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10 Super health benefits of capers

Capers are tangy, spicy and exotic. They add a delightful touch to the Italian dishes. They are mainly used as a seasoning or for garnishing. Capers are redolent with flavor but they have a lot of health benefits. Capers are also known as barar, kabur, mullukattari, kokilakshamu and kabra. The unripe flower buds of Capparis spinosa are capers. Also, capers are known as Flinders rose. This is a perennial winter deciduous plant which is native to the Mediterranean region and some parts of the Asia and South Africa. Capers are integral ingredients in the Mediterranean cuisines. Capers have pea size and after they are cultivated, they are dried in the sun and they are used in pickles because they have tangy lemon flavor. In ancient history was said that capers were used in Sumerian food. Capers can range in size from a size of peppercorn or nonpareil up to the size of a small green olive. Larger capers have a stronger flavor. If you want to enjoy the aroma of capers, then you should go for the tiny ones. In one tablespoon of capers, there are 2 calories so if you are following a low-calorie diet, then you can use capers. If you are on low sodium diet, then avoid capers because they are rich in this mineral. Extreme thirst can be caused by eating excess amounts of capers. You should be careful when you are eating capers because they are rich in sodium which can cause water retention. Here are some health benefits of capers:

Skin aid 

Capers can be used in the treatment of skin disorders, such as pimples, irritation and skin redness. This is a reason why capers are used in skincare products. Also, capers can slow down the aging process because they have antioxidant properties.

capers benefits

Dry skin relief by capers berries

Capers are a very effective home remedy for dry skin. You can use them directly on your skin to keep your skin moisturized.

Congestion relief by capers berries

Capers can help to prevent the chest congestion and also they can reduce the phlegm.

Diabetes buster by capers berries

This food can help to keep diabetes in check. They have chemicals which can keep the blood sugar in check. You should avoid consumption of high quantities of capers if you are already using diabetes medications so they tend to lower the blood sugar.

Relieves flatulence by capers berries

This natural cure can give you relief from stomach ache and flatulence. Capers can be eaten to improve your appetite.

Rheumatism relief by capers berries

In ancient Greece, capers were used as a natural treatment for rheumatic pain.

Capers berries help in bad enzyme buster

Those people who include red meat and fat in their daily diet should eat capers because they can destroy certain byproducts which are found in meat and foods that are rich in fat. These byproducts are often responsible for cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Fiberlicious good by capers

Capers are rich in fiber which can help to reduce constipation. In one tablespoon of capers there are 0.3 grams of fiber which is about 3% of the minimum recommended daily intake amount.

Good vitamin vitality with capers

Capers have Vitamin A which can improve the eyesight and also it can help us to see in the dark. It can reduce the risk of certain cancers. Also, this vitamin can help our bodies to fight off infection and this will retain the immunity system. Capers have Vitamin K which is playing an important role in bone health. This can lower your risk of blood clotting. It has niacin which is protecting against cardiovascular diseases and also this is supporting the cognitive function, digestive system, and nervous system. Capers have Vitamin B2 which is also known as riboflavin and this vitamin can help the body to convert the food into fuel which can keep us energetic. It is known that this vitamin can support the adrenal function. This can help to maintain the health of the nervous system.

Mineral mine

Capers have minerals such as copper, calcium, iron and high levels of sodium. Calcium can help to build strong bones and teeth. Copper combines with some proteins which can produce enzymes and it is acting as a catalyst to help to many different functions.

Neem Mayur
Neem Mayur
Mayur Neem, a certified dietician having more than 5 years of experience in the field of diet practice. He is working as a diet expert and offering services to body builders, sports persons, celebrities, etc. He is lover of natural remedies and loves to spend most of his free time in his organic farm and offers expert advice on organic farming to local farmers. He is available through [email protected]


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