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Indigo: Best 9 Health Benefits for Us

The scientific name of indigo is Indigo feriatinctoria. It is a plant from the species Fabaceae/Leguminosae. It is supposed that indigo is native to China, tropical Asia, and parts of Africa, but it is not surely known, because this shrub has been in cultivation since at least 4000 BC with the introduction and naturalization taking place in many places around the world before good records were kept. The indigo is green when it is young and then it turns brown as it matures. The taste of indigo is bitter, acidic. The plant size is one to two meters upon maturity.

The parts of the indigo which are used are fruit dye, dried leaf, and whole plant. For external use, the leaves of indigo are used to make into an ointment for treating hemorrhoids, ulcers, sores, wounds, and skin diseases. The watery root paste is applied topically in India to treat worm-infested wounds. The lead extract of indigo is used to treat burns and sores on cattle and horses. The indigo is used in India, in coffee plantations, and as a cover, crop preceding rice, sugarcane, cotton, and maize.

Here are some health benefits of indigo:


Hair growth:

One of the best natural remedies for hair growth is indigo. You can use the leaves of indigo to make hair oil. This is very effective for the prevention of scalp infections. It can help to stimulate new growth with regular use. Also, is one of the best natural options for preventing the excess hair fall. You should massage the oil gently into your scalp on daily basis, so you will stimulate the hair growth.

Prevents dandruff and other scalp infections:

Many people face dandruff. The indigo is free from ammonia, PPD, and other harmful chemicals. It can cleanse your hair gently and it can help to prevent dandruff and other scalp infections.

Kidney disease:

You can add indigo to your life if you have some problems with your kidneys. You should dry the indigo in an airy and shady place. You should crush it when it is dry and filter the powder using a muslin cloth. Then, store it in a glass bottle. You should eat two grams of this powder on daily basis and drink water. This can help you to cure all your kidney diseases.

Removing worms in teeth and gums:

You should take indigo leaves and then crush them to make juice. Then, add cinnamon stick oil to it. Then, dive a cotton ball into this oily liquid and put it under the infected tooth to rid of worms. You should do it at least three times per day.

Cure mouth ulcers:

We know that mouth ulcer are painful lesions that develop in your mouth or at the base of the gums. They are red in color. They are extremely painful. It makes your eating and chewing food difficult. You should crush some indigo leaves and then mix honey in them. You should apply this ointment to cure mouth ulcers.

For urinary problems and poison:

You should get some indigo leaves or roots and crush them. Then, boil them in hot water and filter them. You should drink this decoction lukewarm. This can help you to rid of all urinary tract problems. Also, it works as an antidote for most poisons. You should consume very little of this decoction based on your age and constitution.

Good for liver:

You should take some indigo leaves, dry them and then make them into powder. Then, add some honey to it to eat it. It depends on age, but usually, it is recommended to eat one to three grams on daily basis for a period of one month. This can help you to cure your sores and blisters on the liver and it will revitalize it.

Skin sores:

You can crush indigo plant roots into a paste. Then, apply it to your sores which are secreting puss. When you will do it on regular basis, then it can help you to cure your painful sores.

Good for glowing skin:

You should take some indigo leaves and mash them and put them in boiling water. Then, extract the boiled leaves and apply them to any part of the skin. You should massage it on the skin for some time to get glowing skin. Also, small spots and boils on the skin will disappear.


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