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Health benefits of fenugreek essential oil

The fenugreek essential oil has many health benefits, such as promote respiratory health; used for aromatherapy; helps treat menstrual pain; assists in the fight against cancer; useful in diabetes management; prevent chronic neurodegenerative disorders; promote weight loss; reduce stomach acidity and boost testosterone levels.

Many people know that fenugreek seeds are good for health but not many people have heard about this before. The fenugreek essential oil shares many of the same benefits as the seeds do and it has few unique benefits of its own. You can add this to your meals or you can diffuse it with an essential oil diffuser.

You can add a few drops of it to your favorite beverage. You should never overuse it because in some cases, it can have allergenic potential.

fenugreek essential oil

Here are some health benefits of fenugreek essential oil:

Promotes respiratory health:

It has anti-inflammatory properties which can help to reduce conditions like asthma and bronchitis. You can inhale this oil to get relief from the cough. Also, it acts as a decongestant and expectorant.

It is a galactagogue:

Galactagogue is a substance that can promote the production of breast milk. It is particularly used for new mothers who have a hard time producing milk. Some of the main causes for poor milk production are engorged ducts but the fenugreek essential oil can help with this problem. You can take a few drops daily during lactation because it can help to stimulate milk production.

Boost testosterone levels:

The increase in testosterone levels can be achieved with the usage of fenugreek essential oil. It can help to enhance the sexual libido which will build a potential and overall sense of wellbeing.

Helps maintain skin health:

The fenugreek essential oil can moisturize your skin and it can form a barrier to prevent moisture loss. The fenugreek essential oil can help to reduce the effect of UV damage on the skin because it is acting as a sort of natural sun repellant in the process. Both of these properties can help in the moisturizing of skin health.

Helps treat menstrual pain:

The fenugreek essential oil is effective in reducing pain and cramping which happens during the menstrual cycle and it appears to do so without the occurrence of adverse effects. It is known that most medications that are taken can worsen the condition that can cause worsened bleeding from thinning of the blood. The fenugreek essential oil can thin the blood but not significantly enough to adversely affect the bleeding.

Assist in the fight against cancer development:

The fenugreek essential oil has various saponins that can halt the replication of cancer cells and apoptosis which can kill them. Cancerous cells are designed to grow uncontrollably. There are some studies in which are shown that the fenugreek essential oil can help to reduce the incidence of the colon, breast, and prostate cancers. The fenugreek essential oil works best to kill cancer cells when it is followed up by a course of radiation.

Helps with weight loss:

The fenugreek essential oil can help to improve the insulin function so it enters the blood to remove sugars more efficiently. It is very important for the insulin levels to remain low so it will allow fat to be recruited as fuel. You can combine fenugreek essential oil with fenugreek seeds for their added fiber content and you will notice that it can suppress your appetite.

Helps to reduce the stomach acidity:

The heartburn and gastric ulcers are painful and uncomfortable conditions which can cause the loss of many unnecessary man-hours. A few drops of the fenugreek essential oil can help to improve this situation. The fenugreek essential oil can help to reduce the secretion of hydrochloric acid by the stomach walls which means that it can help to give you relief from the heartburn and it will allow the gastric ulcers to heal. It is known that gastric ulcers are aggravated by the excess acidity so it must be reduced for healing to ensue.

Neem Mayur
Neem Mayur
Mayur Neem, a certified dietician having more than 5 years of experience in the field of diet practice. He is working as a diet expert and offering services to body builders, sports persons, celebrities, etc. He is lover of natural remedies and loves to spend most of his free time in his organic farm and offers expert advice on organic farming to local farmers. He is available through [email protected]


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