Natural treatments and Home Remedies for Anhidrosis

glowing skin, anhidrosis

Anhidrosis is inability of the body to sweat. This disease is also known as hypohidrosis. When your body is unable to sweat, then it keeps the fluids and toxins inside your body which can be dangerous for your health. Those toxins must be taken out of your body. Also sweating is important to cool our body. When our body cannot cool itself, then this can be reason to overheat. Overheat can result with heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat stroke is fatal condition for the health if it is not treated. In some cases anhidrosis can affect one part of the body. This is not the most serious condition because the body can sweat from other parts.

Even if you have this condition, you have to ask for medical help. This can make serious damages to your health if is not treated well. If your body cannot sweat and you have anhidrosis throughout your entire body, then this is the most serious condition. If you are having anhidrosis, then you should not drink alcohol or consume coffee because they can worsen the anhidrosis symptoms. You should ask your doctor for the prevention of this disease. Causes of this condition can be trauma, skin conditions, effects from some medicines and many types of diseases. It should be identified the real cause for anhidrosis because in that situation your doctor can give you the right treatment. Following are some the home remedies and natural remedy for anhidrosis:

Anhidrosis Natural Remedy

Baking soda

When your body cannot sweat normally, then you can have awful rashes on your skin which are acidic. Baking soda is used in medicine for treating anhidrosis. It is alkalizing your body. Baking soda is increasing the ability to sweat. This is caused by increased capillary flow via dilation. In the most cases baking soda has showed best results when it is taken internally for treating the dry skin [1]. This is reason for body to make more sweat. Also this natural cure is taking the toxins out of the body. Also baking soda can be taken orally. In this case baking soda is also making the body to sweat normally. This is good natural treatment for anhidrosis because you should not go often to sauna. It is enough cause for the body to sweat naturally. Before you start using this remedy you should consult with your doctor for the required intake amount. Many of the symptoms will be cleared if you are consuming baking soda with water. They are making rehydrating to the body which is vital for normal sweating. More people should be interested about rehydration because many of the symptoms they have from anhidrosis are gone when they are consuming water and baking soda. You should drink water and take baking soda by the instructions of your doctor.

Cucumber juice

Dehydration is one of the reasons to get anhidrosis. When this is cause for your condition, then hydration of the body is the most important way to improve your health. Cucumber juice is known for its hydration levels. When you are drinking cucumber juice, then you are increasing the hydration of your body which is causing your body to sweat normally [2]. You will kick anhidrosis out of your body by drinking this juice. In the most cases doctors are recommending to take 250 ml of fresh cucumber juice without adding salt or water. This juice can increase the sweating process and relieve your body from the symptoms of anhidrosis. But you should always consult with your doctor if you want to start using cucumber juice. It is not always 250 ml of fresh cucumber juice. For the required intake amount your doctor will tell you precisely. He or she will tell the right diagnose with comparing all the medical history you have and all the medicines you have taken for this or previous diseases.

Sea salt

Sea salt is rich with nutrients. These nutrients are helping to your body to establish the equilibrium. When you have increased your required salt intake, then your body can hold longer the water and release water properly [3]. With taking salt you are making your body to release sweat on normal way.

Radix Astragali

This herb can help in anhidrosis treatment. It can stimulate body to sweat normally. Also is keeping the lungs safe. When lungs are safe you will be surer for the body that won’t have problems with anhidrosis. When the lung deficiency in the body is present, body will have abnormal sweating which will lead to lose the protective function. Also radix astragali is regulating the secretion of sweat from the skin levels. When the lung function is not normal, that means in the body will be spontaneous sweating. This symptom is indicator of anhidrosis. Also when patients are affected with anhidrosis they have increased chances to get influenza, cough and cold. Before you start using this radix astragali, you should visit your doctor for the required intake amount. You should take radix astragali in the amount which is required by your doctor. This natural remedy has ability to improve the sweating and reducing the risk getting this disease again. Radix astragali is resolving all problems with sweating. This is enough reason for patients with anhidrosis to use this natural remedy. Also it is used by patients who have shortness of breath and cough. [4]

glowing skin, anhidrosisLicorice root, Ginseng and Astragalus root

These herbs are used for treating anhidrosis worldwide. They have showed great effects on this condition. They are stimulating the sweating process. Licorice root, Astragalus root and ginseng are improving the respiration and the function of the lung which are helping to body to have temperature balance. When this function is improved, your body is reducing the risk for overheating. These are Chinese herbs which are used in the traditional Chinese herbal medicine for treating anhidrosis. These three herbs can be found in many forms such as salve, tea and as diet addition. You can choose the form you want to consume. It can be used as a tea or you can simply add in your food. Before you start using these three natural remedies, you should consult with your doctor for the required intake amount.

Fermented Soybeans and Ginger

Ginger is one of the best home remedies for many types of diseases. These two home remedies are excellent treatment for anhidrosis. You can add them in your diet. When you are consuming fermented soybeans and ginger, then you are preventing conditions on your skin which can block the pores and which can prevent your body from sweating. These two natural cures have properties which are boosting the immune system and also they have anti-oxidant property. Ginseng is known as blood stimulator [5]. This function of the ginseng is giving fresh blood and oxygen to the skin. The amount that you intake is making your body to sweat. They are giving back the ability on your organism to sweat properly. When you are consuming these herbs, you are preventing your body from serious health conditions such as heat stroke.

Angelica root, White peony root and Figwort root

These three herbs can maximize the amount that your body can hold. They are stimulating the sweating process. They are stimulating the hormonal instinct to sweat. They are reducing the anhidrosis. Also they are keeping balance on your fluids. This is possible because these three kinds of roots are improving your health caused by other underlying diseases which can be reason for anhidrosis in the most cases. If you begin to suffer from anhidrosis, then you must visit your doctor. Ask for medical help. They will recommend you the best home remedy and the right medical treatment. If you want to use some of these roots, then you should ask your doctor about the required intake amount. They are powerful herbs which are healing sweating disorders. Also they are improving the lung function which can make you healthier and you will not have sweating problems. Anhidrosis can be reason for more serious health conditions if is not treated properly. You should visit your doctor if you feel some of the symptoms of anhidrosis.

Apple cider vinegar

This herb is one of the most used natural remedies for many kinds of diseases. Many medical experts are recommending this herb to be used as a natural treatment for anhidrosis. It is regulating the cholesterol levels in the blood. When the low-density and high-density cholesterol are on their balance, it means that you can sweat normally. Bad cholesterol in many cases is cause for anhidrosis.


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