raspberry. It can be a great addiction to your diet because it has many health benefits. The red banana is rich in potassium and it is alkaline in nature. It is red in color which means that is rich in anthocyanin which is acting like antioxidant. Also red bananas are rich in Vitamin C and fibre.

The basic constituents of all varieties of bananas are the same, but the red bananas are having highest amounts of vitamins and minerals and they are great antioxidant agents. This bananas are good for diabetics and they have a lot of fibre. These bananas release the sugar slowly and this will keep your energy levels up.

Top 9 health benefits of red banana

Red banana

Good for vision

The red banana has all the vital nutrients and also it has fat – soluble Vitamin A which is very important for the health of eyes.

Cures ulcers

This is a fruit which you can consume without having stress if you over-consume it. The red banana can decrease the level of acidity and it will decrease the irritation. It can promote cell growth within the inner stomach lining to generate a heavier mucous. Also this bananas have protease inhibitors which can help to remove the bacteria within the stomach which are the main cause for the ulcers.

Morning sickness

You should eat this bananas between your meals because it can help you to maintain blood sugar levels and also it will prevent the morning sickness.

Stress relief

This bananas are rich in potassium which can stabilize the heartbeat and also it will control the body’s water stability. When your body is in higher tension, then the levels of your body’s potassium exhaust swiftly. You should consume this bananas because in this way you will rebalance the potassium levels without using medications.

Cure for piles

The irregular bowel movement and chronic constipation are causes for piles. Red bananas can help in regulating bowel movements which means that they can cure piles. You should eat one red banana after lunch on daily basis because it will improve the digestion. Those children who suffer from constipation can benefit a lot from eating bananas. Your children should eat the this banana in raw form and not as a banana shake.

Cure for heartburn

If you suffer from frequent heartburn, then you should eat one this banana per day because it will give you a relief from the heartburn due to its antacid effect. You should eat it on regular basis in a period of month because it will give you a relief from the heartburn and you should continue using it if you have this problem again. As the time passes, you will get used to the soothing effect of red banana.

Weight reduction

This banana has fewer calories compared to other fruits. You should include this bananas in your daily diet because this will fill up your stomach without consuming too much calories. This can help you to stay healthy and fresh throughout the day. In one red banana there are 90 calories. It is rich in fiber and it is easily broken down. It does not have fats so you can consume it easily even if you are overweight. It will not make you hungry and you will be satisfied for long time.

Prevents kidney stones

Red bananas are rich in potassium which can help to prevent the formation of kidney stones, heart disease and cancer. Also it helps in the calcium retention which can improve the bone health. Elderly people and children should eat red bananas on regular basis because older people tend to lose calcium as they are aging while children need more calcium than adults for the proper development of the bones and growth.

Great for skin

You can consume red bananas on regular basis or you can apply them externally so you will notice that your skin will look great. You should mix mashed red bananas, few drops of honey and powdered oats to make a paste. You should apply it on your face and let it dry, then wash it.

Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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