Malay Apple facts and health benefits

malay apple seeds

The scientific name of Malay apple is Syzygium malaccense. Its origin is from Southeast Asia to Vanuatu. The Malay apple is a medium – sized evergreen tree which has spreading, but cone – shaped crown which grows about 5 – 20 meters tall. The taste of Malay apple is crisp, watery, earthy and slightly sweet. The flesh color is white, spongy, juicy and mildly sweet to bland. The ripe Malay apples are eaten in fresh form. Also, they can be added to fruit salad, fruit cocktail, stewed with species as dessert or eaten dipped in sauces.

The young leaves and shoots of Malay apple are consumed as vegetables. The flesh of this fruit can be prepared as a jam, combined with ginger and raw sugar. Malay apple has antioxidants which are beneficial for preventing the growth of bacteria and germs which often attack the pregnant women. Here are some health benefits of Malay apple:

Health benefits of Malay apple

Malay apple prevent diabetes

It is helpful for preventing diabetes. This fruit is serving as a substitute for the regular sugar which you often consume. It has sugar which tends to low, but still can meet the need sugar of your body. This is a reason why the blood sugar levels can be controlled more easily.

Nourish the skin

The benefit of Malay apple for the skin is a bigger than you think. It will nourish your skin and it can help you to make your skin smooth and rubbery. It has Vitamin C and other minerals which can help to prevent from diseases, such as skin cancer.

Relieves fever

If you suffer from fever, then you can use the Malay apple as your home remedy. You can make the steeping of this fruit with warm water and give it to someone who has fever and you will notice that the fever will gradually heal and fall.

Malay apple treat eyes health

If you have problems with your eyes, then your body may need Vitamin A. It has high amounts of Vitamin A which can help you to have healthy eyes and it will improve the health of your eyes. When you have healthy eyes, then your eyesight will be more clear and sharp.

Treats sprue

If you are often getting sprue, then your body may be lack in Vitamin C. It is known that people who are lack in Vitamin C have increased chances of getting sprue. In 100 grams of Malay apple there are 22 mg of Vitamin C, so this is one of the best home remedies which can help you to treat the sprue. Also, the Malay apple can protect your oral cavity from infection.

Increase endurance

There is some period when you feel that your endurance is going down. But, you should not worry about it. The Malay apple has 22 milligrams of Vitamin C per 100 grams, so this will make your immune system stronger and it will fill you with the needed amount of Vitamin C. Also, It has other vitamins which can help you to rid of many different diseases which attack the health of your body.

Prevent constipation

It has dietary fiber which can support the digestive system in the bowel movement and it can stimulate the stool and this is very helpful for people who have irregular stools or constipation. Its support healthy weight and they can reduce the chances of diabetes and heart disease.

Cure liver damage

The liver damage can be caused by many different liver diseases which are caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, hepatotoxic drugs, infection, malnutrition and anemia. There are some studies in which are shown that the leaves extract of Malay apples have liver – protective properties. It can help to cure the liver damage.

Skin health

The Malay apples have adequate amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which can help to prevent the damage from the oxidative stress, as well as pollution, stress and poor diet. It can reduce the dryness of the skin and it can reduce the wrinkles.

Strengthen bones

The Malay apple has iron which can help to your bones to be stronger. It is very beneficial to add this fruit to your diet. You should not be worried about osteoporosis or another bone related problem.


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