Brucellosis Home Remedy and other effective natural treatments

brucellosis home remedy

Brucellosis is also known as Malta fever. Animals that are infected with the bacteria known as Brucella bacteria are spreading this disease to humans by drinking unpasteurized milk or eating infected meat, or they are in direct contact with infected animals. This disease can be easily seen everywhere in the world but is rare in the USA.

There are some symptoms at the beginning, such as flu which can be treated with antibiotics. But when people suffer from brucellosis, these symptoms happen again after a few weeks or months. This kind of disease can become a chronic disease that can last for years. Also, brucellosis can infect almost every part of the body, including the central nervous system(meningitis and encephalitis), joints, heart, and testicles [1]. There are several remedies that are used in the treatment of brucellosis.

The most used natural brucellosis home remedy treatment for this disease is colloidal silver and garlic. Also, there was a study in which was shown that Teucriumpolium, Salviasclarea, Vitex pseudo-negundo, and Oliveria decumbens which are medical plants used in Turkey and Iran as a natural treatment for brucellosis, are used for many other diseases also.


6 Brucellosis Home Remedy and Natural cures 

Colloidal silver

This is one of the most used and most recommended natural cures for brucellosis. It has anti-bacterial properties, making it a perfect natural remedy for Malta fever [2]. It can be easily found in all health food stores. If you cannot find it in the healthy food stores in your area, then you can find it online.


This vegetable is one of the most used natural cures for many diseases and is a recommended brucellosis home remedy. It is one of the best anti-bacterial remedies which have been used in natural medicine for decades [3].

One recipe from this vegetable is recommended to be used in the natural treatment of brucellosis. In 1/5 cup of water, you should boil one clove of garlic. This is garlic tea. You should take this brucellosis home remedy tea several times per day until you feel better and your symptoms are gone. After you have done this treatment, you should continue your treatment with garlic soup. You should consume this brucellosis home remedy soup one to two times per week.

Also, you can add raw garlic to your treatment. If you have decided to add raw garlic to your diet, then you should use garlic three times per day.

Anti-Brucellosis essential oils

There have been studies in which is shown that their essential oils inhibit the B-abortus and B-melitensis. There is one spice of oregano which is known as Origanum syriacum, and also one spice of thyme, which is known as Thymus syaricus, which has MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration) against the drug-resistant B-melitensis at 3.125 µl/ml and 6.25 µl/ml which are shown in one laboratory study.

Also, another laboratory study shows that the Cinnamomum Verum, better known by its name cinnamon, has the highest inhibition of the intracellular B-abortus at one percent concentration. When the 0.1% cinnamon essential oil is combined with a 1% concentration of marjoram essential oil, nutmeg essential oil, peppermint essential oil, or lemon essential oil, then this combination has an inhibitory effect against the intracellular B-abortus.

Also, some of these essential oils demonstrate anti-biofilm activity against other pathogens we have not mentioned before. Oregano essential oil is weakening the biofilm formation, which is multiple Staphylococcus species. Salmonella biofilms are suppressed by the oregano essential oil and thyme essential oil.

Staphylococcus epidermis, E.coli, and Candida species are inhibited or killed by the cinnamon essential oil. Strep and Candida are inhibited by peppermint essential oil. Not also the mentioned brucellosis home remedy essential oils show anti-brucella properties, but also there are many herbs which are showing the same effects. [4]

Plant foods

Plant foods are concentrated with nutrients in the bottom, which expands these nutrients in their leaves because they are expelling CO2 or oxygen. Everyone knows that the roots of these plants are hard masses. When these kinds of foods are consumed in the body, then they restore the balance in the diseases which are caused by the excessive expansion. But also, these brucellosis home remedies do not just have roots, but also they have leaves that are expanded and soft.

They are also restoring the balance in the diseases like the roots, but there is one different thing about restoring balance in the diseases, and that is these parts of the plant foods are restoring the balance which is caused by the excessive contraction and not by the excessive expansion.

There are laws of nature that are very important to be known by people because they have many health benefits. They are very easy to be learned by people. Lettuce, kale, and parsley have expanded leaves, which means they are harmful to diseases caused by excessive expansion like IBS, diarrhea, all infections (herpes, typhoid, brucellosis, and hepatitis), etc. Eggs, carrots, meat, and turnips are contracted mass and are harmful to diseases caused by excessive contraction, such as gallstones and constipation.

brucellosis home remedy

Every single person knows that food can be a remedy but also a choice. It all depends on you. There are some foods that can affect brucellosis.

In most cases, this depends on the food that you are consuming. You should eat foods that can restore the natural balance in your body because you can find an effective brucellosis home remedy.

You should not eat foods that are causing expansion, such as Vitamin C, sugar, lettuce, and parsley, because those kinds of foods will make this disease get worse. This is possible because brucellosis is an expansive disease or infectious disease, which means those expansive foods are just worsening the situation.

You should use foods that are causing contraction because those kinds of foods will help you to cure brucellosis and also they will restore your immunity. If you are using the right diet, then your disease will be cured completely. You just be sure about your natural brucellosis home remedy.

Talk with your doctor about his or her recommendations for the right diet. If you have used macrobiotic guidelines and also you have chosen some vegetables and other kinds of foods, and they did not work for you, then those kinds of foods are not effective and right for your condition. If you have felt some symptoms of brucellosis, then you must talk with your doctor because if you let this disease be untreated, then it can cause you serious diseases such as osteoporosis and bone cyst.

Liposomal Anti-brucellosis herbs

There was a study in which 3 herbs showed properties of brucellosis home remedy. Those herbs are clary sage (Salvia sclarea), denak (Oliveria decumbens), and saffron (Crocus sativus) [5].

Brucellosis is hiding in joints, biofilms, the nervous system, and macrophage cells. If the mentioned brucellosis home remedy are processed in the liposomal, then their ability to penetrate the places where brucellosis is hiding is increased. Also, when people are using anti-brucellosis herbs, they can also use homeopathic remedies, which can be very effective at healing brucellosis.

Anti-brucellosis homeopathic series remedies

In this modern medicine, there are remedies (homeopathic remedies) that are designed for the treatment of this disease. In most cases, it is more recommended the usage series of homeopathic remedies than the usage of one single homeopathic remedy.

When people suffering from brucellosis use using a series of homeopathic home remedies, their strength is increased. Also, they can have more effective treatment than using one single home remedy.

In the early stages of this disease, those remedies are given with their low potency. But if doctors have noticed that their patients have brucellosis, which is at a deeper level, then they are giving them homeopathic remedies which are with high potency. These remedies are started to be given from the lowest to the highest potency remedy. When patients have taken their highest potency remedy, then these remedies are given again but in reverse order. Before you take these brucellosis home remedies, you should consult with your doctor about any side effects.


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