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Natural treatment & home remedies for morgellons disease

This condition is not well understood. The Morgellons disease is highly controversial and doctors are still arguing if this condition means that you are infected with skin parasites or this is a mental illness which is involving delusions. Other doctors think that it is physical disease which needs to be studied better. Those people who suffer from Morgellons disease are often complaining that insects are crawling under their skin. Morgellons disease can have many different symptoms, such as decreased vision and hearing; irregular or fast heartbeat; exhaustion; memory loss; severe itching caused by sores or a rash; hair loss; the feeling that insects are crawling under your skin; fibers or strings in or on your skin; joint pain; loss of balance, etc.

You need to tell your doctor the symptoms that you have and if you have used some kind of natural treatment or medicine, then tell him or her. Some people have increased risk of Morgellons disease, such as people who have Lyme disease; people who have hypothyroidism; people have blood tests that indicate you were bitten by a tick; those people who have been exposed to tick. You should avoid picking or scratching your scabs and sores, erupting fibers and crawling skin because this could lead to bigger wounds that will not heal. If this infection moves to your bloodstream, then you can develop sepsis which is a life – threatening infection. You need to consult your doctor if you suffer from Morgellons disease before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies for this condition.

Home remedies for Morgellons disease

Home remedies for Morgellons disease

Turmeric: It is known fact that the turmeric powder has antiviral and antibacterial properties which can help to kill the microorganisms that are cause for infections in your body [1]. Also, it possesses healing properties which can help you to rid of the infections as soon as possible. You should make a paste by mixing turmeric and sandalwood. You should apply it on the affected areas because it has many health benefits. Turmeric will help you to reduce the infection while the sandalwood has cooling and soothing effects on your skin.

Garlic: This home remedy has anti – viral, anti – bacterial and anti – fungal properties which are making it one of the best home remedies for many different diseases [2]. Also, you can use it in your fight against Morgellons disease. You can use garlic in raw form or you can add it to your food. You should consume garlic juice on daily basis. Also, you can add garlic to your regular diet.

Water: It is recommended drinking four to five liters of water on daily basis. It is one of the most effective home remedies that you can use if you suffer from Morgellons disease.

Olive leaf: This natural cure has antibiotic properties which can help you in the fight against many diseases, including Morgellons disease. Also, you can use the olive extract soap as your home remedy for this disease. [3]

Probiotics: This is good bacteria which can keep the health of your digestive system. Also, you can use probiotics as your home remedy against Morgellons disease.

Mustard powder: Mustard powder is found almost in all kitchens. You can use this home remedy as your home remedy for Morgellons disease. It is rich in Vitamin E which can relive itching, kill the bacteria and eliminate the Morgellon’s fibers. You should take two tablespoons of mustard powder and mix them in warm water, glycerol and theatre oil. You should apply this mixture from the head to toe. Before you apply it, you need to make a test spot to see if you have burning and if you need to add some more water. It is known that the dry mustard powder will kill the lesions on your skin instantly. [4]

A healthy diet: If you eat a healthy diet, then you will have better immune system. The immune system is the best defense mechanism against all diseases. When you eat the right food, then it will help you to get the proper nutrients and it will keep your immune system healthy. It is known that nutrients and immunity are cross – linked which means they can keep the health of digestive tract, respiratory system and skin. Also, the immune system will protect us from allergens, viruses, bacteria, antigens and other organisms. When you are eating a healthy diet, then your body will develop the ability to repair and heal any wound which you have. It will boost your immune system which can help you to fight against infections. You should eat fruits and vegetables on daily basis because in this way you will add a lot of vitamins and minerals in your body and they are needed for the healing process of Morgellons disease. Also, you should eat only organic foods and you should avoid sugar intake. You should avoid processed foods and artificial sweeteners.

Chlorella: This is a type of algae that is found in fresh water. It is used to create nutritional supplements. It has powerful amino acids, nucleic acids, vitamins, proteins and peptides. These properties will help to increase the good bacteria in the body and they will eliminate the bad bacteria. This is a reason why it is very effective home remedy for Morgellons disease.

Hydrogen peroxide: This is a natural compound which is composed of hydrogen peroxide and when it is introduced into the body, then it oxidizes and releases hydrogen and oxide. It can help to eliminate bacteria, viruses and invasive cells. You can take it orally or take a bath treatment because it can help to eliminate the underlying cause for Morgellons disease. [5]

Alfalfa: This herb is used in the treatment of many diseases and you can use it in your fight against Morgellons disease. This natural cure creates an alkaline environment in the body and many diseases cannot survive in this environment. When alfalfa is dissolved in hot water, then it penetrates the skin and it eliminates the fibrous material that is causing discomfort and pain associated with Morgellons disease.

Hot water bath: This home remedy is excellent for cleansing the body because the temperature tends to kill all the germs that are present on the body. If you have clogged pores, then they can cause accumulation of toxins in the skin. The warm water opens the pores. You should later rinse your skin with warm water so your pores will get closed again. You should fill a bathtub with hot water and soak your body in it for about fifteen minutes. Then, you should come out of the hot tub and take a cool shower immediately. [6]

Tea tree oil: You should add this home remedy to your shampoo because it will give you a relief from the crawling sensation on the skin.

Clove oil: This home remedy has many properties, like anti – viral, antiseptic, anti – fungal and anti – bacterial which can kill the germs and they will build a better immune system. Also, this home remedy will increase the healing process. [7]

Frankincense oil: Those people who suffer from Morgellons disease usually experience mental problems. This will kill the germs and helps you to heal the itch and rash of your skin. You should apply a few drops of frankincense oil on your pillow. This natural treatment will calm down your soul, body and mind. Also, you can add a few drops of frankincense oil to your bathing water. You will notice that you will get an instant relief from the Morgellons disease. [7]

Rose essential oil: This is a very effective home remedy to improve inflammatory skin conditions, itchiness, redness and bruises of skin. It can help to kill the bacteria. You should take a few drops of rose oil and rub it all over your body to get a relief from the symptoms. [7]

Colloidal silver: This home remedy is working as a natural antibacterial agent which is a reason why it can be used in the natural treatment of Morgellons disease.

Epsom salt: This home remedy will give adequate moisture to your skin which is drawn out by the lesions and bacteria. You will have soft and soothing skin which will reduce the itchy feeling in your body. You can mix ginger, clay and Epsom salt with hot water and take a bath. This home remedy will give you a relief from the symptoms of Morgellons disease. After you had hot warm bath, you should take a cold water bath because it will help you to close the pores. You should do this natural treatment two times per day or when you feel that the symptoms of Morgellons disease are aggravating.


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Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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