Grover’s disease treatment at home

Natural cures for Grover's disease

This disease is also known as transient acantholytic dermatosis or Grover’s rash [1]. This is a skin disease which is characterized by red and itchy spots that are appearing on the upper chest and back. They can last for months and they can never appear again or they can go off and on for many years. This disease is more common in older men who have a history of high sun exposure and it is believed that is caused by blockage in the sweat glands in the upper layers of the skin. The cause for this condition is still not clinically known. People who have dry skin have increased risk of getting Grover’s disease. Grover’s disease is commonly seen in hospital patients who are lying on their backs for extended periods. The main symptoms of Grover’s disease are small and itchy and red bumps. Also this disease can be present in people who do not show any signs of itching or the presence of any rash. The rash which appears as symptom of Grover’s disease may remain for six months to one year. In winter there are more chances to get Grover’s disease than in summer months. Grover’s disease is affecting more fair skinned men than dark skinned individuals. You should know that Grover’s disease is not contagious. This disease is triggered by sweating or if the body is under heat stress. Also extreme temperatures and weather conditions can trigger Grover’s disease. You need to talk with your doctor if you suffer from Grover’s disease before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies.

Natural treatments for Grover’s disease

Neem leaves: This natural cure has been used a lot in Indian for many different health problems. Neem is also known as Indian lilac. It can be used as a natural treatment for Grover’s disease. You should grind some neem leaves to make a paste and then apply it over rashes. This natural cure has bacterial and germicide properties which can control the irritation and bothering. [2]

Vitamin C: This vitamin is also known as L – ascorbic acid and ascorbic acid. This is a vitamin which is found in food and it used as a dietary supplement. It is water soluble vitamin and powerful antioxidant. This vitamin can be used as a natural treatment for Grover’s disease. Your diet should be rich in Vitamin C because it can make your skin solid. This is a reason why you should include more Vitamin C – rich foods in your diet because it will keep your skin gleaming and sans rash.

Olive oil: You can apply olive oil on your skin if it is dry and if the dry skin is cause for your itching. It is known fact that oils are good moisturizers.

Strawberries and honey: Strawberries are one of the most eaten fruits all around the world. It is cultivated all around the world for its fruit. This popular fruit has many health benefits which can help in the natural treatment of Grover’s disease. On the other hand we have honey. Honey is a sweet and viscous food substance which is produced by bees. We all know that hone is one of the healthiest foods all around the world. This natural cure can be used as natural treatment for Grover’s disease. When strawberries and honey are used in a combination, then they are one of the best home remedies for skin inflammation and irritated red spots. [3,4,5] You can use this mixture for your natural treatment of Grover’s disease instead of using expensive and not effective chemicals.

Avoid allergic items: You need to avoid health care products because they can have components that can cause allergies to your skin.

Natural cures for Grover's disease

Natural cures for Grover’s disease

Witch hazel: Witch hazel can help you to have clear and healthy skin. You should know that the witch hazel is astringent compound that is produced from the leaves and bark of the North American witch hazel shrub. This natural cure is a part of many healthcare products. This product can be produced by distillation or maceration. It can be used as a natural treatment for Grover’s disease. It is awesome natural cure for many skin problems. This natural cure has cooling properties which are very effective for hair removal bumps or dry skin.

ABC Bathing: A is for “avoid” and this means that you need to avoid anything allergic. B is for “bathe” and it means that you should bathe to restore moisture. C is for “cover” and it means to protect the moisture.

Avoid heavy physical work: You should stay away from heavy physical work because the goal of this purpose is to not sweat too much. Also you can apply baby powder or some kind of pharmaceutical powder because this will splash up the sweat.

Keep your body cool: You need to keep your body cool because it is known fact that sweating can irritate Grover’s disease. Also it is not suggested to abstain from sweating completely. You should wipe your skin clean after you have sweated.

Stay away from sweating: It is known fact that people who suffer from Grover’s disease must stay away from sweating because it can aggravate the itching and it can lead to appearance of many other red bumps. Sweating can also complicate the matter and it can initiate the growth of dermatitis. Those people who suffer from Grover’s disease should stay in cool place. Also they should not over strain physically and avoid sweating. You should take shower as soon as possible after you have sweat profusely and this will prevent the blocking of sweat glands and then you need to apply coconut oil on the affected region.

Castor oil: This natural cure is a good moisturizer which can help you if you suffer from Grover’s disease. You need to apply it if your skin is dry and if you have itchiness that is caused by the dry skin.

Stay in cool place: It is very important for people who are predisposed to get Grover’s disease to stay in cool places.

Cool shower: It is very important to clean your body when you sweat. You should take cool shower because this will wash the sweat from your skin and it will anticipate the blockage of sweat conduits.

Wear loose fitting: You should wear loose fitting clothes because they can help you to have better air movement and also this can help to forestall intemperate sweat. Cotton clothes are best clothes which you can wear if you suffer from Grover’s disease.

Borage oil: This oil has beneficial GLA which is a strong anti – inflammatory compound [6]. When this oil is consumed, then it is converted by your body into prostaglandins which can regulate your immune system and fight against inflammation. This natural cure is recommended to be taken orally because it can help with the itchiness associated with Grover’s disease.

Carrot juice: The main component of carrot juice is the beta carotene that gives it its health benefits and they are making it one of the best foods all around the world. This juice has a lot of Vitamin A which is very effective for the health of our skin.

Coconut oil: You should apply coconut oil on your skin if you have dry skin. This will ease the tingling sensation because it has saturating properties. You should rub the coconut oil onto your skin and let it absorb it. This smells totally superb and it can clear the dry skin, dermatitis and other skin conditions that are related to Grover’s disease. Also coconut oil has moisturizing properties which can help to alleviate the itching sensation.

Marshmallow root and papaya leaf: Marshmallow is a plant and its leaves and root are used to make medicine. The root of marshmallow can be used as a natural treatment for Grover’s disease. [7] On the other hand, the papaya leaf is gaining popularity for its incredible health and skin benefits. The leaf is rich in enzymes which can help you a lot in the treatment of Grover’s disease. You can use these natural cures for your natural treatment of Grover’s disease because they can help you to reduce the itchiness that is associated with Grover’s disease.

Tea tree oil: You can use the tea tree oil as your natural treatment for Grover’s disease. You should apply some of this oil on the influenced territories and this will saturate the skin and it will clean the itchy red spots. [8]

Avoid triggering factors: The first line of the treatment of people who suffer from Grover’s disease is to avoid factors which can cause and aggravate this condition, such as dry skin, significant sweating and environmental temperatures.

Bathe less: There are many doctors who are recommending to people who suffer from Grover’s disease to bathe less frequently.

Selenium sulfide: This is a potent topical agent which has been effectively used for clearing the lesions that are caused by Grover’s disease.


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