Amazing health benefits of achacha

Amazing health benefits of achacha

The scientific name of achacha is Garcinia humilis. Its origin is Bolivia and Guyana, Panama and in the Caribbean. The achacha is evergreen shrub or small tree. The achacha is growing in the sheltered aspects of woodland, often on limestone, at elevations of 150 – 900 meters. The achacha is found in the wet forests near the coast of Panama.

When achacha is young, it has bluish – green color and it turns deep golden yellow to orange when it is older. This has both bitter and sweet and it is somewhat reminiscent of lemonade. The season of achacha is from December to mid – March. The rind of achacha is made into a drink which can help to suppress the hunger and it has been reported as a home remedy for healing the skin.

The sap is applied to the skin for its healing properties. This is very expensive fruit and it cannot be found all around the world. But it has many health benefits which is a reason why its popularity is increased. The outer skin and inner seeds are discarded during consumption.

Health benefits of achacha

Health benefits of achacha

Blood sugar regulation

The achacha has low blood sugar levels and fiber which is producing good effects in the regulation of the blood sugar level. This is producing good effects to people who suffer from diabetes, which means that the can add this in their diets.

Keep birth defects from striking

It is recommended for pregnant women to eat good amounts of achacha, especially during the first few months of being pregnant. This is rich source of folate which is a B Vitamin that can help to prevent the birth defects in babies. It is preventing the neural tube defects which are involving failure of the brain and spinal cord to develop properly.

Slows down the aging

The achacha is rich in Vitamin C which can help to slow down the aging process of the skin. This is a powerful antioxidant which can help your skin to stay protected from the side effects of the free radicals. Also, the Vitamin C is needed for the creation of collagen which is a substance that is making your skin firm and less prone to sagging and wrinkling.

Promote regular movement of the bowels

The achacha is packed with dietary fiber which is indigestible type of carbohydrate which is offering many health benefits. One of these health benefits is the regular evacuation of the bowels. The fiber can help to keep the constipation at bay. The regular intake of achacha and other high – fiber foods can help you to lower your risk of having hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer.

Cold or flu

It is known that the achacha is rich in Vitamin C which is an immune booster. This is a reason why you should add achacha in your diet on regular basis. It can help you to decrease your chances of ending up with an infection of the upper part of the respiratory system, such as the common cold and flu even while they are in season.


The achacha has good amounts of antioxidants which can help to produce good effects in soothing the wrinkles. This helps in the production of collagen too.

Prolonged life

It has high amounts of antioxidants which can help to expand the human life. This is very important for the prevention of the damaging effects of the free radicals which can be done in the cells.

Weight loss

It has HCA (Hydroxycitric acid) which can produce helpful effects for people who want to lose weight. Also, the intake of this is associated with the soothing of hunger which is leading to helpful effects.

Lowers risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke

The achacha has high amounts of potassium which is known that can help to keep the high blood pressure at bay. Potassium is doing this by causing the blood vessels to widen which is resulting in the lowering of the blood pressure. As a result of this, the person who eats this has lower risk of stroke, heart attack and heart disease.

Bone health

It has adequate amounts of calcium which can help to obtain the normal bone density.


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