Arginine in raisins along with milk helps treating sexual dysfunction

raisins health benefits

Raisins have many health benefits such as treating sexual dysfunction, fever, anemia, acidosis and constipation. Also raisins are known to help weight gain, as well as for their positive impact on bone quality, dental care and eye health. We know that raisins are obtained by drying grapes and this can be done in two days either in driers or in the sun, which will turn grapes into black, green or golden gems. They are one of the most favorite foods of all people around the world, especially on children. This fruit is widely used in cooking, especially in deserts and they are also added to snacks, health tonics and compact high – energy food supplements for campers, backpackers and mountaineers. Raisins are high in calories which can increase your weight quickly if you are not careful. Also raisins are rich in triglycerides that are due to their high content of fructose, which will increase your chances of developing fatty liver cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Health benefits of raisins

Dental care: Raisins have phytochemicals such as oleanolic acid which is playing an important role in protecting your teeth against teeth brittleness, tooth decay and cavities. It can prevent the growth of Porphyromonas Gingivalis and Streptococcus Mutans, which are two of the bacterial species that are most responsible for the cavities and other dental problems. Also they are rich in calcium which can promote dental health, as it prevents peeling or breaking of teeth and enamel while making them stronger. [1,2]

Cure fever: Raisins have phenolic phytonutrients and they are well known for their antioxidant, antibiotic and germicidal properties which can help to cure fevers by fighting bacterial and viral infections. [3]

Promote bone health: Raisins have calcium which is the main element of our bones. Also raisins are one of the best sources of boron which is a micronutrient. Micronutrient is a nutrient that is required by our bodies in very small amounts compared to other nutrients which should be consumed in high amounts in a daily basis. Boron is important element for proper bone formation and efficient absorption of calcium. Also it is very helpful for preventing osteoporosis that is induced by menopause in women and it is very beneficial for joints and bones. Raisins have potassium also in high levels which can help to strengthen bones and it will promote bone growth that will reduce the chances of osteoporosis. [4]


Raisins health benefits

Treats sexual dysfunction: Raisins are for long used to stimulate the libido and to induce arousal. This is due to the presence of arginine, which is an amino acid and it is very beneficial for treating erectile dysfunction [5]. This amino acid can increase the levels of sperm motility, which will increase the chances of conception when you are engaged in sexual intercourse. It is a very common practice in India to make the bride and the groom to drink a glass of milk and they are boiled with raisins and a pinch of saffron on their wedding night. Also raisins are recommended for people who suffer from sexual endurance and they should consume raisins on a regular basis.

Prevent acidosis: Acidosis is a condition in which there is increased acidity of the blood or the gases in our respiratory system. This increased acidity can be very harmful for people because it can lead to many different health problems such as heart diseases, hair loss, renal calculi, gout, arthritis, damage to the internal organs, skin disease, boils, tumors and even cancer. Raisins are rich in magnesium and potassium which are 2 most common components of antacids because they are considered based on the pH scale. [6]

Eye care: This fruit has polyphenolic phytonutrients which are possessing anti – oxidant properties. Polyphenolic phytonutrients are good for our ocular health to be normal because they can protect our eyes from the damage which is caused by free radicals (oxidants), in the form of cataracts, age – related weakening of vision and macular degeneration. Also raisins have high amounts of A carotenoid, beta – carotene and Vitamin A which are all essential vitamins for the ocular health. [7]


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