Duku Fruit facts and health benefits

duku fruit benefits

The scientific name of duku fruit is Lansium domesticum. This fruit is indigenous to Southeast Asia, throughout the Malay Archipelago from Peninsular Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is also known as lansium, lasak, arbol de lanza, etc. It is a species of tree in the Mahogany family with commercially cultivated edible fruits. The duku fruit grows well in mixed agro forests. The duku fruit prefers mainly damp and shaded areas. It can be grown in the same agro – forest as jengkol, petai and durian.

It is non – toxic and it used against intestinal spasms and diarrhea. The dried pericarp is used in the treatment of fever, malaria and diarrhea. The powdered bark is used as a poultice therapy for scorpion stings. The thick, sweet and weekly aromatic aril of ripe fruit is eaten fresh and it can be preserved in syrup. The duku fruit can be eaten fresh, made into candies, preserved in syrup and processed into wine. You can consume this fruit in raw or cooked form. Here are some health benefits of duku fruit:

Health benefits of duku fruit

Duku fruit use as eye drop

If you have something that irritates your eyes, but you do not have eye drop, then you should not be worried about it. The duku fruit extract can help to replace the need for an eye drop. It leaves can be combined with the bark of duku fruit and then brewed. When the liquid is obtained, then it can be used as an eye drop for inflammatory in the eye.

Counters free radicals

It has the ability to repel free radicals in the body. Free radicals are reason for destruction in cell DNA which leads to failure of cell reproduction. This is leading to a lot of chronic diseases. When you eat duku fruit, then you will stay away from free radicals and diseases that are caused by them.

Duku fruit treat dysentery

There are some studies in which are shown that the extract of it can help in the treatment of dysentery.

Treats insect and scorpion bites

You can use the duku fruit as your home remedy for the insect and scorpion bites. Also, the bark of it can be used as home remedy when you are bitten by an insect or scorpion in your trips.

Treat diarrhea

In children, diarrhea is caused by consuming foods that are spicy or less than clean. The duku seed can treat the diarrhea. You can mix powdered duku seeds with one – quarter cup of water and drink it.

Reduces fever

It has many nutrients. It can help to reduce the fever. Also, you can use the seeds of duku fruit as home remedy for reducing the fever. They have bitter taste, but you can use crashed form of them, because they are rich in nutrients and brew it with hot water. You should dry the seeds of duku fruit and then crush them. When the seeds are dried enough to be roasted, then crush the seeds. After that, you should brew the crushed duku fruit seeds with warm water.

Treatment of worms

It is known that children are vulnerable to worms because they do not understand well about the cleaning. You can use duku fruit as home remedy for your children’s worms.

Accelerate recovery

It has Vitamin C which can help to speed up the recovery process of people who are sick. This is possible because Vitamin C is antioxidant which can restore bodily functions.

Relieve migraine attacks

There are some studies in which are shown that the Vitamin B2 in duku fruit can help to minimize and combat a migraine attack. This fruit should be added to diet in people who suffer from migraine.

Control cholesterol levels

Those people who want to lower their cholesterol levels or who want to be sure that their cholesterol levels are at normal levels, then they can add duku fruit in their diets.

Maintain skin health

The skin health can be maintained by frequently consuming foods which have Vitamin E. It is rich in Vitamin E, so it is very effective at maintaining skin health, as well as preventing premature aging. It can help to soften your skin. It will keep your skin moist. Also, It will keep your skin safe from UV rays.


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