Hops Treats insomnia , menstrual cramps and Improves sexual performance

Health benefits of hops

Those people who like beer and who know how the beer is brewed, then they must be aware of the plant named hop. The female flowers of the plant “hop” are “hops”. Hops are used as a flavoring agent in the beer. They are choice of every brewer to get the best taste and flavor in his beer. In the early 11th century were discovered hops and they were firstly used as a flavoring agent in the beer but later hops were used in the herbal medicines. It is known fact that the hop plant is cultivated in many parts of the world. It has many different species which are used differently. Hop has a sour taste and strong aroma. You can drink beer and get the benefits of hops but also you can use it many different ways to get the benefits for your beauty and health.

Some health benefits of hops:

Treats headache: The hop essential oil can be used to ease the tension and other symptoms of headache. It has sedative and soothing effects which can help to loosen the muscles of your neck and shoulders while at the same time it can relax your mind and it will give you a relief from mental conditions like dementia and paranoia. The soothing effect of hop can allow you to end the headache and it can help you to start your day with renewed energy.

Alleviates cough and congestion: The irritation and inflammation are responsible for many common respiratory disorders. If you use the hop essential oil in the aromatherapy, then it will reduce the inflammation and it will soothe the irritated parts of your respiratory tract. It can give you a relief from congestion and coughing.

Treats leprosy: This herb has anti – inflammatory properties which mean that it can be used to treat the leprosy. It is not clear how this herb helps in the treatment of leprosy but it is clear that it has herbal properties which are making it a valuable source of treatment.

Health benefits of hops

Health benefits of hops

Improves sexual performance: The hop essential oil can help to men to enhance their sexual prowess. It can help to extend your performance. Also it can effectively counter the problem of premature ejaculation. It has soothing effect on your body which can help to desensitize certain vital elements which are leading to premature sexual stimulation.

Treats menstrual cramps: The hop essential oil has soothing and sedative properties which can help to ease the menstrual cramps and pain. It sedative quality can help to loosen the muscles and it will reduce the pain. Hop will help you naturally to overcome the discomfort during menstruation.

Treats insomnia: The hop essential oil has sedative and soothing properties which are making it one of the best home remedies for insomnia or sleeplessness. You can diffuse some hop essential oil before you go to bed and you can enjoy in a deep and peaceful slumber. You will feel energized when you wake up in the morning.

Analgesic: The hop essential oil is analgesic and it has sedative qualities. In the earlier generations, this oil was enjoyed as a sure shot remedy for chronic pain. You should use the hop essential oil if you have chronic pain which is bothering you.

Relieves anxiety: One of the biggest problems in which people are facing today is the anxiety. You should use this essential oil if the anxiety is problem for you. It has sedative properties which are making it very useful for combating mood swings and anxiety. Also it will calm the mind and body.

Improves digestive system: It is known fact that the hop can fasten the metabolism of the body. Those people who suffer from digestive disorders can start using hop as their natural treatment.

Treats different ulcers: Hops can help in the treatment of many types of ulcers. There are some studies in which are proved that a dosage of hops which is mixed with other essential herbs can help in the treatment of many types of ulcers that are caused by bacteria.

Relaxes and soothes muscles: Hops can help to relax the aching muscles and body pain. Hop is easily available and this herb is used in many pain killers.

Eases nervousness: It is known that hops are used to treat insomnia. Hops are related to cannabis family which means that they are used as a drug for relaxing muscles and treating people who suffer from anxiety.


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