Home remedies and natural treatments for frostbite

Natural cures for frostbite

Frostbite is happening on the skin and the underlying tissues when your body is exposed to freezing temperatures for prolonged period. It happens in the extremities cases it can cause severe damage to the nerves and blood vessels and this can require amputation. The most common symptoms of frostbite are stiffness in the joints and hardening of the skin, blistering, skin discoloration, itchiness, pain and numbness. Frostbite happens most commonly in the chin, ears, cheeks, nose, fingers and toes. In the most cases of frostbite, the skin is frozen and home remedies can help to cure this condition. The blister must not be cut, rubbed or broken in any way. You should avoid the heat from heating pads, fireplaces or hair dryers while treating frostbite because this will lead to tissue damage. You need to talk with your doctor before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies for frostbite because we do not guarantee you that they will help you for sure. You should avoid smoking and alcohol consumption because it can worsen this condition due to heat loss [1]. You should always keep your body dry and clean because this is useful in preventing frostbites.

Home remedies for frostbite

Bandage: You should gently bandage the frostbitten area. You should be sure that the bandage is loosely wound and it is not constricting the blood flow. You should put cotton between your toes and fingers because this can help to keep them separated [2]. This is a very effective home remedy for frostbite because it is protecting the afflicted area from pollutants and cold. If you wrap the bandages too tightly, then it can cause more harm than good because it can cut the blood circulation to the tissues that are previously damaged by frostbite.

Mullein flowers: This is a very effective home remedy for frostbite. You should make a paste of mullein flowers and a little amount of olive oil and then you should apply it on the affected skin. This home remedy can help to cure this disease. You should apply a layer of heated olive oil over the infected area because this is also a very effective home remedy for curing frostbite. [3]

Natural cures for frostbite

How to treat frostbite at home?

Ginger: This natural cure has analgesic and anti – inflammatory properties which can increase the circulation in the body and it aids in frostbite treatment. You should drink ginger tea or a teaspoon of juice from crushed ginger, mixed with a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice. You should cut 3 or 4 slices of fresh ginger and you should add to one cup of water. You should boil and simmer this home remedy for about 10 minutes and then let it cool to lukewarm temperatures and apply it to the affected area. This is a very effective home remedy for frostbite. Also you can rub the ginger gently on the affected area for about 5 minutes.

Cayenne pepper: Cayenne pepper is also known as hot red chili pepper and this is one of the best home remedies to cure frostbite. Also this is a very effective home remedy for curing several other diseases like a constipation and stomach ache. It can instantly reduce the pain and burning sensation that is caused by frostbite and increased blood circulation to the affected area. You should boil and simmer 10 grams of cayenne pepper in one cup of water. You should let the pepper simmer for about 10 minutes. After this home remedy cools to lukewarm, you should gently soak the frostbitten area in this home remedy or you can use a wash cloth to apply this home remedy to affected area. [4]

Hot compress: You should place a hot compress over the affected area for a few minutes because it can help you to get a relief from the pain and then you should use a cold compress for about a minute. This alternating treatment can help to alleviate swelling, irritation and pain to cure frostbite effectively and quickly.

Mustard oil and olive oil: Mustard oil has acids which are very effective natural cure for frostbite because they are antibacterial agents. Also they can promote the blood circulation when it is gently massaged onto the frostbitten area. Also the warm olive oil is very effective home remedy for frostbite because it can improve the blood circulation and moisturizes dry skin to prevent rupture and bleeding of the frostbitten skin [5].

Fluids: One of the most common causes for frostbite is the dehydration. You should drink lot of fluids like warm water, hot cocoa and fruit juices because they can help you to replenish body fluids and restore the salt. It is known that tea and coffee have caffeine which can dehydrate the body. Also you should avoid alcohol because it thins the blood and it can worsen the swelling from the frostbite. [2]

Camphor: You should gently massage the affected area with camphor oil if you have frostbite which is not severe. This is a very effective home remedy for frostbite because it can generate the heat which boosts the blood circulation and it can give a relief from the pain caused by frostbite. You should not apply more than a few drops of camphor oil because it can have dangerous effects on your body. It is sufficient between 5 and 8 drops to treat the frostbite.

Warm the frostbitten area gently: You should gently submerge the affected frostbitten areas in warm water, between 37.7 – 43.4 C which is 100 – 105 F. you should not use hot water because it can damage the tissues. You should be sure that the water has comfortable temperature as we have mentioned previously. This home remedy should work as an effective and gentle natural cure for frostbite. If you cannot soak your damaged area directly in the warm water, then you should use a clean washcloth or a cotton ball to dab the water on the frostbitten area. [6]

Horsetail: This natural cure is rich in silica which is proved to be favorable in reconstructing the skin tissues. It can provide collagen which is very useful for the regeneration of cells. There are some studies in which are said that this is one of the most effective home remedies which can be used for the treatment of frostbite. [7]

Tea bags: This natural cure can soothe the affected areas and it can help to ease the pain and stinging sensation which are caused by the frostbite. You should place 10 tea bags in a gallon of hot water. You should soak the frostbitten area in the steeped water once the tea has been cooled to room temperature. The tea will soothe the skin and it will stimulate the blood flow to the affected area. You should use a cotton ball to dab this home remedy on the area if you cannot soak the frostbitten area in the tea bag mixture.

Rose hip: It is known fact that the rose hip can help in the natural treatment of frostbite because it is rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin is essential for the good health of skin cells. You should take a cup of warm rose hip tea once in every day because this can help you in the natural treatment of frostbite. [8]

Onion poultice: You can use an onion to make an effective poultice and you can apply it on the affected parts of your skin. If you want to have the best results of your natural treatment, then you should use a cold poultice of mashed onion. It is proven that this is a very effective home remedy for frostbite.

Banana peel: There are many studies in which are shown that the banana peel can help for the treatment of frostbite. You should cover the affected areas of skin using areas of your skin using fresh banana peel because it will reduce the swelling. This is one of the easiest home remedies which you can use for the frostbite.

Aloe Vera: You should apply Aloe Vera gel to the frostbitten area. This natural cure has been used with ages to cure many different skin ailments and as a natural treatment for stomach afflictions. Also this home remedy is working as a natural cure for frostbitten areas on the skin and tissues. You should mix a cup of fresh Aloe Vera sap with warm water and then apply it to the affected area. Aloe Vera has regenerative, moisturizing, anti – inflammatory and anti – bacterial properties which can help to decrease the pain and this is making it a very effective home remedy for frostbite. [2,9]

Witch hazel: This is one of the most effective home remedies for frostbite. You should pour a little of witch hazel over the affected skin because it can help you in the natural treatment of frostbite. Also this can help to improve the frozen areas of your skin and it can help in the prevention of further infections. [10]


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