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Lavandin essential oil can help to cure many nervous disorders

When you hear Lavandin essential oil, then you surely think this is the same as Lavender essential oil, but it is not. The health benefits of the Lavandin essential oil can be attributed to its properties as vulnerary, nervine, expectorant, cicatrisant, analgesic, antiseptic and antidepressant substance. This essential oil is obtained from the Lavandin which is not a natural plant in the true sense because it was born as a result of the hybridization of 2 plants with the scientific names Lavandula Latifolia and Lavandula Angustifolia. This is a reason why Lavandin is scientifically known as Lavandula Hortensis and Lavandula Hybridia. The medicinal properties and aroma of this plant are very similar to those of Lavender but they are most sharp and intense since it is a hybrid. The main components of the Lavandin essential oil are Terpinene, Ocimene, Limonene, Dipentene, Camphene, Caryophyllene, Cineole, Camphor, Linalyl Acetate, Linalool and Lavandulol. There are not known adverse effects from the use of this essential oil, but it should be avoided during pregnancy. It is non – sensitizing, non – toxic and non – irritating. This essential oil blends well with Patchouli, Thyme, Jasmine, Pine, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Citronella and Bergamot essential oils. This essential oil can relieve the deposition of phlegm, pain in muscles, cramps, stiffness and helps cure colds, dermatitis and sinusitis. When you will read this article, you will know how this essential oil is similar or more advantageous than its cousin Lavender in the terms of medicinal properties.

Health benefits of Lavandin essential oil

Heals wounds: This essential oil can speed up the healing of surgical incisions, cuts and wounds and also protects them from infections. This property is making the lavandin essential oil a vulnerary substance. This is aided by its other properties as a cicatrisant and antiseptic substance.

Cures nervous disorders: A nervine is agent which can keep the nervous system in order and in good health. This essential oil acts as a tonic for our nerves and nervous system. Also it can help to cure many nervous disorders such as lack of reflex, sluggishness, Parkinson’s disease and convulsions, Alzheimer’s disease, vertigo, nervousness and shaking hands or limbs.

health benefits of lavandin essential oil

lavandin essential oil health benefits

Treats cough: This essential oil drives away coughs and the phlegm which are deposited in the lungs and respiratory tracts. Also it can give a relief from bronchitis and congestion of lungs, bronchi, pharynx, larynx and nasal tract. It can give you a relief from toothaches, headaches, body pain and a rise in the body temperature which is associated with cold.

Skin care: Lavandin essential oil can make scars and marks of pox, acne and boils on the skin to fade away. This includes the fading away of surgery marks, stretch marks and fat cracks which are associated with pregnancy and the delivery of a child.

Reduces pain: It is analgesic which means that it can reduce the inflammation and pain. Lavandin essential oil can help to reduce the pain in joints and muscles, as well as headaches and toothaches which can result from viral infections like pox, fever, influenza, cold and cough.

Prevents infections: Lavandin essential oil has certain compounds which contribute to its antiseptic properties. Lavandin essential oil can protect wounds from becoming septic. It is effective in preventing infections from becoming septic or getting infected from tetanus, particularly after caesarian deliveries, after surgery and other wounds.

Fights depression: This essential oil can boost the self – esteem, mental strength and hope, while it will efficiently fight depression. This can be very helpful to dry away the depression for people who suffer from this condition due to someone’s death, stagnation, loneliness, insecurity, failure in their career or personal relationship, or for any other reason. This can also give a relief from the anxiety. It is an antidepressant which means that it can be administered to patients with acute depression who are undergoing rehabilitation.

Pardhan Singh
Pardhan Singh
A seasoned natural therapist with degree in Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS) successful in treating various diseases through Ayurvedic treatments. You can contact Pradhan at [email protected]


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