Low energy – Causes & symptoms

Low energy

Many times we want to know how to increase our energy levels and we wonder if we need to consume more vitamins and supplements for energy. When we have ample amount of energy, then we are feeling happier, positive and more excited about our life. But when we have low energy levels, then this is making the performance of daily tasks extremely difficult. Our work becomes daunting.

The relationship is strained. The participating in activities is not making us happy as when we are full of energy. It is very common in the modern life to have low energy levels so this is often considered as a normal state of being. But you should know that the truths that low energy levels are not normal state. There are too many factors which could decrease the energy levels, such as too much stress, lack of exercise, unbalanced lifestyle, excessive toxins and pollutants in the environment. But also there are some cases when the low energy levels are not caused by a lifestyle but instead it is a symptom of psychological or medical condition.


Low energy

Here are some causes for the low energy levels in both men and women:

Sleeping difficulties: Many people have low energy levels due to the lack of sleep or the poor quality of sleep. If you do not have good sleep habits, you work at night and sleep during the day or you choose not to sleep enough, then you can feel tired constantly. Also you can suffer from a sleep disorder that can prevent the quality sleep even if you have enough time for sleeping.

Sleep apnea and sleep – disorder breathing can decrease the quality of your life because they are constantly disrupting your sleeping. Also there is another disorder which can affect your sleeping and that is restless leg syndrome. If you have lack of sleep, then you can try with magnesium because in many studies are shown that this mineral will help you to have good sleep.

You are lack at Vitamin B 12: It is known that the Vitamin B12 deficiency could lead to anemia which is the worst scenario. But the deficiency of this vitamin could lead to low energy levels. If you do not have enough Vitamin B12 in your daily diet, then you will have low levels of mental energy. This is a reason why you should increase your consumption in foods rich in this vitamin.

Depression: The number of people who are suffering from depression is increasing every year. This is a physiological and psychological condition which can affect all people. Low energy levels are one of the main symptoms of depression. This is a treatable condition but you need to talk with your doctor because if you leave it untreated, then it could lead to self – harm or even suicide.

The working environment: Every single person is different. Someone wants everything to be clean while others are not having problems working in a mess. There are some studies in which are said that messy people who must work in uncluttered area is more damaging to their mental energy levels compared to tidy people who must work surrounded by mess.

  • You are too obsessed with technology: Smartphones are taking a big place in our lives. Even we sleep with mobiles. But it is shown that the constant usage of mobile could damage the mental energy levels. Also the constant usage of technology could lead to depression, anxiety and low energy levels so you need to use your mobile as less as possible. Do not use mobile except when you must to.

You eat wrong lunch: The most important meal in the day is the breakfast. But many people skip it. You should choose nice breakfast that will fill your energy levels. Many people have lunch that is not good for their health because they are working late and they have no time for healthy meals so they choose fast foods. Also, many people are taking afternoon nap so they are not getting enough protein in this period of the day. If you are working on a desk, then you should always choose a lunch that is rich in protein because it will keep your energy levels up so you will not feel weak and tired throughout the day.


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