Health benefits of coconut oil

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Coconut oil has many health benefits. This oil is used worldwide because of its medicinal properties. Here are some health benefits of coconut oil:

Health benefits of coconut oil

Hair care: If you have problem with your hair growth, then you should use coconut oil because it will help to your hair to grow. Also with using this oil your hair will be shiny. When you have protein loss, then your hair is unhealthy and unattractive. This problem can be solved with the usage of coconut oil. Also this oil is taking part of the creams which are anti-dandruff creams. In the Indian sub-continent this oil is taking the biggest place in the hair care. It is helping a lot to people who have damaged hair and is extremely powerful conditioner. If you massage your hair with coconut oil, then you are protecting your scalp from dandruff and also the scalp is free from eggs and lice.

Weight loss: This is one of the best home remedies for the weight loss. Coconut oil has short and medium chain fatty acids which are taking off the excessive weight. Also this oil is reducing the abdominal obesity people but mostly in women. The way of digesting of the coconut oil is very easy and also it is healthy for the function of the endocrine and thyroid system.

Kidney: Coconut oil is very effective at preventing the gall bladder and kidney diseases. Also people who have kidney stones should use coconut oil as their natural remedy.

Bones: This oil is helping a lot in the absorbing the important minerals by the body. These important minerals are calcium and magnesium. These minerals are very important for the development of the bones. Also it is very protective for the women in their after middle ages to get osteoporosis.

coconut oilDiabetes: This oil is very effective in the control of the blood sugar. Also it is improving the secretion of insulin. Coconut oil is promoting the utilization of the blood glucose which is very effective way to protect the body from diabetes.

Stress relief: When you are applying the coconut oil to the head and then you are massaging your head a gentle massage, then you are helping your head to eliminate the mental fatigue. There are many studies which have shown that the virgin coconut oil has anti-oxidant properties and also is reliving the body from stress.

Heart diseases: Coconut oil has 50% lauric acid which is helping the heart in the prevention of the many different heart diseases. Also it is protecting the body from the high blood pressure and is keeping the balance of the cholesterol levels in the body. It is also very protective against the atherosclerosis and will not increase the levels of the low density cholesterol in the body.

Skin care: This oil is powerful moisturizer on all types of the skin (here we include also the dry skin). Coconut oil is mineral oil which means that you will not have any side effect from the usage of it. It is very effective natural remedy for the prevention of the flaking and dryness of skin. Also this oil is delaying the appearance of the sagging wrinkles of the skin which are just a normal skin condition when people are aging. It has antioxidant properties which are preventing in the degenerative diseases premature aging. This oil is very helpful at treating eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin infections which can appear.

Immunity: Capric acid, caprylic acid and lauric acid which are anti-microbial lipids are having anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which are strengthening the immune system. Lauric acid when is consumed in the body, then the body is converting it into monolaurin which is effective way for dealing with bacteria and viruses that are cause for diseases such as influenza, herpes, cytomegalovirus and also for the HIV virus.

Liver: Coconut oil has fatty acids and medium chain triglycerides which are preventing the liver diseases. This is possible because those elements can be easily converted into energy when they are reaching the liver.

Dental care: Calcium is vital element for teeth and also is component of them. Coconut oil is helping in the absorption of the calcium in body which makes the teeth strong.



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