Natural treatments and Home Remedies for Bed sore


Bed sores are also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers. They are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue which is resulting from prolonged pressure on your skin. They often develop on the skin which covers bony areas of the body such as the tailbone, hips, ankles, and heels. People who have a medical condition that limit their ability to change positions, people who use a wheelchair or who use a bed for a long time have an increased risk of getting bed sore. This condition can develop quickly and in many cases, it is hard to be treated. Also, people who recover after surgery and people who are in a coma have increased chances of getting bedsores. Muscle spasms, limited alertness, smoking, medical conditions affecting blood flow, bowel incontinence, excess moisture or dryness, poor nutrition and hydration, weight loss, lack of sensory perception, and age are factors which are also increasing the chances of having bedsores. There are many causes that can lead to bedsores such as shear, friction, or sustained pressure. Cancer, bone and joint infections, cellulitis, and sepsis are complications that can result from bedsores. If you have bedsores, then talk with your doctor about the best natural treatment for you. Here are some home remedies for bedsores:

Bedsore – Natural Cures and Home Remedies


This medication is effective in improving your immunity activity and effectiveness [1]. It, therefore, works properly in drying up your wounds hence making them heal very fast. What you can do it to take a maximum of fifteen milligrams of zinc on a daily basis three times. This will help to heal up your bed sore; it is recommended that you do this alongside your meal because plain zinc might facilitate stomach upsets.

Vitamin C

There is no big nutritional requirement that a healthy skin as well as blood vessels require as vitamin C [2]. This vitamin has the ability to curtail inflammation in your body hence preventing emergence and persistence in Bedsore. To cure the condition it is a recommendation that you take five hundred milligrams of the vitamin on daily basis but at least three times. It is also important to have food rich in vitamin C incorporated into your diet.


Healing of the sores requires an ailment with the ability to possess antiseptic properties and the capacity to dry them up very fast. These properties are all found in Golden Seal, which makes it an effective treatment for bed sores [3]. The procedure to prepare it is that you should avail vitamin E capsules which are believed to have thinner oil; this is then supposed to be mixed with one teaspoonful of Golden Seal. Three drops of olive oil are recommended in the event that the mixture prepared is too dry. After this apply the resultant mixture to the regions that are affected. The practice should be done consistently three times on a daily basis.

Sugar and Honey

The ability of honey to sooth the skin and its antiseptic components makes it very effective when it comes to the healing process of a bed sore. Sugar also has the same effect and this makes them to promotes the healing process of the skin. What should be done is, you should apply a mixture of the two on the wounded region, then get a bandage and cover the region, then leave it to heal up.

Aloe Vera

This herb has several healing properties, it is also known for its ability to offer curative properties to different types of ailments [4]. Since bedsores require medication with soothing as well as healing ones, it functions to be among the best in this practice. What should be done with Aloe Vera, is to get fresh leaves of the plant, then slice them in the center then apply the gel it produces to the pressure sores. Leave the gel to dry up on the skin, and wait to see how it acts effectively with the sores. This practice is recommended to be repeated constantly three times on a daily basis. The effect will be a reduction in the redness of the sores, as well as keeping the wound clean and this helps in faster healing.

Coconut oil

bed soreThis has greater power to heal up your skin, this makes it to be effective for all form of disorders of your skin as well as diseases. Do the following to have its effect, have the coconut oil and spread it all over the affected areas gently. Repeat this same practice for around three or even four times every day, the wound that forms a crater-like substance will quickly heal up and it will also ensure that the degree of pain felt will reduce. It is advised that the practice should continue even after the skins have completely dried up. This has the ability to prevent the reemergence of fresh sores.


The content of Vitamin C in this medication is so high; this makes it a good medicine and substance for your blood vessels as well as the health condition of your skin. The substance has proven anti-oxidation ability which makes it a powerful anti-inflammatory component and this gives it the capacity to heal the skin very quickly [5]. It also works by stopping further damage to the body tissues as well as muscles. The practice you should adopt with this medicine is to take a teaspoonful of amla on an empty stomach each morning. And the result will be great because it helps to boost the level of vitamin C in your body hence helping in drying up Bed sores very fast.


The excess healing and curing capacity of this spice is not limited to bed sores. The reason for this is because it is well stocked with antioxidant components, anti-inflammatory as well as wound healing ability [6]. This it does by its capacity to destroy all the germs and ensures that the sores are well detoxified. The best practice to adopt while using turmeric is to first clean up the sores properly after this sprinkle turmeric powder on them and this should be done liberally to ensure that the whole wound is covered up with the powder. To get a better outcome ensure that this practice is repeated three times a day.

bed sorePetroleum jelly

This works by ensuring that the sores are constantly kept moist, this promotes rapid healing of the bed sore. To use this method and achieve a positive outcome you should avail sterile bandage, and then apply some petroleum jelly on it. After this you should put the bandage around the wound and it will help the tissues that borders the wound to regenerate quickly.

Milk of Magnesium

This homemade remedy is not only utilized at home it is also made use of by most hospitals in the treatment of pressure ulcers as well as bed sores. Its major job is to provide quick recovery to your condition and restore normalcy. When milk of magnesium and iodine are mixed and then the mixture is set aside for a period of around one hour then it is applied more than once on a daily basis it has the capacity to give a better outcome ever.


It is another natural as well as homemade remedy which has the capacity to initiate a positive effect on bed sores. The way it works requires spraying and this requires you to find a spray bottle first. After this spray up the affected areas, constantly do the practice every day more than twice. The capacity it has in killing germs in the wound will allow the healing process to accelerate.

Talcum powder

This powder when applied to the bed section of the sore it ensures that the moist condition in this region is eliminated. This is important because the moisture cannot only increase the bed sore but it has the potential of enhancing infection [7]. Therefore it is significant because it ensures that the section is kept dry hence enhancing healing. What you should do is to wash the body first using a disinfectant. After this dry the section properly and apply the powder on this section that is affected. This should be repeated more than once a day to ensure that a faster relief is obtained.

Saline water

Cleaning of bed sores is very important because improper cleaning increases the chances of infection and the possibility of inflammation. The use of saline water will ensure that excess fluid in this section is minimized and also the loose and dead skins are eliminated.

What is required is to mix two spoonfuls of salt in a cup of water after this, place it to a boil, and give it time to cool down. Use this solution thereafter to clean the affected body, give it time to properly get dry, and cover it with a bandage. This is to be repeated severally in a day.


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