Cassava benefits – improve eye sight and treats diarrhea

cassava benefits improve eye sight

This is a tropical root vegetable which can be used along with radishes, carrots, potatoes and other tubers. Also, cassava can be used in flour which is a kind of starch found in kitchens all around the world.

It is almost impossible to find the fresh roots of the cassava plant because they tend to rot very quickly. You can use the leaves of cassava to prepared foods. The nutritional value of cassava is a little low compared to other green vegetables. But the leaves of cassava have higher protein content compared to nutrients found in the roots of cassava.

This plant has a toxin called linamarin. When it is eaten in raw form, then the human digestive system is converting it into cyanide and it is proven that cyanide can be fatal. It is known that cassava root rots quickly so this could lead to depletion in its nutritional value which could also lead to bacterial and fungal infections. It has toxic substances which

Health benefits of cassava

health benefits of cassava

Lowers blood pressure: Cassava flour can lower the blood pressure due to its high dietary fiber content. It is known that every cup of cassava flour can increase your fiber intake by 4 grams. This is the ideal recommended amount for women who should consume on daily basis.

Maintains healthy muscles: You should consume cassava flour because it will lead to strong and lean muscles. It has protein which can maintain your muscle health and it will nourish the tissues. In one serving of cassava there are two grams of protein and this is enough to meet your daily recommended intake amount.

Beneficial for nerve health: Cassava flour is very effective for the balanced nervous system. It can help in the fight against stress and anxiety and also it will provide support to your overall health.

Boosts energy and improves brain function: Cassava flour is high in carbohydrates which can help to boost energy. It can help your brain to work more efficiently so you should add cassava flour to your meals. In one serving of cassava there are 80% carbohydrates so this is more than enough for your daily consumption.

Strengthens immune system: Cassava leaves have folate and Vitamin C which are very effective for the immune system. It is known that the Vitamin C can help the immune system by attacking the nucleus of bacteria and virus and it is killing them. Also, it can help to maintain the bone health. Vitamin C is good antioxidant which will eliminate free radicals in the body that are increasing the risk for cancer. Folate can help in the production of cells in the body and it can help to make the genetic material for life and it prevents DNA mutations.

Beneficial for pregnant women: It is known that pregnant women need a lot of folate and Vitamin C. Cassava leaves have both nutrients. In one cup of cassava there is 15% of your daily recommended amount of folate and 47% of the daily calcium intake amount. It is known that cassava leaves have a bland taste so you should chop these leaves and then cook them with meat and vegetables in a stew.

Develops appetite: Cassava is rich in benefits so it can help you to restore your appetite. You should make a concoction of cassava leaves with ginger and drink it every morning after you wake up.

Clear up worms: It has been found that cassava can reduce the symptoms of nematodic infestation. You can buy cassava supplements in pharmacies to eliminate worms but you need to talk with your doctor about the recommended dosage. Also you can make a paste of cassava leaves and eat it as a whole.

Good for eyes: Cassava is rich in Vitamin A and it has compounds, such as bakarotennya which can help to improve the health of eyes and it will prevent the poor eyesight or blindness.

Treats diarrhea: Cassava can help to get a relief from diarrhea. You can take several pieces of cassava and boil them in water. You should wait it to come to room temperature. You should drink this home remedy two times per day so you will get a relief from the diarrhea.


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