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Pinto beans can prevent digestive disorders like bowel syndrome

These beans have scattered reddish brown color, and they have a beige background. They also have mottled skin, which is why they are also known as mottled means. Pinto beans look like paint works. This is why they are known as pinto beans (in Spanish, pinto means painted).

This color splash appears until you cook pinto beans. When they are cooked, the splash disappears, turning pinkish brown with a creamy texture. These beans are highly nutritious. Pinto beans contain proteins, minerals, iron, fiber, and vitamins. You need to clean these beans before you cook them.

You can soak pinto beans in water for 8 hours before you cook them. When you soak them, then they are cooked faster.

Also, you can boil them for 2 minutes and then let them stand for 2 hours before you cook them. It is recommended that people who suffer from gout and kidney stones not eat pinto beans. Pinto beans have purine content which can cause health-related problems to these people or people who are sensitive to purine.

10 Pinto beans benefits

Dry skin problems

Pinto beans can help to handle different skin problems. Lack of Vitamin B can cause skin problems like dermatitis, scaliness, pigmentation, irritation, and redness. These beans are rich in Vitamin B, which can help avoid these skin problems.

Hair fall

These beans can help to prevent hair fall. They are rich in potassium. When we have a lack of potassium, then this can lead to hair fall. A lack of potassium in the body is one of the biggest causes of hair fall. This is why you should include pinto beans to handle hair fall.

Health benefits of pinto beans

Weight management

Pinto beans are rich in fiber and minerals, and they do not have fat. Consuming pinto beans regularly can prevent you from gaining extra weight and help; you have a balanced and nutritious diet.

Blood sugar

Pinto beans are rich in fiber. They can restrain the blood sugar level from rapidly rising after a meal. Pinto beans can help stabilize blood sugar levels and provide consistent energy to the body.

Lowering cholesterol

Pinto beans are rich in fiber. They can help to lower cholesterol levels, and they can maintain them. It can help maintain the good health of the heart and act as a shield against heart diseases.


These beans are rich in insoluble fiber. It can help to prevent constipation. When you consume pinto beans regularly,  you can prevent other digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis.

Detoxify the body

These beans are rich in molybdenum, a unique mineral present in very few foods, and counteract the adverse effect of molybdenum on the body. In one serving of pinto beans, there is 28% of the daily recommended intake amounts of molybdenum.

Enhances nervous system

As we have mentioned previously, pinto beans have molybdenum which can promote energy production in the body cells and aid in developing the nervous system. These beans offer vital brain vitamins, amino acids, folic acid, and minerals. As a result of the mentioned components, pinto beans can decrease your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevents anemia

Iron and copper are important minerals necessary for forming new blood cells. One cup of pinto beans has 19% and 20% of the daily recommended intake of copper and iron. It is known that pinto beans can prevent the risk of developing anemia.

Prevents risk of cancer

Pinto beans are rich in minerals such as magnesium, copper, phosphorus, molybdenum, potassium, and iron. All of the mentioned minerals are antioxidants that can neutralize the activity of free radicals and prevent cancer cell growth and damage. When you eat pinto beans, then they will reduce the risk of the development of cancer.

Atchuthen Ponnumuthu
Atchuthen Ponnumuthu
A septuagenarian, who has a wide knowledge on various health aspects of common ailments and their home remedies, loves to share his knowledge to the younger generation especially on the foods and their health benefits. You can contact him through [email protected]


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