Health benefits of carbonated water

Health benefits of carbonated water

Carbonated water is also known as sparkling water. This is a bubbly and delicious way t rehydrate your body but many people do not know if it has health benefits. The carbonated water is water in which the carbon dioxide has been dissolved under pressure. This process is giving the water a bubbly or fizzy sensation when we drink it which is similar to soda and other carbonated beverages.

Carbonated water is popular all around the world and it can be seen by other names like club soda, soda water, fizzy water, bubbly water and seltzer water. The carbonated water has been artificially created hundreds of years ago and it has continued to evolve and fascinate palates around the world. When this water is drank in excess amounts then it can be noticed gas or bloating. Also, the carbon dioxide in it can make people to feel temporarily bloated or more prone to burping. Also, drinking too much sparkling water can make you to feel full and cause you to drink less water, thus becoming dehydrated.

There are some doctors who say that the carbonated water can lead to enamel on teeth and this could lead to tooth decay. But the carbonated water is considered as safer choice than tap water and soda beverages. There are some cases when this water can increase the symptoms of IBS. In many cases, coconut water and lemon water are added to carbonated water which are increasing its benefits

Health benefits of carbonated water

Health benefits of carbonated water

Hydration: This water will provide hydration for the body which means that all metabolic processes will be carried out smoothly and efficiently.

Toxicity: We know that drinking tap water which is fully filtered and free of toxins is good for our health. But when we drink this water, then it is guaranteed that the water was processed and treated before being carbonated so we have reduced our risk from toxicity which is carried by the tap water.

Motion sickness: If you are going to a long trip by a car, boat, plane or bus, then the carbonated water should be in your package. Many people have motion sickness which makes them to feel miserable. There are many people who drink carbonated water to reduce the feeling of nausea and motion sickness but the exact mechanism of how it works, it is still unknown.

Weight loss: It is known that when we eliminate beverages which are high in sugar, then you will reduce the risk for the overall calorie intake. You should stop drinking soda and switch off to a calorie – free sparkling water and this will lead to weight loss and calorie deficit over time.

Diabetes: You should drink carbonated water because it is healthier than drinking sugar – rich sodas and carbonated beverages. The bubbles of carbonated water will give you the impression of drinking a soda but you will not drink added sugars and this can help people who suffer from diabetes or for people who have a high risk of developing diabetes.

Constipation: There are some people who have said that the carbonated water is great for the constipation which can ease the passage of bowel movements and it will reduce the inflammation and pressure in the gut.

Indigestion/dyspepsia: There are many studies in which are said that the carbonated water have positive effects on indigestion. This water can settle the stomach and induce flatulence or burping which can often reduce the pressure in the gut and prevent the symptoms of reflux disease symptoms.

Rich in high – promoting minerals: You can choose a sparkling mineral water to add in your diet because in this way you will know that you will add many different minerals in your body. The type and amounts of minerals can vary which depends on the source. It is noticed that the minerals found in sparkling water can be more easily absorbed compared to minerals found in foods because food minerals are attached to complex molecules while the minerals in the carbonated water exist as free ions. Potassium, calcium and magnesium are some vital minerals which are found in the carbonated water


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