Quit smoking – Benefits of quitting smoking

Benefits of quitting smoking

There are some studies in which are estimated that 100 million people in the 20th century have died from causes related to smoking. This is 3 times more compared to people who died in the World War I. It is known that smoking can create several negative effects on our health, such as increased risk of developing serious diseases, like heart disease and cancer. Also, smoking can lead to earlier death.

These risks are good incentive to quit but many people find difficulties to stop smoking due to the withdrawal symptoms. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include intense nicotine cravings, headaches and irritability. We know that smoking is bad for our health but many people do not know that when they will quit it, then their lives will be better. Even though quitting smoking can be a challenge but the benefits for the mental and physical health are worth to do it.

No matter how old you are or how long you have been smoking, you will have immediate and long – term benefits when you will stop smoking. There are proven studies in which are said that the risk of diseases in former smokers is less than smokers of the same gender and age. When you quit smoking, this will slow disease progression and it can reverse some of the acute body changes that were induced by smoking. It is known that the earlier you quit, the greater benefit you will have from quitting.

It is noticed that for some people, the health benefits of quitting continue for years after they quit. In a period of few hours without cigarette, the carbon monoxide levels in the body are decreased and after one week without cigarettes there is decline in nicotine levels. There are some cases when former smokers can return to being as healthy as non – smokers and they carry the risk of disease, but this does not apply to cancer. Smoking has health impacts on the body but also it has negative effect on your appearance.

It has been shown that smoking has negative effects on the skin, such as decreased capillary and arterioral blood flow; premature aging and increased facial wrinkling. These side effects of smoking you can see how they develop. If you want to keep your skin appearance radiant and fresh – looking, then the first step which you should do is quit smoking.

Benefits of quitting smoking

Quitting smoking  helps for

Here are some benefits which can help you to realize why you should quit smoking

Quit smoking helps you to live longer: There are some studies in which are said that half of all long – term smokers die early from the smoking – related diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and heart disease. It is noticed that men who quit smoking by the age of 30 add ten years to their life. Those people who quit smoking at 60 add three more years to their life. This means that it is never too late to benefit from stopping with smoking. When you are smoke – free, this will not just add years to your life, but also it can improve your chances of a disease – free, mobile and happier old age.

Ex – smokers have sweeter breath and whiter teeth: When you quit smoking, then it will help your teeth to stop becoming stained and you will have fresher breath. Also, ex – smokers have less chances to have gum disease and premature losing of their teeth compared to smokers. You should talk with your doctor if you cannot stop smoking on your own but you want to do it.

Quitting smoking helps in Proper healing: When you will quit smoking, then it can improve your blood flow to wounds which will allow important nutrients, minerals and oxygen to reach the wound and it will help the wound to heal properly.

Quit smoking for younger – looking skin: There are some studies in which are said that stop smoking can help to slow the facial aging and it can delay the appearance of wrinkles. When someone is not smoking, its skin is getting more nutrients, including oxygen. Quit smoking can help to reverse the sallow and lined complexion which smokers often have.

Quit smoking improves smell and taste: It is noticed that when people stop smoking, then their senses of smell and taste get a boost. When you quit smoking, then you can notice that your food tastes and smells different as your mouth and nose recover from being dulled by the hundreds of toxic chemicals that are found in cigarettes.

Quitting smoking  helps in Stronger immune system: It is known that when you quit smoking, then the immune system is no longer exposed to tar and nicotine. Your immune system will become stronger and you will have fewer chances to get sick.

Quitting smoking  helps for Stronger bones: When you quit smoking, then it will help to reduce your risk of fractures. Your bones will be strong and healthy so stop smoking as soon as possible.

Quit smoking improves fertility: It is noticed that non – smokers have more chances to get pregnant easier. When you quit smoking, then it can improve the lining of your womb and it makes men’s sperm more potent. When you are becoming non – smoker, then it increases the possibility of conceiving through IVF and it reduces the chances of having a miscarriage. What is most important is that quit smoking can improve the chances of giving a birth to a healthy baby.

Quitting smoking leads to better sex: When you quit smoking, it can improve the body’s blood flow so it will improve the sensitivity. Those men who stop smoking can get better erections. Women who quit smoking can find that their orgasms improve and they can become aroused more easily. Also, it has been found that non – smokers are having three times more appealing to prospective partners compared to smokers.

Normal estrogen levels: If you are woman, your estrogen levels can gradually return to normal after you quit smoking. If you want to have children in future, then quitting smoking can help to increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy in the future.

Quit smoking can make you to feel less stressed: It is known that the withdrawal from nicotine between cigarettes can heighten feelings of stress. The stress of the withdrawal feels the same as other stresses so it is easy to confuse the normal stress with nicotine withdrawal so you may think that smoking can reduce other stresses but you should know that this is not true.

There are some scientific studies in which are said that people’s stress levels are lower after they stop smoking. If you are prone to stress, then you should replace the smoking with a healthier and better way of dealing with stress because smoking will not add you health benefits while other methods can improve your health.

Smaller stomach: When you will quit smoking, then it can help to reduce your belly fat and also, it will lower your risk of diabetes. If you already suffer from diabetes, then you quitting of smoking can help to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Stopping smoking gives you more energy: There are some studies in which are noticed that in a period of two to twelve weeks of quitting smoking, the blood circulation can improve. This is making all physical activities easier, including walking and running. Also, when you quit smoking, this will give a boost to your immune system which will make easier for you to fight against cold and flu. When there is an increase in the oxygen in your body, then this can help to reduce the tiredness and it will decrease the chances of getting headaches.

Quitting smoking  helps for sharp hearing: It is known fact that when you quit smoking, then it will help to keep your hearing sharp. It is known that even mild hearing loss can cause a lot of problems. You will not be able to hear directions correctly so this will make you to do things wrongs. This is a reason why you should quit smoking as soon as possible.

Quitting smoking lets you breathe more easily: It is known that people who give up smoking breathe more easily and cough less because their lungs improve by up to 10% in a period of 9 months. When you are in your 20s and 30s, then the effect on smoking on your lung capacity may not be noticeable until you go for a run but the lung capacity naturally diminishes as we are getting older. It is very important to have maximum lung capacity at older age because in this way you will have healthy and active old age compared to wheezing when you go for a walk or when you climb the stairs.

Quitting smoking  helps for strong muscles: When you quit smoking, this can help to increase the availability of oxygen in your blood which means that your muscles will become stronger and healthier.


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