Natural treatments for skin lesions – coconut oil, chamomile and apple cider vinegar

Natural cures for skin lesions

The skin lesion is a part of your skin which has an abnormal growth or appearance compared to your skin around it. There are two categories of skin lesions, primary and secondary. The primary skin lesion is present at birth or it is acquired over a person’s lifetime. The secondary skin lesions are result of manipulated or irritated primary skin lesions. In the primary skin lesions are considered birthmarks and some of them are acne, rashes and moles. The most common secondary skin lesions are skin atrophy, scar, scale, ulcer and crust. There are many conditions which can cause skin lesions. Some of the most common conditions are cold sore; acne; actinic keratosis; herpes simplex; allergic eczema; contact dermatitis; impetigo; chickenpox; psoriasis; sebaceous cyst; shingles; MRSA (staph) infection; scabies; cellulitis; bullae; boils; nodule; rash; keloids; hives ect. There are some cases when skin lesions are hereditary. There are some people who have family members who have freckles or moles and they are most likely to develop those 2 types of skin lesions. Also those people who have allergies, have more chances of developing skin lesions which are related to their allergy. Those people who are diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, such as psoriasis, will continue to have the risk of skin lesions throughout their lives. If you have skin lesions, then you need to talk with your doctor about the best home remedy for you.

Home remedies for skin lesions

Castor oil: This is a very effective anti – inflammatory and antibacterial agent. This is a very effective home remedy for skin lesions associated with allergic reactions, rashes and other wounds to the skin. This oil can help to hydrate the skin and it will keep it free of infection [1]. In natural way, it will dissolve warts, cysts and other growths on the skin. It has a long history in a variety of applications in which is included the usage in soaps due to its lubricant properties. Castor oil is a very effective natural cure if your skin lesions are rough with hardened skin because it will make your skin soft. You should apply a small amount of this natural cure to the surrounding areas several times per day because in this way you will be sure that it will work for your skin. The castor oil is very thick liquid compared to other oils so this is a reason why you should use it only in a small amount. You should avoid using this home remedy on open sores because it can increase the risk of an infection.

Natural cures for skin lesions

Natural cures for skin lesions

Coconut oil: This is a very effective home remedy for skin problems due to its antibacterial properties. It has lauric acid which is an active antimicrobial agent that can help to kill germs and stimulates the removal of overgrowths [2]. Also this compound is effective moisturizer which will give you a relief from itching, dryness and other skin – related issues. It is working similarly to the castor oil which means that it can soften the roughened skin. Also it has pleasant scent which is making it preferable. Coconut oil is edible which means that you can use it on the skin lesions which are located on your lips or near your mouth. Also this natural cure can speed the wound healing. There was one study which was done on rats. It was found that the coconut oil can increase the healing process of skin lesions. This oil also increased collagen level which is resulting in normal appearing skin in a period of 14 days of the treatment. One of the main structural proteins of skin is collagen.

Chamomile: This home remedy was used for thousands of years as a natural treatment for many different medical problems. You can use the dried and fresh flowers into a tea because in this way you can cure the stomach upset. Also you can use this home remedy as an oral rinse to treat painful mouth sores and gingivitis. Also you can apply it topically to improve the wound healing and treat mild skin problems [3], such as sunburns, hives and skin lesions.

Arnica flower: You can topically apply arnica flower because it can help in the wound healing. This is a very effective pain reliever, anti–inflammatory [4] and antiseptic cream. Also this natural treatment can be used for bruises and swelling which are caused by trauma of surgery. It can speed up the healing process of simple skin abrasions, insect bites and it will soothe the joint pain. Also arnica can be used for the natural treatment of skin lesions.

Apple cider vinegar: This is a very effective home remedy for removing skin tags, moles and other cellular overgrowths on the skin. The apple cider vinegar has a pH of around 4.5. When you are applying this home remedy to the site of the lesion, then it creates an inhospitable environment for fungus and bacteria. It is working in a similar way to topical antiseptics if the sore is a cause of skin lesions. You should apply the apple cider vinegar directly on the skin lesion because in this way it delivers an acidic compound to the growth which causes the lesion to naturally die and fall off. Also this natural treatment has several vitamins and minerals which can support the re-growth of healthy skin at the site of the removal. You should dab a small amount of apple cider vinegar to the skin lesion using a sterile cotton ball. If it is an open sore, then it will sting. You can apply this home remedy several times per day until you notice that the skin lesion has started its healing process. You should not be worried about the smell of vinegar. This smell will dissipate quickly once the liquid dries. If you have noticed that any skin irritation developed, then you should stop using it immediately.

Calendula flower: This natural cure has a long history of effectiveness in the treatment of rashes, cuts, skin infections, skin lesions, burns and bruises. There are some studies in which are said that the topical treatment for wounds which are healing poorly and for some types of skin ulcers. Also compresses which are made with calendula tea can be effective home remedy for skin lesions. You can use this tea to rinse your mouth if you have painful lesions in your mouth [5].

Cayenne: This is a spicy red pepper which has been used for many different medical problems, such as skin infections, lung infections, poor circulation, stomach ulcers and high blood pressure [6]. It has anti – inflammatory and antibacterial properties which can be used as a natural treatment for skin lesions. There are many health care products which are combining the cayenne with other herbal products to maximize its health benefits. It was shown that cayenne deplete substance – P from nerve endings which is making it a very effective home remedy for pain relieving.

Comfrey: The leaves and roots of comfrey are used for centuries to improve the healing of bruises and cuts. Also it has anti – inflammatory effects which can be used for the treatment of rashes. When comfrey is applied on the skin over the site of the injury, then it can promote the healing process of closed fractures. It is safe to topically apply the leaves or roots of comfrey. The application over broken skin can lead to toxicity and this is a reason why it should not be applied more than 3 days in a row. Also the tea made from comfrey leaves is useful but it should not exceed 3 cups on daily basis.

Oats: Since the ancient Rome the topical use of oatmeal preparations for natural skin care was highly prized. It is recommended that the oatmeal flour can be used as natural treatment for many different dermatological conditions. As the years have passed, oats were established as a powerful natural treatment for skin lesions. The therapeutic benefits of the ground oats are mainly due to its compounds which are essential for the human health. It is considered that oats have highest lipid and protein content compared to any other cereal. Also it has high fatty acid content. Oats are rich in phenolic antioxidants in which is included a class of ultra – potent free radicals which are known as avenanthramides. It is known that the polyphenols are the strongest antioxidants which are found in the nature. It is shown that avenanthramides have 10 – 30 times antioxidant power compared to other phenols which are found in the oats. Also these components have anti – inflammatory power. Oatmeal will give you a relief from the burning or itching that is caused by some types of skin lesions [7].


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