Health benefits of custard apple seeds – gain weight and increase metabolic rate

Health benefits of custard apple seeds

Custard apple is the popular name for Annona Squamosa. This is one of the most available fruits all around the world. Custard apple is a subtropical fruit. It grows on a small deciduous tree. The fruit is around eight centimeters in diameter. It is lopsided or in some cases it is heart shaped. This fruit is sweet in taste and it has many different local names. Custard apple has a creamy and granular textured flesh which is surrounded by seeds. The skin of custard apple is thin and tough and mostly it is green and black in color. Custard apple is native to Mexico, Peru, Central America and West Indies. The custard apple seeds have many health benefits. They are dark brown in color and they are found inside the pulp of the fruit. In each fruit there are multiple seeds. This fruit is very cold in nature so you should not consume it in excess amounts because it can make you sick. Custard apple seeds are toxic in nature and if you consume them, then it can cause abortion because they are mildly poisonous. You should keep away from your eyes the insecticides that are prepared from these seeds because they have the potency of even blinding a person temporarily.

Some health benefits of custard apple seeds:

Bio – gas production: It is known that Germany and other European nations are using the custard apple seeds for the commercial purposes of the production of bio – gas. The custard apple seeds have trapped fatty acids which are rich in methyl – ester which triggers the production of gas.

Parkinson’s disease: Custard apple seeds can help to reduce the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease.

Commercial farming pesticides: It is known that the seeds of custard apple are mixed with neem seeds to make another potent toxic pesticide which is used in the commercial farming. This pesticide made from custard apple seeds is natural and it is harmless to ecology. It is known that the use of pesticide that is made from custard apple seeds is very beneficial for the health of mankind.

Dental health: These seeds are very effective in improving the dental health. It can reduce the risk of tooth and gum pain.

Pharmaceutical usage: There are many pharmaceutical companies which are using the seeds of custard apples because it is medically verified the abortifacient properties. Also it is used to make medicines which are designed to induce abortion.

Health benefits of custard apple seeds

Health benefits of custard apple seeds

Weight gain: Those people who want to gain weight can use custard apple seeds for this purpose.

Pesticide and weedicide: You can use custard apple seeds as pesticide for your home garden. You should mix some powdered custard apple seeds in water and let it stay there for a couple of days. You should sprinkle some of this mixture on the infested plant and do it on a regular basis in a period of ten to fifteen days because in this way you will remove the insects that are eating leaves.

Increase metabolic rate: This fruit can increase the metabolic rate and the appetite levels.

Insect repellent: You can use the custard apple seeds to rid of the insects and ants in your house. You can mix some powdered seeds in water and you should let them stay in a period of couple of days. This is a homemade insect repellent which you can use it. You should sprinkle this mixture everywhere around your house, especially in the infested areas. The result from the usage of this homemade insect repellent is outstanding and instantaneous.

Boost immune system: It is rich in Vitamin C which can help to boost the immune system.

Eradicates head lice: You should use the custard apple seeds if you are sick of scratching your head due to lice and nit. You should take some custard apple seeds, grind them into a powdered form and then mix it with a little water to make a paste. You should apply this paste on your head and let it stay there for ten minutes. You should wash it off using plain cold water. If you repeat this process two times per month, then you will have wonderful results and it will leave your head free from lice.


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