Fennel seeds, ginger and banana can treat bloating naturally


When your stomach is feeling full and tight and this is a result from the buildup of gas in the small intestine, then you have bloating. When this is a situation which you have, then the stomach area is swollen. People who have bloating also can have other symptoms such as lower back pain, cramps, shortness of breath, pain, belching and diarrhea. There are many factors which can lead to bloating. The most common reason for this condition is the buildup of intestinal gas. Also there are many other causes for bloating such as menopause, constipation, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), overeating, anxiety, water retention, peptic ulcers, trapped air, irritable bowel syndrome – IBS, indigestion, smoking and anorexia. One of the best ways to rid of this condition is to encourage the bowel movement and the passing gas. But if you have tried these steps and you cannot rid of the bloating, then you should use home remedies which will help you to improve your condition. Here are some home remedies and natural cures for bloating:

Natural cures for bloating

Fennel seeds: These are one of the best home remedies for bloating because they have many properties such as anti – microbial, diuretic, pain – reducing and carminative. They are very effective home remedies because they are relaxing the muscle spasms in the digestive tract. If you have eaten a big meal, then you should chew a few fennel seeds. In one cup of hot water you should add one teaspoon of fennel seeds. Then, you should cover this mixture. You should allow this mixture to steep for five to ten minutes. Then, you should strain it. You should drink this tea 2 – 3 times per day. [1]

Peppermint: This herb has menthol oil. It is helping of the digestive tract because it is possessing anti – spasmodic effects. This process will help you to relieve the spasms in the gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract and bile duct. Also this remedy will help the food to pass through your stomach in very short time and also flatulence will be calmed down. If you have bloating, then you should chew some fresh peppermint leaves which will help you to reduce the symptoms of bloating. Also there is another option which you can make. In hot water you should steep a peppermint tea bag. You should let this mixture to steep for ten minutes. After your tea is ready, you should drink it 2 -3 times per day. [2]

Ginger: If you are suffering from bloating and gas, then ginger is one of the best remedies for your condition. Shogaols and gingerols are components of the ginger which are helping you to reduce the inflammation in the intestines. Also these components are helping to relax the intestinal muscles. In one cup you should put 6 thin slices of ginger. Then, you should put boiling water in the cup. You should cover this mixture. Then, you should steep this mixture for ten minutes. You should add lemon juice and honey in this mixture. You should drink this mixture three times per day. Also there is another option which you can use. Before you eat your meals, you should eat one teaspoon of fresh ginger. You can also add ginger on your food. You should grate the ginger and then add to your meals. If you are an adult and you are suffering from bloating, then you can take 0.25 to 1 g of powdered ginger root every day. [3]

Probiotics: They are helping you to reduce the excess gas and also they are aiding in the digestion [4]. They are live microorganisms. Most of them are good bacteria and they are also similar to the bacteria which are found in the human gut. Yogurt, kimchi, miso, kefir, tempeh, pickles, buttermilk and sauerkraut are probiotics which can help you against the bloating.

Chamomile tea: This is one of the most effective home remedies for bloating. When you are suffering from bloating, then you are feeling heartburn which can be reduced by this tea. Also this tea will help you to soothe your stomach. This is possible because chamomile tea has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties which will help you in the fight against the bloating. You should put one cup of water to boil. Then, you should put one chamomile tea bag in the water. You should cover this mixture. Then, you should steep this mixture for ten minutes. You should squeeze the tea bag and then you should add honey or lemon juice in this tea. You should drink this tea 2 or 3 per day between your meals.

bloatingnatural treatment for bloating

Caraway seeds: These kinds of seeds are having carminative, anti – microbial and anti – spasmodic effects [5]. Also these seeds are having chemical such as carvene and carvol which are helping you to get relief from the bloating. This is possible because the previous two mentioned chemicals are soothing the smooth muscle tissues of your digestive tract and also they are promoting the expulsion of the gas. When people are suffering from bloating, then they should chew a pinch of these seeds several times per day. If you are suffering from bloating and you do not want to eat caraway seeds, then you should try with caraway crackers. Also you can brew crushed caraway seeds which will help you to make a tea.

Pumpkin: If you are suffering from bloating or unwanted flatulence, then you should eat pumpkins. Fiber, potassium and Vitamin A which are components of the pumpkins will help you in the digestion. You need just one cup of pumpkins per day because it will help you to reduce the gas and also it will create a smooth digestive flow. You can add pumpkins as ingredient in your recipes. Also you can broil, steam or bake it.

Anise: When you are using anise as your home remedy, then you are helping yourself to relax the digestive tract because this herb has anti – spasmodic properties. When you are using anise, you are expelling the gas buildup in the digestive tract and also you are reducing the bloating because this herb has carminative properties. When you are drinking anise tea, then you are having the biggest chances to reduce the bloating and its symptoms. Before you start using this remedy you should consult with your doctor because there are some studies in USA which have said that pregnant women should not use anise tea as their natural remedy for bloating. Also if you are having an infant and you are giving to him or her anise tea, then this can make some side effects in those infants such as rapid eye movement, vomiting, seizures and restlessness. [6]

Activated charcoal: When you are using this remedy, then you can make the water and air to pass in your body because this remedy has porous properties and also it has holes. The excess gas is trapped by these spaces when they are caused by stomach bacteria. You can find this remedy in some forms such as powder form, tablet and capsule form. You should ask your doctor which will be the recommended dose for you.

Bananas: When you have a bloating and gas which are associated with the constipation, then you should use bananas as your home remedy because they are rich with fiber [7]. Also when you are using bananas as your home remedy, you are giving a relief from the bloating. Also the fluid level in your body is regulated by this fruit. This is possible because it has potassium. You should eat banana regularly because they will help you in your fight against the bloating. The best way to consume bananas is to eat them in raw form as snack. Also you can add them in baked desserts or in salads.

Warm lemon water: When you are drinking warm lemon water, then you are reducing all the free radicals which are a reason for serious diseases. Also this kind of water is helping you to have hydrated body. This fruit is rich with proteins, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, carbohydrates, magnesium, calcium, riboflavin and phosphorous which means that those elements are helping you in the digestion. Also when you are using lemons as your natural treatment, you are helping the food to break down because this fruit has acidic properties which means that when they are consumed in the body, they are stimulating the production of the hydrochloric acid. You should know that when lemon and water are mixed together, then you have one of the best home remedies for your digestive system. When you are consuming warm lemon water, then you are helping yourself to rid of the constipation, gas and bloating.


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