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Health benefits of arginine

The arginine is also known as L – arginine. It is very important for the human health. The arginine is one of the most common amino acids which are found in foods that we consume with many health benefits on the health. Technically, it is not an essential amino acid but it is very important in the overall health because it has many essential functions.

Every single person can benefit from getting extra arginine in the diet, via supplementation or by consuming foods which are having arginine as their component. This is very important for older men who tend to posses lower levels of arginine.

Health benefits of arginine

Health benefits of arginine

Boosts immune system health: It is noticed that the arginine can help to speed up the healing of wounds, but also it stimulate the immune system. Also, it can help to minimize the risk of infection and it can improve detection of precancerous cells and it can help to suppress allergies and asthmatic attacks before they happen. Also, it can stimulate both MST cells and T cells which are very important for the cancer prevention.

Helps treat erectile dysfunction: Usually, the erectile dysfunction is happening in men when they have impaired blood flow to the penis or suffer from some sort of pre – existing vascular deficits. The arginine can help with the erectile dysfunction due to its ability to stimulate nitric oxide production from within the blood vessel walls. This is a reason why many male enhancement supplements have arginine as a first line treatment and it is noticed that they work best.

Prevents hair loss: It is noticed that the arginine can help to increase the levels of nitric oxide, improve the blood flow to the scalp and the follicles which need them. The impaired blood flow is one of the biggest factors for hair loss in both men and women but men are having more chances of getting it.This can reverse the effects of hair loss completely but you can see improvements in your condition if you use it on regular basis. You need to talk with your doctor about your hair loss and how you can use it as your home remedy for the hair loss.

Speeds up the healing of wounds: It is noticed that if you need longer time to heal your wounds, then the chances is that you have low collagen synthesis rate. It has been shown that this can help to accelerate the healing of wounds due to its ability to synthesize another amino acid which is known as L – proline. The proline is a closer step in the synthesis of collagen which is a protein responsible for the structural and skin health. Also, the arginine can help to promote the reduction of pain and swelling due to improved blood flow.

Promotes blood glucose control: It is noticed that diabetics who use the arginine have better control over their blood glucose levels. Also, it is noticed that the arginine can help the metabolism of sugar so that there is less present in the blood stream at any time. Also, it is believed that the arginine supplementation can help to improve the insulin sensitivity. We know that the insulin is a hormone which promotes the uptake of glucose into cells which need it. Typically, diabetics posses reduced insulin sensitivity which tends to favor glucose’s storage as fat instead of being used in cells that need them. Also, the arginine can help to reduce the diabetic complications as a result of elevated levels.

Improves performance: There are some studies in which are noticed that the arginine is one of the most popular supplements which is used by athletes because it is regarded as an ergogenic acid. The ergognic acid is something which improves the performance naturally by improving the strength output and also, it can make you resistant to fatigue. Also, there are some studies in which are noticed that the elderly people who consume more this are having less chances to suffer from falls and fractures as a result of reduced muscle mass and this effect is more pronounced if they partake in resistance training 3 times per week.

Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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