Natural treatment & home remedies for muscular dystrophy

muscular dystrophy

This is a terrible muscle disease which can affect the quality of your life. MD can be defined as a group of muscle diseases which are causing progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. Primarily, it is caused by genetic mutation in genes which are controlling the production of muscle protein and this means that the muscle is wasting over time. The absence of protein can cause problems with coordination, swallowing and walking.

There are different types of muscular dystrophy and they vary in symptoms and severity. This condition can happen at any age, but mostly it happens in childhood. It is known that young boys are having more chances of getting muscular dystrophy than girls. The treatment of muscular dystrophy can depend on the type and the severity of symptoms. Unfortunately, in many cases people lose their ability to walk and they may need a wheelchair. There is not known cure for the muscular dystrophy but there are some treatments which can help in it. Those people who have a family history of muscular dystrophy are having increased risk of developing this condition or passing it on their children. There are different types of muscular dystrophy, such as Emery – Dreifuss, Distal, oculopharyngeal, congenital, facioscapulohumeral, limb – girdle, Becker, Duchenne and myotonic. If you suffer from muscular dystrophy, then you need to talk with your doctor before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies for this condition. [1]

Home remedies for muscular dystrophy

muscular dystrophy

Reishi mushrooms: This is a traditional home remedy which can help you to get a relief from the symptoms of muscular dystrophy. It has powerful antioxidant and anti – inflammatory properties which can help to improve the strength of the muscles. You can use this home remedy as an alternative home remedy for your natural treatment of muscular dystrophy. This natural cure can help to improve the body movements and it can help to cure the muscular dystrophy in natural way. The usage of this home remedy should be studied in the future because doctors are not sure if it can surely help people. [2]

Fish oil: This home remedy is rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids which should be consumed by all people. It can be used as a home remedy for muscular dystrophy. It is known that Omega – 3 fatty acids can help to reduce the inflammation and they can protect the integrity of the heart which is the largest muscular organ in our bodies. You should protect the cardiovascular system because in this way you can slow the onset of muscular dystrophy in your heart. [3]

Baking soda: This is a simple home remedy but it is very effective due to its alkaline nature. This home remedy can help to protect the muscles and it can remove the inflammation, pains and aches which are associated with muscular dystrophy. This is not a cure for the muscular dystrophy but it will give you a relief from the symptoms of this condition.

Massage therapy: This is beneficial therapy which can be used for muscular dystrophy. It can help you to get a relief from the symptoms of neuromuscular diseases. It can help to improve the blood circulation. This therapy cannot completely cure the muscular dystrophy but it can ease the symptoms and it will give you a relief from the tension caused by muscular dystrophy. Talk with trained to get the proper treatment for your condition. [4]

Vitamin D: When you have osteoporosis symptoms and a lack of muscle mass around your bones, then this makes very difficult to hold yourself up, walk or stand if you also suffer from muscular dystrophy. This could lead to scoliosis and many other skeletal disorders so it is recommended to strengthen your bones as much as possible. We know that the main component of the bone mineral density is the Vitamin D. There are some studies in which are shown positive results when people who suffer from muscle diseases are using Vitamin D supplements. [5]

Apple cider vinegar: This home remedy has many health benefits which are a reason why it is used to cure and heal many different diseases and ailments. This natural cure is rich in minerals and vitamins which are supplying essential nutrients to your body which can help in the muscle development. This home remedy has acetic acid which is possessing anti – inflammatory and pain relieving properties. It can elevate your mood and improve your circulation. You should mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in one glass of water and stir it in half a teaspoon of baking soda. You should drink this home remedy on daily basis after your meal. You can use the apple cider vinegar as your home remedy for muscular dystrophy. It can help to eliminate toxins and balance acids in your body.

Green tea: This home remedy can help to prevent the muscle cell death and deterioration. There are some studies in which are said that you should drink seven cups of green tea per day because it was noticed that it will decrease the muscle wasting in one type of leg muscle in mice who suffer from muscular dystrophy. Also, this home remedy is beneficial for people who have neuromuscular conditions. [6]

Quit smoking: It is known that any additional toxin which you will put in your body can weaken your immune system and it will cause the condition of muscular dystrophy to advance to a more rapid pace. It is known that some types of muscular dystrophy can advance slowly which will allow you to have a long life but the bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol can compromise your respiratory system and they can worsen the muscular dystrophy. [7]

Exercise: It is known that the muscular dystrophy can cause a weakening of the muscle structure, a lack of balance and eventual bone degradation and inability to work. If you want to rid of these symptoms, then you can start with exercise. You should naturally build your muscles whenever possible because this can help you to slow the progression of muscular dystrophy. The regular activity and stretching, especially when you are young and have more free time, can be a very effective way to stimulate your body and to slow the onset of serious symptoms. [8]

Selenium: When this mineral is used in conjunction with Vitamin E, especially in high quantities, then it can be very effective in slowing down or even reversing the advance of muscular dystrophy in tested patients. Many people are deficient in this trace mineral and in many studies are shown that people who suffer from muscular dystrophy have a lack of this essential nutrient. You can use selenium in supplement form but talk with your doctor about the recommended dosage. Also, you can consume selenium directly from food sources, such as tuna, sardines, chicken, turkey and Brazil nuts. [9]

Vitamin E: There are many studies in which are shown that the Vitamin E deficiency can be a big factor in the development of muscular dystrophy. There are some studies in which are shown that people who have increased supplementation of Vitamin E can improve the grip strength and muscle development in many patients. You can take Vitamin E in supplement form so talk with your doctor about recommended dosage. Also, you can take Vitamin E from foods, such as sunflower seeds, avocadoes and almonds. [9]

Curcumin: This element is present in many food products which are used as a treatment for muscular dystrophy. It can help to alleviate the dystrophic muscle pathology. It can help to improve the muscle strength in your body. This is a non – toxic substance which is derived from a plant that is used as a home remedy for muscular dystrophy. [10]

Coenzyme Q10: It is also called ubiquinone. It is naturally present in the body. The low or high levels of Coenzyme Q10 can lead to many different diseases. It can be found in many food substances and also in supplement form which can help to prevent and cure muscular dystrophy.

Lecithin: This is a fatty substance which is essential in the cells of the body. It can improve the nerve impulses. It works together with Vitamin E to provide strength to the weakening muscles in the muscular dystrophy. It has phosphatidyl and inositol which can curb the degeneration of the muscle tissue and improve the motor skills. Those people who are not able to stand or walk should use lecithin supplements because they will notice improvements in their condition. You should consume it on daily basis to get good results. [11]


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