Health benefits of Beetroot


Beetroot is one of the most used vegetables in the last centuries. It is also known for its name beet. It is improving the athletic performance. Also is lowering the blood pressure and it can increase the blood flow. It can be consumed in fresh condition, in a cooking or like a juice. It is boosting your energy and you are feeling healthier to do the everyday activities. Also this vegetable can help you against the cancer. Here we give you the health benefits of beetroot.

Health benefits of Beetroot

Diabetes: If you are suffering from diabetes, you should add beetroot in your diet. You can fulfill your needs for sweet with beetroot in your diet. This vegetable releases very slow the sugars in your blood. This is important for keeping your blood sugar levels low. Also the beetroot is low in calories and is not containing fat in it. Those properties are making beetroot ideal for people with diabetes.

Good for pregnant women and unborn child: Beetroot contains folic acid which is good for the health of the pregnant women. It is vital for the formation of the unborn child’s spinal cord. Also it can protect the child from spina bifida. Spina bifida is condition when the spinal cord is divided to two parts and it cannot form correctly. Also this vegetable gives more energy to pregnant women so they can do the everyday activities.

Anaemia: There is a myth that says because the beetroot is red it replaces the lost blood which happens in anaemia. Many of the people which are suffering from this disease don’t believe in it, but there is also medical experience which confirmed that is not just a myth, but also a truth. It contains lots of iron. This element helps to haemagglutinin which is helping to oxygen and nutrients to be transported to the various parts of the body. Iron helps against anaemia and not the red color.beetroot

Cancer: Beetroot contains betacyanin which is helping to slow the growth of tumours in patients which are diagnosed with prostate and breast cancer. This is a good treatment for all people who are affected with this disease and also for the people which are cancer survivors.

Boosts brain power: Many studies have shown that drinking beet root juice can increase person’s stamina by 16% because it has nitrate content. Also the beetroot increases the oxygen uptake by the body. Because of this property the brain can function better and also can be bitten the dementia. Transmission of the neural impulses are improving when you are consuming beetroot or beetroot juice and you brain is working better.

Blood pressure: Beetroot is rich with nitrates. This element is converting in nitrites and nitric oxides when the beetroot is consumed. These properties are important for lowering the blood pressure levels. If you take at least 500 grams of beetroot every day, then you will reduce the blood pressure in about six hours.

Osteoporosis: Mineral silica which is component in the beetroot is important for the body to use calcium efficiently. Calcium is vital for our bone and teeth health. You should take at least one glass of beetroot juice every day. This will help you against the osteoporosis and brittle bone diseases.

Helps relieve fatigue: When you are consuming beet root, you are boosting your energy. Beetroot has nitrate content which is helping to the oxygen to be transmitted in various parts of the body. Because the beetroot is rich with iron also it helps people to improve their stamina.

Beetroot improves the sexual health and stamina: Beet root is also known as natural Viagra. It has been used in many products to boost the sexual health. It is rich with nitrates which are helping to oxygen to be transmitted in every part of the body and is increasing the blood flow in the genitals which is similar to the Viagra function. Boron which is contained in the beetroot is also important for the production of the human sex hormone. If you want to improve your sexual health, then you should drink beetroot juice.

Weight loss: One cup of cooked beet root contains 60 calories and is rich with fiber. If you want to lose your weight, then you should eat beet root. Sugars which are contained in the beetroot are smart curbs which have many nutrients. Those nutrients are vital for the body to be in shape.



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