7 Best Health benefits of Bitter Almond Essential Oil

bitter almond essential oil for skin whitening

The health benefits of bitter almond essential oil can be attributed to its properties as antispasmodic, anti – carcinogenic, anti – intoxicating, diuretic, aperients, anesthetic, sedative, fungicidal, germicidal, bactericidal, febrifuge and vermifuge. 50% of the oil obtained from the bitter almond has 3 basic components, known as hydrogen cyanide (also known as prussic acid or hydrocyanic acid), glycoside amygdalin and benzaldehyde while the other 50% have mono – unsaturated fatty acids and other components which are similar to those found in the sweet almonds. The bitter almond scientifically is known as amygdalus communis var. amara.

It is very difficult to distinguish bitter almonds from their sweet counterparts just by appearance, but the bitter almonds have shorter and broader shape compared with sweet almonds. The bitter almond oil has some deadly poisons and this is a reason why it should be used with the utmost care. Most of the medicinal uses are restricted to external applications and if internal applications are needed, then they are done in very low doses. A slightly excessive amount can be fatal for your health. This is a reason why this oil cannot be called nutritious to health. This essential blends with Apricot, Orange and Cassia oils. The hydrogen cyanide is a deadly poison and so are benzaldehyde and amygdalin.

So, extreme care should be taken when you take in both forms – external and internal applications. This essential oil should never be given to seriously ill people, the elderly, children and babies. Application of very low concentration mixtures with water on your hair and skin will keep them from infections such as fungi, insects and germs. Here are some health benefits of bitter almond essential oil:

Bitter almond essential oil prevents cancer

There are some recent studies which were done on the toxicity of biter almond oil (particularly due to the presence of hydrocyanic acid or hydrogen cyanide) and it was shown that it is good for inhibiting the growth of the cancerous cells in some types of cancers.

bitter almond essential oil

Bitter almond essential oil promotes urination

Our bodies have a natural tendency to remove the toxic substances which have gotten inside the body through excreta, urine and sweat. This is a reason why this essential oil is ingested in very small amounts and our body tends to throw it out through frequent urination. The frequent urination can help you to lose weight and it can relax the body. When it is combined with tranquilizing and anesthetic effects of this oil, then successfully can bring down the blood pressure.

Effective purgative

It is toxic in nature and this is a reason why it cannot be digested. If it is ingested, then it can cause vomiting and frequent loose motions. Also this essential oil has been and is still in use as an effective Aperient (purgative). This dose should be very low and mild because otherwise it can cause adverse effects.

Sedative effect

Bitter almond essential oil has toxic compound glycoside amygdalin which affects the nerves and it is making them sensitive to any sensation and even pain. This induces anesthetic effects and numbness. This essential oil should be applied externally for local anesthetic purposes. The ingestion for total anesthetic purposes should never be attempted because they can also be fatal.

Kills bacteria

Bitter almond essential oil has 2 components, known as benzaldehyde and cyanide, which are extremely toxic to animal life as well as to viruses, fungi, germs and bacteria. This is a reason why it can be efficiently employed as a fungicidal, antiviral and bactericide substance. Also it can be used in curing ailments that are associated with infections from fungus, germs and virus.

Treats spasms

There are some studies in which is shown that this essential oil has antispasmodic properties which are a reason why it can be used as natural treatment for spasms.

Kills worms

Bitter almond essential oil has poisonous and bitterness nature which are very effective in killing intestinal worms but again this essential oil should be administered in very low potency.


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