Best 26 Foods for Increasing the Breast Milk

Best 26 Foods for Increasing the Breast Milk

Many mothers want to increase their breast milk supply because they are not producing enough milk for their baby’s requirements. In some cases, this worry is something more in the mind of a woman than something that should be a serious cause for concern. Many new mothers will have this concern because they want the best for their babies. While you are nursing, the biggest aspect which you should take care of is your diet, because this will impact the quality and quantity of your milk.

Also, this will impact the post-delivery recovery of the mother. You need to consult with your doctor while you are planning your postpartum diet, so he or she can help you to balance the nutritional requirements. But, you need to keep in your mind that food can enhance the breast milk supply.

Foods for increasing the breast milk:

The mentioned foods have been used for generations by lactating mothers and they have been found as effective for increasing the breast milk. You need to add these foods as part of your daily diet, and not merely included them as a supplement. Below are given some of the best foods which can help to increase your breast milk:

Sesame seeds:

Many women are recommending sesame seeds as part of their diet for increasing breast milk. Sesame seeds are a great source of calcium, which is very important for your baby’s growth. After delivery, you will need more calcium for an effective and full recovery. You can add sesame seeds to your daily cooking or you can make sweet dishes, like ladoos with them and have them on daily basis. [1]

Cumin seeds:

It is known that cumin seeds can help with digestion, relieve acidity, constipation, and bloating, but at the same time, they will help with lactation. They are rich in vitamins and calcium which can help to increase breast milk. You can add cumin seeds to your salads. Also, you can soak cumin seeds in water overnight and drink the water to get its benefits. [2]

Green leafy vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables are rich in minerals, like folate, calcium, and iron. Some of the best green leafy vegetables which you can add in your diet include mustard greens, fenugreek leaves, kale, and spinach. They are rich in vitamins and they can help to consider the production of breast milk. You need to have one portion of green leafy vegetables on daily basis, so you will see that the breast milk will be improved. [3]


Best 26 Foods for Increasing the Breast Milk

This natural cure is known for boosting the immune system. It can help to increase your breast milk. But, you need to remember that garlic can affect the taste and smell of your milk, so you need to consume it in moderation.


The barley has beta-glucan, which is a polysaccharide that can help to increase the production of milk. You can add barley to your salads, stews, soups, and even risotto. You can use barley flakes to add them to your milk or you can make your homemade bread recipe. [1]


This natural cure is naturally rich in calcium, folic acid, and healthy fats, which can help with milk production, but also, can ensure that the milk is nutritionally balanced for your baby. You need to drink a glass of milk two times per day, so you will be sure that there will be an increase in the production of breast milk.

Fennel seeds:

These seeds can help to boost the quantity of your breast milk. They are digestive and they can help to control the baby – colic. You can add fennel seeds to your tea or you can boil them with few seeds with milk and drink up. [2]

Blessed thistle:

This herb is recommended for stimulating lactation. It can help to increase the production of hormones oxytocin and prolactin, which can lead to an increase in breast milk. You can take the blessed thistle as a supplement, or you can consume it as a tea by adding one to three teaspoons of this herb to hot water. Also, you can take blessed thistle along with fenugreek, because it can make wonders when it comes to increasing the breast milk supply.

Fenugreek seeds:

You can add fenugreek seeds to your diet because they can boost your breast milk production. You can consume them as your breakfast and you can mix them with rice. [4,5]

Black sesame seeds:

This natural cure is rich in calcium and it can help to increase the milk supply. You can blend sesame seeds with almonds, milk, and sugar. You need to use them in limited quantities, so you will avoid any side effects.


This fruit is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, citric acid, essential dietary fibers, and fructose. Nursing mothers can add grapefruit to their diets because this can help to improve lactation. [6]


You can drink a glass of carrot juice with your breakfast or lunch because it can help with your lactation. Carrots have Vitamin A which complements lactation and they can boost the quality of your milk. [7

Curry leaves:

Many people in India use curry leaves as part of their diets. This home remedy can help to boost melanin. It can help to improve blood circulation and it can increase your ability to break nutrients down. Also, it is rich in minerals, which can help lactating mothers to boost their breast milk.

Water and juices:

You can drink water and juices because this can help to boost your lactation. They can help to increase the total milk volume per feed. It can help to prevent dehydration and it will replace the fluids that are lost during lactation. You can have a glass of water when you are thirsty or even before you begin to nurse your baby.

Brown rice:

There are some studies in which are shown that brown rice can help to enhance breast milk production. This natural cure has hormone stimulants that can boost lactation. Also, this can help nursing mothers to get extra energy which is required for the post-delivery. It can help to increase your appetite, so you will add more nutritious food. You need to soak brown rice for half an hour and pressure cook it. You can eat this natural cure with other vegetables. [8]


Salmon is rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids and EFA. Both Omega – 3 fatty acids and EFA are essential for lactating mothers. You can add salmon to your diet, so you will boost the lactation hormones and make your milk more nutritious. You can opt for boiled, steamed, or even grilled salmon. [9]


This natural cure is rich in iron and calcium and is good for lactation. It can help to boost your immunity and enhance your nervous system.

Green tea:

This natural cure is rich in antioxidants and minerals, which can help the body to relax. You need to drink a glass of green tea on a daily basis because it can purify your system, but also, it will help to increase the breast milk supply. [10]


This fruit is rich in water, fiber, and fructose. It can help you to stay hydrated, infuse your body with essential vitamins and it can help to maintain your breast milk supply.


You can easily prepare oatmeal as a meal. They can help to control the occurrence of diabetes during post-pregnancy. Oatmeal can help you to have more energy. Also, it has fiber and it is good for your digestion. You can add it to your diet because it can help with breast milk production.


This is a superfood, that is packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium, and a lot of protein. In East Asia, it is commonly used to help increase lactation. You can add it to your diet.


They have commonly used ingredients all around the world, due to the presence of vitamins, minerals, and protein in them. Also, it has dietary fiber, which in combination with other vitamins and minerals is a great food source for women.


This home remedy is rich in Vitamin E and Omega – 3 fatty acids, so you can add it to your diet to increase breast milk production. [11]


This food is rich in protein and fiber, which is making it one of the best foods which women can add to their diets, so they will boost breast milk production. Also, they have Vitamin B complex and calcium, which will boost your milk production too.

Dill seeds:

This natural cure is rich in calcium, iron, and magnesium, and all of them are making it one of the best home remedies for increasing breast milk production.


This is a very nutritious vegetable and it can help with milk production in lactating mothers. Also, it can help with the blood purification properties, which can benefit your baby. [12]


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