Effectively clearing throat problems that affect your voice


It is incredibly important for us to speak. Most of us talk at least a fair amount both at work and while enjoying leisure time. It is a well-known fact that we are sensitive to some prolonged damage or illness affecting our ability to speak.

Strained vocal cords are one example of the damage that is done to our vocal cords which is affecting the way we communicate. This is an ailment that affects the people who use their voices more than average people, such as singers or people who regularly speak loudly or frequently. There are many things that can damage and strain your vocal cords.

The affliction can manifest itself in many different ways. But also, it is important to note that we think it is strain or damage, but in fact, it is an infection. It is characterized by fever, difficulty in swallowing, mild to moderate pain in the throat or ear, excessive mucus buildup, and poor voice quality. While it might feel slight, this can progress into a full-fledged and rather dangerous infection if it is allowed to progress for too long.

If you have noticed some voice issues, then you should talk with your doctor about this problem. He or she will tell you which the best natural cure is for you.


13 Here are some home remedies for voice issues


Ayurvedic practitioners are recommending this natural cure for your vocal care. Also, it is recommended in Chinese medicine. This is one of the most widely prescribed natural cures for inflammation because it has high levels of anti-inflammatory properties [1]. The most active ingredient of turmeric is Curcumin.


You can make your own alcohol–based mouthwash at home. Swallowing a tiny amount of this mouthwash will let you coat your vocal cords and throat, and it will help kill bacteria and stave off infection [2].

This natural cure will help your throat to heal more quickly. In a bottle, you should add 6 – 10 drops of food–grade essential oil (you should choose a flavor you enjoy), 10 drops of pure liquid stevia, 4 teaspoons of vodka, and two cups of water. You should cover the bottle and then shake it well. You should shake the bottle each time before you use it because ingredients will separate when allowed to sit.

voice issuesSlippery elm

When the mucous membranes of the throat and lungs are inflamed and swollen, then slippery elm is the best friend of your throat. This home remedy is demulcent which means that it soothes mucous membranes by creating a smooth film to cover and soothe the irritated tissue [3].

This is a reason why the slippery elm is one of the best home remedies for soothing and relieving a dry and irritated throat. Slippery elm is one of the main ingredients in most cough syrups, which can be found on markets all around the world.


This home remedy can be used as a natural treatment for many diseases. Also, it can be used as a gargle for healing all throat issues. There are many herbalists, which are using sage as a natural treatment for healing ulcers in the throat. This natural cure is especially effective when it is combined with propolis and licorice, and it is used as a gargle to help heal laryngitis.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice has acid content which can kill the bacteria which is infecting your throat [4]. Also, this home remedy will promote the production of saliva. It reduces mucus buildup.

You should squeeze out the juice from one fresh lemon. You should add a pinch of salt to it, and then you should mix it well. You should pour this natural mixture into one cup of warm water. You should use this home remedy as a gargling solution because it can give you relief from the pain and itchiness in your throat.


This is a resinous mixture with the same texture as honey that honeybees collect from sap flows, tree buds, and other botanical sources to coat their hives. Propolis is an amazing natural medicine, which has been touted as having equal or more antibacterial properties than penicillin as well as anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties [5].

Propolis is a great natural cure for fighting infection in the throat, relieving hoarseness, breaking up mucus in the sinuses, and it is excellent for reducing swelling in the throat. You should mix a tablespoon of propolis with warm water and any of the other herbs that are listed in this article, and this is one of the best ways to speed up the healing process.


This natural cure is also known as althaea officinalis. This flowering plant from which the poofy white treat got its name. This home remedy is used for coughs, hoarseness, and lung trouble which is also included bronchitis. This natural cure is sweet mucilage that is healing, softening, and soothing.

Also, this plant aids the body in expelling excess fluid and mucus by healing and soothing the mucous membranes. This natural cure is also excellent for coughs.

Licorice root

This wonderful herb can help you to treat many different ailments. It can help you to heal inflamed tissues and membranes because it has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. This is one of the most used herbs for overused, tired and sore voices. [6]


Salt is an effective disinfectant and cleaner when it is combined with water. You should be careful when you are using this natural cure not to swallow the salt. Before you start using this natural cure for your voice issues, you should be sure that it is not making you too sick/gag because many people cannot tolerate this natural cure.

For people who can tolerate it, salt is a very effective home remedy for killing bacteria and healing throat infections. You should dissolve ½ teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water because, in this way, you will make a powerful gargle solution. You should add a drop of honey or a lemon as a sweetener because, in this way, you will reduce the unpleasant taste.

You should use this home remedy to gargle several times during the day because, in this way, you will reduce the throat swelling or loosen the mucus.

Cayenne pepper

This home remedy is also known as capsaicin. This is one of the most used natural cures all around the world. This home remedy has miraculous healing properties. Cayenne pepper is extremely stimulating to our entire body.

Also, it is an excellent home remedy for swollen cords or throat infections. You should make a natural mixture by mixing 5 drops of cayenne pepper extract or a small pinch of powder with warm water and honey. You should drink this natural cure if you want to stop the potential infection, stop inflammation, or reduce a sore throat.


Fresh juice from ginger will reduce the inflammation in the lining of the mucus membrane. After this treatment, you will get a substantial reduction in pain. This home remedy has many health benefits. There are some studies in which are sad that ginger even kills cancer cells [7].

People who smoke should not use this natural cure because it is not a good idea when they are using it on a regular basis. You should slice fresh ginger root thinly. You should place them in a covered pan and boil them for ten minutes. You should strain this natural cure, and you should allow it to cool until it has room temperature. You should drink the brew to get relief.

Also, you can chew candied gingers or drink ginger tea with honey, but as we know, fresh ginger will give you the best results.

Apple cider vinegar

This is one of the most used natural cures for many different types of diseases. The acidity of the apple cider vinegar will kill the bacteria which has infected the throat area. You should mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 4 ounces of water. You should drink this natural cure every hour for 7 hours within a day.


This is one of the most used natural remedies for many diseases, and if you suffer from an inflamed larynx, then you can use it as your natural treatment.

You should slice 3 large onions. You should place these slices in a pan with four cups of water. You should simmer it until syrupy, and then you should strain it. You should add six tablespoons of the syrup to warm water. You should squeeze some lemon juice into this natural cure, and then you should sip it. [8]


You can use herbal tea in any color, such as red, white, green, or black tea. They can bring you immediate soothing relief for strained vocal cords. You should combine brewed hot tea with a teaspoon of honey for an extra boost in warding off infectious bacteria in your throat.


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