Health benefits of chlorella

Health benefits of chlorella

This is a freshwater algae and it is native to Taiwan and Japan. Chlorella is considered as super-food because it has Vitamin B complex, chlorophyll, beta – carotene, amino acids and phytonutrients, as well as minerals, such as potassium, phosphorus and biotin magnesium. This alga detoxifies your body from heavy metals such as lead and mercury from your body. The chlorella has a dark green color which comes from the chlorophyll. This alga has hard wall which is a reason why people cannot digest to get the benefits of chlorella. You can take chlorella in powder, extract, capsule or tablet form.

There are some cases when people can have some side effects from the usage of chlorella, such as shivering, acne, weakness, headache, stomach upset and vertigo swelling in the tongue as well as on the face. These side effects of the chlorella can be a result of the detoxification process. If you are allergic to Coumadin, warfarin or iodine, then talk with your doctor before you start taking chlorella.

Health benefits of chlorella

Health benefits of chlorella

Relieves PMS symptoms: It is known that the chlorella can help women to get a relief from the PMS symptoms due to Vitamin B and calcium content.

Improves eye health: This alga has lutein and zeaxanthin which can protect your eyes and also they will prevent the macular degeneration.

Anti – aging benefits: It is known that chlorella can slow the process of aging and it will give you radiant and flawless skin. It can reduce the oxidative stress that is caused by improper diet and pollution. The chlorella has glutathione, Vitamin C and Vitamin A which are considered as very effective against free radicals. You should consume one teaspoon of this powder on daily basis and you will notice improvements in a period of two weeks.

Maintains blood sugar levels: We live in modern era where fatigue, stress and eating habits are taking part. There are some studies in which are shown that the regular intake of this can regulate the blood sugar levels. It is known that this home remedy can enhance the insulin sensitivity so it will maintain the blood glucose levels.

Prevents cancer: The chlorella can fight and destroy the cancerous cells before they multiply and create cancer. This alga can strengthen your immune system and it will eliminate harmful heavy metals and toxins from your body and it will reduce the risk of cancer. Also, chlorella is effective home remedy for people who are diagnosed with cancer and patients who have chemotherapy. You should consult your doctor if you should use chlorella as your home remedy if you are having chemotherapy.

Prevents and treats respiratory diseases: Inflammation is cause for asthma and COPD. Chlorella has antioxidant properties and it can help to cut the inflammation. There are some studies in which are shown that this has anti – inflammatory properties which can lower the symptoms of asthma and to treat other respiratory diseases.

Improves the immune system: There are some studies in which are shown that this can improve the NK cell activity which is a reason why it is called natural killer. This alga will protect your body from catching any kind of infections and it will make your immunity system strong.

Maintains the blood pressure: Alga can help to promote heart health. This can normalize your blood pressure. It has Omega – 3 acids, potassium, calcium and arginine which can protect your arteries to harden.

Helps in weight loss: When you are taking chlorella on regular basis, then it can cut the body fat percentage. It will lower your cholesterol and fasting blood glucose levels. This home remedy can help to improve the blood circulation, increase your metabolic weight and regulates hormones. When we are losing weight, then toxins are released from our bodies which is very important for flushing out toxins and this can help to stop the re-absorption of toxins. You can consume this powder because it will eliminate toxins from your body.


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