14 Best Home Remedies for Hyperhidrosis

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Hyperhidrosis is a term which is generally used for profuse sweating on the feet, face, armpits and other areas of the body where sweat glands are more concentrated. This condition can be medical or there are some hormone problems that lead to hyperhidrosis but there are some cases when people sweat excessively for no reason. This condition can be extremely traumatic because the person will go through bouts of depression and inability to socialize and develop personal relationships because it can lead to lack of confidence and this will work adversely in his life.

Talk with your doctor about the best natural treatment for hyperhidrosis. Also you can try some of the mentioned simple home remedies if you suffer from hyperhidrosis and if you want to get out of this condition without giving money for expensive treatments. Here are some home remedies for hyperhidrosis:

Salt good for hyperhidrosis

This home remedy has excellent absorption properties and also it has a drying effect on the skin. Salt crystals are better home remedy for hyperhidrosis compared to salt powder. You should rub these crystals on areas that are sweaty to absorb your sweat and to block the pores. Salt is odorless which means that it will not leave any unpleasant smell. It is easy to carry this home remedy all around you and this is a reason why you can apply it everywhere you go and very quickly.

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You should shower or bathe every day and you should use antibacterial soap because it can help to control the bacteria which inhabit the sweaty skin and which causes odor. You should dry yourself completely afterwards and before you apply antiperspirant.

Lemon and baking soda

When you mix lemon juice with baking soda, then it will remove the excess sweat and it can dry out the area. But this home remedy will leave a fresh fragrance on your body because the lemon can remove all bacteria action which can happen while you sweat profusely. You should mix lemon juice with baking soda to form a paste and apply this home remedy on the areas that you sweat.

You can do this home remedy when you are slicing a lemon into half and adding some baking powder over this slice. You can use this slice for rubbing under the arms and in areas which sweat to absorb the sweat and also this can prevent underarm odor as well.

Don’t wear heavy clothes

You should not wear heavy clothes which will trap the sweat. Instead, you should wear light and breathable fabrics such as silk and cotton. When you know that you will be outdoors or exercising in the heat, then you should take an extra shirt with you. Also your feet can sweat so you should wear socks which will wick moisture away from them. Polypro and merino wool are good fabric choices for socks.

Apple cider vinegar treat hyperhidrosis

This home remedy has strong astringent properties and the external applications of it can help to treat hyperhidrosis but no one wants to smell like a pickle. This is a reason why the internal consumption is more preferable with this home remedy. You should take one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar along with one teaspoon of vinegar and honey. Add it to glass of water before you consume it. Consume this home remedy 3 times per day. The apple cider vinegar is a natural enhancer of metabolism and this can help to burn extra fat in the body and it can prevent hyperhidrosis which is a very common problem in obese people.

What you should use

You should use shoe inserts and underarms liners to absorb sweat so it does not start to smell or ruin your clothes.

Black tea

This is a very effective home remedy for reducing hyperhidrosis and blocking the pores so you can sweat less. This home remedy has tannin which is astringent of sorts and when you soak your legs or body in the black tea, then the tannin is working on the skin surface and it can prevent the sweat from seeping through the skin. Tannin can cool your body and this can work very well on your body in reducing the actual sweating.

Also there is another good way in which you can use the black tea and that is to refrigerate the used tea bags after moistening them. You should use these tea bags for rubbing on core areas that you sweat because it can help to dry out the sweat.

Avoid spicy foods

You should avoid spicy foods, but also alcohol because they can make you sweat. But also hot drinks like coffee and tea can make you sweat so avoid them.

Potato slices

This is a very effective home remedy for absorbing water. This property of potato can be used for controlling the sweat as well. This home remedy is most effective on areas where you can quickly reach like inside of the elbows, neck and armpits. You should rub these slices over the sweat to absorb and dry and area readily. When you are rubbing potato slices and drying the area, you should apply cornstarch or baking powder or a mixture of the moth mentioned home remedies.

Baking soda

This home remedy has excellent sweat absorbing properties which are a reason why it is commonly used as preventive but also as treatment for hyperhidrosis. You should take this powder and then dust under your arms in the areas where you sweat. Also you can put coat inside your shoes. This home remedy can be also mixed with cornstarch because you will get a more potent drying remedy for hyperhidrosis. You should mix equal amounts of cornstarch and baking soda and store them in a bottle which you can carry along.

Sage tea

This home remedy has a drying effect on the body and generally it is recommended by physicians all over the world as a natural treatment for hyperhidrosis. You should take fresh sage leaves and you should add them to one cup of boiling water. You should let it steep for 15 minutes. You should use this cool tea and you should use a cotton ball to apply on the areas where you sweat.

You should do this natural treatment at least 3 times per day. You can bottle this tea and carry it along with you because it can help you to have maximum protection. If you have sweaty feet, then you can insert dried sage leaves or dried sage powder inside your shoes or under your socks. This can help you to have the best results.

Tea tree oil

This essential oil which is derived from the melaleuca tree is an excellent anti – fungal and astringent agent. Many people who suffer from hyperhidrosis can develop fungal infection as a result of the perpetual moisture on the skin surface. This oil can dry your skin off the sweat. Also it can help in the treatment of fungal infections on your skin. These properties are making the tea tree oil a dual treatment method that is favored by people who suffer from hyperhidrosis.

This oil is very strong which means that it should be applied on the skin only after diluting with water. You should apply a thin coat of tea tree oil on areas which sweat such as behind the knee, inner elbows, under the breast, groin area, face, feet, back of the neck and armpits. You should allow this oil to dry out and then you should reapply it if it is needed.


This is a very simple home remedy which you can use when you feel that you start to sweat profusely. You should always carry a bottle of cornstarch powder which can be lightly perfumed with a talcum powder as well and you should apply this home remedy on the areas which sweat profusely. Many people want to use a tissue paper to remove their sweat before they do this home remedy. This will prevent clumping on the cornstarch powder upon application.

The best way to do this home remedy is first to dust the area with cornstarch and you should wait for a few minutes until this home remedy dries. Then, you should apply coat of cornstarch powder above it to seal this area. If you sweat on feet, then you should apply generous amount of cornstarch powder on the sole.


This is one of the most popular home remedies for hyperhidrosis. There are many doctors who have said that this herb has adaptogenic, anti – oxidant, anti – ulcer and antibacterial action. This home remedy encourages the production of body fluid and it arrests spontaneous perspirations in which night sweats are also included. Also this herb is a calming sedative which is reducing the stimulant effects of caffeine. This is a shrub indigenous to East Asia. In the herbal preparations are used the herbs of this shrub. Schisandra can also help to treat thirst and dryness that are caused by fever.


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